What did you attract the most in your lifetime?

Bossy & independent Quirky & Witty (my favorite) The spoiled rotten one Rich girl Old Soul Sarcastic basket case Nerdy/geeky/dorky gamer Bad cookiemonster The cool girl Classy romantic Adventurous explorer The ride or die/
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  • miriyahhh
    from California
    The guy that's lost and wants a mommy type.

    But very deep,smart and caring.

    They are usually from the rough areas. And had not so ideal upbringings.

    I'm from a prominently good background.

    They're usually,

    And Leo's.
  • The_eleventh_sign_11
    First boyfriend was a sociopathic social climber that was in advertising

    Second boyfriend was a narcissistic bong head who talked about aliens and was an artist.

    Third boyfriend has skizophrenia and comes from a rich family of drug dealers who have more money than they know what to do with. They also had no boundaries in their up bringing, luckily he was the more sensible one in the family
  • Posted by 7th
    Define bad b itch please

    I've attracted bossy and independent mostly, classy, rich girl and cool girl

    I'm always all over the place in life but....

    IDK really; it depends in what who you're dealing with. I've dealt with some of these broads.

    Some actually hold it down in kitchen, and do other stuff good

    Some have good grades but they hood at the same time

    Some are independent and keep it real.

    You never know because some lack in areas the other was better at.
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  • I guess everyone competes in their generation and graduating class.
  • PeanutPunch
    21 years old
    Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
  • Posted by TheSag
    the pattern is always 5+ years younger or 5+ years older

    I feel ya. Every generation is like that.
  • TheSag
    Blah blah, blah blah because of blah!
    the pattern is always 5+ years younger or 5+ years older
  • LittleFairy
    Old Souls
  • Posted by tiziani

    To be honest I was listening to this for a good minute. The girl in the pic. I always wondered if the it is a tranny or something?
  • I almost need to update the list. How did I miss the BPDs and the security ones. Need some V8 juice for that one.
  • WarAngel1
    The man, the legend.
    38 years old male from San Antonio, TX, USA
    Women that needed stability or excitement in their lives.
  • tiziani
    Venusian Gigolo
  • Posted by DMV
    Apparently I'm attracted to men with large, eggaerated, or distinct facial features

    Definitely love the weirdo in the room.

    Oh THOught you were going for the member in that description👹
  • UrsaMediocre
    you are not mandem, you are not gang
    male from Chicago
    Posted by Chang
    Posted by UrsaMediocre
    Rich girls and cholas. It's been a mixed bag.

    Cholas 😂
    click to expand

    Luckily, they had eyebrows
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