Do you wear them? It's the hottest thing here in the west coast?
What are the things you'd like to experience?? Sexuality Adventure Love (let's not talk about work or anything career related)
RAAAAANT: My breasts are getting bigger! I am putting on weight because the stress of finals arriving. 😩 I wore one of my sundresses yesterday, and it buttons all the way down the front, the part around my breasts was stretching, and I have never had
Why is racism socially unacceptable (we can't control how we look or our ancestry/genetics), but it's perfectly okay for those hating on racists to tear down the aesthetics of another female's appearance (we can't control how we look or our ancestry/genet
This thread has been done a thousand times but I just found this gif and I just canttt ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Like sitting on a park bench looking at men's crotches trying to guess if they're growers not show-ers.
Men usually give other men advice on what red flags to avoid when dealing with women. From a woman's POV, what red flags should men be vigilant and avoid if all possible? Platonic and/or Intimate. 1) I was told to avoid women who put on makeup l
Do women's cylcles start to match after they talk ONLINE? Let's test that theory. (6) lol, jk. But, srsly.
Or do you have to throw one on before leaving the house? Women with larger breasts probably are less likely to do this. But as someone who does not have much up there, I still feel self conscious with the girls dangling about unsupported. I need to go
Would you ever (answer whichever questions you want): 1. Talk to guy who you are interested in first? 2. Ask a guy for his number first? 3. Call a guy first for a first date? 4. Go for the kiss on the first date? 5. Ask to be in a relationship firs
Alright ladies. Which signs would you place where? Answer some of them or all of them, whatever works for you. You don't need to have personal experiences with each sign to answer, since you can make assumptions. Best Kisser? Best Provider? Most Sens
As in you're small and tight and he goes deep (all the way in) and it feels like all your insides are being jumbled up. It's not fun, just uncomfortable. Any tips?
I've always know that this is more common than most people thinking. $1,000-$3,000 a night is addicting. Don't be shy ladies...judgement free zone.
when you are making out with your guy and he comes too soon? To be clear, I'm not talking about premature ejaculation....
According to Psychology Today ...... "Sexual teasing involves the possibility of sex, then withdrawal of the perceived invitation. Teasing violates a standard piece of relationship advice, i.e., communicate clearly. But people often don't, especia
if after a long period without seeing your male, that this is one rip your clothes volontary, is it bad or u dont care.
Looking to drop some weight before July. Did too much comfort eating during the winter and fall. My cancer bff always throws the best birthday bashes and I've got to be fierce by July 9th. Any advice on how to do so in a quick and healthy way?
Ladies, Would you continue a relationship with a guy who you found out has been cheating on you for 2 years with a MAN!! Also, y'all have children together... FIVE CHILDREN!!! My answer is HELL NO, not only because he
why or why not? mostly at the shorter girls out there.
Hi ladies :) Can anyone recommend a good coconut scented perfume or oil. I bought some coconut liquid soap and have become hooked on the smell :) Thanks x
Bonner Bolter is mine!♥️♥️ A cowboy who can dance! Dreamy!
A small token of my appreciation for those of you ladies who post so many relationship questions in the man cave. :)

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I'm in Japan with my mother. I think I lived there and somehow I'm going to the trip for free from my friend who's obsessed with Japan. I remember that I took one of the meat by accidents (because it kept for my birthday) since were planning to eat our o
without major surgery or facelifts etc... I feel like I have a droopy face, I want this taught look! GRRRR!
in pain, hurt, like you don't want to ever fall for it ever again. I've tried the whole " get out there and meet new men, date new men" and it ends up just feeling forced even with a nice guy. Void of all feelings. No spark nothing. And I'm talkin
I'm going to try to keep this simple. I have a great Virguy friend who I've recently started working with/for. He's been jokingly flirting a lot lately. However, after knowing him better (by working together), I find that he annoys me a lot, there are
How does your brain process a scenario such as that ? or have you ever gone back to an ex at all, why ? and did it work?
Hi all! Questions for those that have experienced the Cap silent retreat after a big fight: Did anything change when he came back? Did you take him back? Did YOU change anything and did your feelings change for him? For me, I haven't ta
Male and female responses please. If you also know their moons, or other placements, that would be great too. Thanks in advance!
I don't feel like I relate to my Moon sign [img][/img]
I'm a Scorpio sun at 20°, 3rd decan pisces rising 24°, aries moon, capricorn: venus,mars,and neptune, Sagittarius mercury and medium coli, but with a virgo true node. Ok, so I have severe OCD combined with hypochondria, ADD, insomnia, body dysmorphia, and
seen this online was amused credit to (user oceanwitch) ARIES AS THE ROGUE COP He’s quick to anger, and he does what he wants. He breaks protocol, and isn’t opposed to beating suspects to get information. To cover his tracks, he also forges and thr
I know we gotta lot of them XD post a video that describe how you feel lately
So (correct me if I'm wrong) it sounds like there are users here who aren't fans of dating, or prefer not to date. Why is this? I myself am not a serial/compulsive dater, but I see the benefits of the process. Sounds like a lot of relationship issues can
I think I've posted on here before but I've not seen it since so here I go. I saw a Capricorn a while back and he talked to me every day. Even at work he'd talk to me (tut tut). Then I confessed my feelings and he was like "woah- no". I felt upset but I g
I have a strong belief that when a person is born, he or she gets exposed to all the astral energies of that moment. These energies will, more or less, influence the person he or she is going to be. My grandmother was born on October 14 but officially
i want to disobey to mom but i can't