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  • If a girl you're hanging out with.....

    says she's wanted to kiss someone ...but won't tell you who exactly it is does it mean she wants to kiss you and that she is indirectly letting you know to make a move?
  • He says it’s too big

    Big guy, 7 foot tall...says his peen is also big and most women can’t take it. I wanna try it but I’m scared. Any of y’all have big d*cks? What do u do to accommodate women? Or ladies that have had Big ones...what do you do to prepare? It’ll be my first
  • Rose Water Uses And Benefits

    Hi girls, 🙂 Anyone use Rose water for anything, and if so how do you like it? Uses-Beauty, Aromatherapy, Metaphysical? Anything I'm missing? I just ordered some, and I'm kind of excited to get it and would Love to know more about it.
  • Tantric massage

    Have anyone ever performed prostrate massage on their man? External or internal? Share please...
  • Would you

    Be offended if someone cancelled on you last minute to attend some other social event
  • Is it okay for them

    To drop you for friends you introduced them to
  • how many women are interested in... pegging

    I mean... where in the world has this popped up. I've had inquiries from a few women about interest in this act. Are any women here interested in this?
  • heels

    yes or no
  • Tramp Stamps

    Do you have one? Would you get one?
  • Honesty vs Diplomacy

    Honesty vs Diplomacy
  • women who hate other women

    so yesterday I stayed late at the office and was working with this other woman and we where having a seemingly nice conversation and before it was time to go she says we should hang out ...and I politely tell her she is not the type of person i would be f
  • Suggestions/Opininons for my new business?

    Ladies (and gents) I am starting up a new business, selling aromatherapy products.....body sprays, room sprays, massage oils, face and body creams, lip balms etc and want to create a wide range of choice What kind of smells do you prefer, ie, floral
  • the word

    i'm beginning to really dislike this word "clingy". it seems a fairly new aspect to dating. i don't ever remember worrying about if i was appearing clingy but somehow it now renders scores of young women paralysed to express their feelings and desire
  • Ugly Women LIE!!

    [IMG][/IMG] THIS is the started the #MeToo movement? Okay👌. Let me share with y'all my experiences of being LIED on by women.. Ugly women, pretty women.. But ugly chicks do it the MOST..
  • Women don't approach?

    LadyNeptune said this: Posted by LadyNeptune Men should be the ones to approach. Sack up neno Ladies, have you ever approached a dude you like? Have you ever asked a guy on a date before you asked him? Why is it like this? Strong, independent wome
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  • Hi!

    Just testing if this would work!
  • What it takes for a Virgo to be pushed too far ... agree or disagree my virgo's ?

    I am very patient tolerant and always have a solution for everything, i'm the ultimate optimist but once pushed too far i can become ruthless, careless i always try to avoid this side of me to come out because i do not want to be selfish or ignorant. The
  • Pisces rising people-are there any here?

    We know that Pisces rising is one of the rare ones so just curious if there are people with it here? Been reading this text about it here and found some interesting and accurate things about it so would like to hear if others feel like this sometimes too.
  • Why are some girls hook up material and some wifey

    Because I know some “hoes” who are in relationships
  • My libra guy is still friends with his ex...what to do

    Me and my libra guy are approaching a year of being together and since the end of last year, there's been a slight issue with him still being friends with his ex. Now I know that it's common for exes to be platonic after years of not dating but it's been
  • S#itty Relationship Advice

    Post your $#itty relationship advice here, pleeeeease.
  • Intuition League Season 4 This is the actual game playing thread STANDINGS: TBD
  • Bubbly or Grumpy?

    So earlier at work, since i just got off I had a conversation with two co-workers but in a different department. They told me that no one liked one of the managers at work, because she's pretty much cheery and smiley. Which I cant even comprehend with
  • If a girl you're hanging out with.....

    says she's wanted to kiss someone ...but won't tell you who exactly it is does it mean she wants to kiss you and that she is indirectly letting you know to make a move?
  • Would a Pisces Moon cancel out a Libra Sun?

    Libras (in this case a libra woman) are usually known as flirtatious and social butterflies to an extent. Would a Pisces Moon cancel out this aspect of the sun (and further more would a Sagittarius Mars or Leo Venus have any impact on this)? I'm just tryi
  • Libra trying to be good lol

    Oh my second date. We got to know each other more & had a great time again! He put me in my car again so we’d be good. It’s so hard! We both talked about why & we want to wait. We want this to go farther & sometimes screws things up :) we planned date 3
  • DXPIL Season 4 Players Lounge This is the new thread for the new season to BS and what not The new DXPIL will work as follows: SCHEDULE Every team will play every other team in the league twice. For each match up you will get 3 quest