I used to be a big person on yoga and Pilates.. loved the way it made me feel but as of the beginning of this year starting school I stopped. Being overwhelmed with assignments, mom duties and work, I was barely getting enough me time. There were days my
Ladies.. Create a dick code for the type of package you most desire and post it here. Build it and they will come. dickcode.creativerobot.co
When having lesbian sex, is it awkward if neither of y'all orgasm, or is that ok? What's the protocol if neither of y'all are nowhere near the brink of satisfaction? Do you just fake it and go home or flat out say this ain't working and leave? Asking for
I have a real animosity towards them. And I can't stop it. I know it's wrong and unhealthy, but it's overtaken me as of late. I can feel it polluting me and aging me but I don't know how to snap myself out of this mindset. *by boys, I mean adult males
Ladies, Have any of you taken or know any brand for good sleeping Pill ? I am not sleeping well and now on the verge, this is my last resort. Not thinking straight, can't remember things, and just plain very tired. Any tips welcome
Have you ladies ever anally banged a dude with a strap-on? Tell us about it I'm loving these Pornhub pegging videos If not, would you consider doing it? Or never? Why or why not?
My favorite professional waxer moved so I let someone new do it for me today. My long standing hair style down there is a right triangle, ok, and this bisch made an obtuse triangle that looked too, idk, casual or maybe natural or carefree? I hated it so
Is it true that women play mental games with men with their sex appeal to make men flinch or fidget? As a woman, are you less inclined to tease when the man bites the bait, or does that make you keep the ball rolling?
Alright ladies. Which signs would you place where? Answer some of them or all of them, whatever works for you. You don't need to have personal experiences with each sign to answer, since you can make assumptions. Best Kisser? Best Provider? Most Sens
How many of y'all have one and how many creampies have you taken? I've had mine since April 2016 (so 1 year) and lately I've become paranoid about getting pregnant. Someone please ease my mind.
...or at least I do. So stop, take a pic of them and post 'em here.
What are some of the crazy things you all do to/for your man out of love of course?
I need suggestions for a wedding march/processional song I have our first dance song picked out already but I just have no idea what to walk down the aisle to I liked Sara Bareilles "I choose you" but I feel like it's super corny now and am question
This is just something I was thinking about recently after experiencing or reading stories. I am wondering just how often other women have experienced behaviors such as the ones when dealing with each other, and what other users' believe is the reasoning
that don't irritate your skin or make you itch all over. That aren't full of chemicals. i want to smell like i just came out of flower field....you know those women that smell so good and delicious but i get scared cause my skin itches alot so i
On vacay n the women in my group go jewlery shopping but only get card n item number so when they go hom their boyfriends will order n pay for them. The say no that's for them to pay. They both Asian with white men not sure if cultural ? I find it sick
Anyone get this done? Did it hurt worse than waxing? Did it work? How many treatments did you have to do ? Where did you have it done ? I need details I'm going for a consulatation tomorrow cause I'm over this plucking and waxing bullbutter
I love having reasonably long nails but can't keep the length all even.. at some point or another one would break and I will cut it all off and start again.. I recently went back to having SNS on them after a year's hiatus to keep the nails from breaki
Damn I hate saying this but it's the reality of the situation.. I'm watching my cousins little girl who is second cousins to my daughter (they adore each other). The parents are straight up butter. This baby calls everyone mommy. She can't distinguish
https://drjengunter.wordpress.com/2017/05/22/dear-gwyneth-paltrow-were-not-trtrking-with-you/ Extracts from article: "When I tell you that alcohol is a toxin I am not treetrunking with you I am being factual. Do you really think everything in the world is
Well not like a full on unibrow. But small hairs in between the eyebrows. Not talking Arab eyebrows, but I actually noticed when I was a teenager that all my main group of male friends had to some level or another, hairs in between, and that's including t
I need guidance, shared experiences 9f what happened, how did you feel physically and emotionally after??

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You can add some more names if you want Jasmine Vanessa Christina Maria Aurora Gracie Charlette Brianna Destiny Vicky Victoria Crystal Psalm Cody Gabriel Jonathon Jeremiah Jordan Micheal Mike Josh Maverick Torrance Raul Chr
Example: today I was talking to the guy I was gonna buy a nice 97 vw from on the 7th, found out he sold it with out notifying me and so with in two hours I have found a new car, planned a date to buy it and now I'm set. I can network, make plans, even sc
I'm a cancer with sag moon, I was wondering what would make a Aquarius with a Sag moon stop speaking. We where talking fine and one day I didn't speak because I was having a bad day. And everything went downhill afterwards. I didn't see him for two days a
Explain your relationship to work. How has it impacted your personal relationships, if at all?
Yes I'm volunteering you. So my knees hurt. Every time i bend them. I have had one knee hurt and i thought it was from track in high-school...but that was very long ago...but now both hurt anytime i bend my knees. Like if i squat it's very painful.
Which man is better for compatibility with this woman? Woman: Sun: Gemini Moon: Taurus Mercury: Taurus Venus: Gemini Mars: Scorpio Man 1: Sun: scorp Moon: sag Mercury: sag Venus: libra Mars: libra Man 2: Sun: Virgo Moon: s
Biggest pet peeve: People telling me how to feel about a situation, what about y'all??
https://68.media.tumblr.com/1f468727d05d96c9b474a745aa8f2fb6/tumblr_os7fdw5gIh1thd7hoo1_1280.jpg https://68.media.tumblr.com/4879ae1a1c2103c4bce2391aeca15345/tumblr_os7fdw5gIh1thd7hoo2_1280.jpg https://68.media.tumblr.com/440de0d39c39ff0753b60a2d922
Some guys just go to the gym 20 hours per day talk like an person with dawn syndrome and looks like they fear like 'sensitive' things, also some of them looks like have an gay paranoia or something lol, but when they need to be an real man and solve probl
Like your Sun is in Cancer, their Jup in Cancer. Were they exhilirating? Did it feel like they expanded your energy ?
I bought one ..would you believe i broke the nozzle and now i can't get the product out of the bottle ..I keep doing this with bottles actually so annoying! Thanks for all replies :)
Ladies.. Create a dick code for the type of package you most desire and post it here. Build it and they will come. dickcode.creativerobot.co
My Knight In Shining Armor-Where is he?   As a Capricorn woman people expect us to be invincible, and it’s true we do have spines of steel and can handle anything you throw at us. We might take a few minutes to recoop and get our bearings, but you can
25, Female, queer. Birthday Jully 22nd 1991 Cancer Sun, Sag Moon....Ascending....?? Iv been following this forum for a few months, and it helped me to read everyone's stories. So thank you! I love hip hop. Writing. Falling in love. And treetrunking it up.
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Left seattle to go back to new york without telling me i guess she no longer see's us as friends. two things happened last year. 1) I yelled at her for not coming to my event on time, lots of miscommunication, she screamed and yelled at me, sweat
Pisces man 1 - Someone I adore and I feel connected to. We've been on many dates and have this magnetic attraction. Has goals and a decent career going. I am starting to develope feelings for. P-Man1 and I have not committed to each other. Pisces man