Women and giving oral

By hellosaggySeptember 25, 2018 5:41pm — 66 replies
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What Nofap (no masturbation) Is Doing For Me
what no masturbation is doing for me is beyond physical im not thirsty anymore i believe human beings are great big balls of energy we contain different types of energy our astrological energy that guides our motives and mannerisms and drives us
This is why you take her swimming..
on the first date http k30 kn3 net taringa 7 5 4 2 8 4 sam77sam77 981 png
Kimonos, Wraps, Cover-Ups, Capes, Frocks, etc.
i m a capricorn ascendant - i love them they make me feel like a queen i like them to drag the floor i like mine long they are good hip and dunk covers got a party dress too short revealing slap on a kimono and its peak-a-boo time in the mi
My vibrator self destructed
soooo i have a high libido and i hide it by taking care of it myself and i go through vibrators at a decent pace but this one died in such a strange way i bought it last december it died last three weeks ago was annoyed it couldnt last a year i did
Ladies: What would YOU do?
and why you are single looking nice and you are driving around downtown on the weekend when you pull up to a stop light to your right on the corner a group of attractive men are standing talking you notice them but in a side-eye type of way as t
Where so you typically...
have sex the bed the couch floor misc room park bench outdoors anywhere and everywhere most of my randevous end up in the couch sorry friends ya know netflix and chill
I am worried
i have never been in a relationship but i think that i would like to be controlled by my partner i feel like i will like him to tell me what to do which is really crazy and weird cause i loveee my freedom and i have a lot aquarius in my chart i really
What’s red head
is it orange hair bright orange or auburn cherry shade who do we call red i had dyed mine into all and every time i was told you look good in red now i am like dark cherry and been told he is kriptonyte to redheads i googled it and ask