Anyone else ever been intrigued by these? My next major trip abroad (crosses fingers) is going to be to Scotland/Ireland and I will be visiitng as many as i can. I have always been drawn to the culture and my family lineage is traced back to both area
"Your flight has increased by $112" THIS butter right here should be illegal. Sorry but, just sayin. It doesn't wash in shops why so online?!? #daylightrobbery
which they would probably travel to as a man" My God. This is why I am selective about my reading material. Just outta curiosity...any ladies here one of this 64%?? Statistic take from The Women in Business Travel Report. Read in "The European" maga
Our travel plans are quickly en route to being cancelled. Any dxpers in its path? Be prepared, be safe!
anyone going on vacation or have any cool vacation plans for the rest of your summer? I added September, because Fall begins September 21 officially in the calender. [IMG][/IMG] [IMG]
Has anyone been to Buenos Aires? We will be going end of this month and am looking for cool things to do. Kid friendly, as my daughter will be with me.
Bf has invited me to NY to meet his fam and friends. The only prob is, its a 20+hr journey and ALONE. Is it bad that I am seriously feeling like I cant do it? The longest journey I take on a plane is around 12 hours and im pooped, so its like getting off
Montenegro or Southern Spain (Almeria) Which would you choose and why?
I'm just a wee Scots Irish lass so i'm abso clueless as to these parts. I've been living in the Middle East the past 12 years but I believe my time has come to an end, its hot, dry and miserable summers and difficult for me to stay as fit (I love outdoors
i was reading through some blog feeds, and saw that there are alot of abandoned Mansions and homes in Poland... would you all be interested in something like this? to visit Poland and even stay in one of those houses or abandoned mansions. I dont kn
i didn't even know they had so many. this one is interesting: Bohemian Grove: Every summer for around 150-years this secretive California cam
Can you explain to me the appeal and beauty of the matador and bullfight? I keep reading articles of matadors dying but I want to know what is attractive about this sport. It took me a bit to see the attractiveness of soccer, but I see it. Help me with bu
So I decided to delay my trip back to the Middle East so I could go on a family holiday to Portugal. Mum gets the passports out to check up in online, and discovers fathers is EXPIRED! My sisters are crying and mum is pissed coz she doesnt know whats
if you dont like where you live? where do you want to live? I like italy. and France. those sound lovely, but i want warmer weather, so Greece and Italy are perfect. beautiful home there too. [IMG][/IMG]
Anybody been? Anyone live there? Any recommendations for restaurants, areas to visit, etc?
Hi all! I'm going to Europe in September this year and I have been in Italy for a couple of days in between flights and on cruise ship stops. We now want to spend a couple days in Milan - where is the best discount shopping???? :) We're talking not
I am pretty ridic, mainly because I love to take pretty pics, in pretty outfits in pretty places. Everything in me is now being tested on this trip to Naples and Amalfi Coast to meet my SO. I am allowed 10kg max in hold and a handbag EEK! It is do-able I
Anybody ever move across country and had a hard time adjusting? What did you do to reduce the adjusting. I'm ashamed to admit how long I've been in this new state and how long is taking to adjust. I guess I just am very afraid just afraid of the newnes
Hey guys...I'm going to these places in less than two weeks. Anyone from there? What is a must to do and see? Thanks in advance!
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What attracts you? What holds your interest? What other Venus signs are you most compatible with? I have a Scorpio Venus
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I'm a virgo. I was dating a libra men for about 6 months. We met online and we were in a long distance relationship. I got a lot of attention from him in these 6 months. I shared all my past with him already in texts, phone calls and Skyped. I was cheated
for someone you love? I just want to understand. Whenever I told people that I would fly anywhere, South Pole, North Pole, just anywhere, they will always think, oh you were just all about the VISA. :( They didn't even consider the risk I've took,
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@tiziani @damnata @ladyneptune @justagirl @wagtail @copperdove @tinman @carmelizedcoffee Wish you all the best!
It’s not a big deal but I can’t upload a profile pic. And every time I post I get an error but I think my posts are visible? They are to me so yeah, pretty sure they are. It’s ok though. Glad you’re back dxp. Love, Livenluv
Anyone else's FB feed littered with this nonsense? Literally every chick who's had a guy ask her out with a cheesy pick-up line has by definition been "sexually harassed". XD The validation/attention hoaring is real with this one. https://c Dis slowly creeping to the top as one of my fave indie horror experiences since It Follows (2014). It's witty, it's funny and despite being a comical horror movie it's eerier
Hi guys, I’m new to this, so please bare with me. My sun is in Cancer, my boyfriend’s is in Capricorn. My moon is in Libra with my rising being Scorpio, I’m not too sure about my boyfriend’s. Now that I got that out of the way, can any Capricorns out ther
My Capricorn man finally said “I love you” six months after I said it & now he’s really distant,should I be worried?Is he confused or scared to love? Or did he just say it to say it We’ve known each other for two years but we got really close a year ago
i'm a Virgo female, met this Cancer man about a month ago. we live in different cities, about 2 hours drive from each other and have hit it off pretty well. we met on Tinder. it's a little lengthy but i really need some advice here. we've hung out on 3
So bored on this Friday night And what is your birth chart like? My celebrity crush is Jeremy Allen white Sun- Aries Moon- Capricorn Mercury- Aries Venus- Pisces Mars- Aquarius Jupiter- Virgo Saturn- Aquarius Uranus- Capricorn Nept
My ex and I have been broken up for awhile now and we have maintained a pretty good friendship. We talk often, but it's usually over text. I recently noticed a pattern. Whenever I tell him to call me he won't. It's like he avoids it like I'm not even sayi
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