So on the way back from upstate NY we had to come through to catch our flight to London from JFK. We had a major delay and they put us on a morning flight. Around midnight we headed to the BA terminal, it was pretty dead as first flight check in opened 4:
Anyone else ever been intrigued by these? My next major trip abroad (crosses fingers) is going to be to Scotland/Ireland and I will be visiitng as many as i can. I have always been drawn to the culture and my family lineage is traced back to both area
"Your flight has increased by $112" THIS butter right here should be illegal. Sorry but, just sayin. It doesn't wash in shops why so online?!? #daylightrobbery
which they would probably travel to as a man" My God. This is why I am selective about my reading material. Just outta curiosity...any ladies here one of this 64%?? Statistic take from The Women in Business Travel Report. Read in "The European" maga
Our travel plans are quickly en route to being cancelled. Any dxpers in its path? Be prepared, be safe!
anyone going on vacation or have any cool vacation plans for the rest of your summer? I added September, because Fall begins September 21 officially in the calender. [IMG][/IMG] [IMG]
Has anyone been to Buenos Aires? We will be going end of this month and am looking for cool things to do. Kid friendly, as my daughter will be with me.
Bf has invited me to NY to meet his fam and friends. The only prob is, its a 20+hr journey and ALONE. Is it bad that I am seriously feeling like I cant do it? The longest journey I take on a plane is around 12 hours and im pooped, so its like getting off
Montenegro or Southern Spain (Almeria) Which would you choose and why?
I'm just a wee Scots Irish lass so i'm abso clueless as to these parts. I've been living in the Middle East the past 12 years but I believe my time has come to an end, its hot, dry and miserable summers and difficult for me to stay as fit (I love outdoors
i was reading through some blog feeds, and saw that there are alot of abandoned Mansions and homes in Poland... would you all be interested in something like this? to visit Poland and even stay in one of those houses or abandoned mansions. I dont kn
i didn't even know they had so many. this one is interesting: Bohemian Grove: Every summer for around 150-years this secretive California cam
Can you explain to me the appeal and beauty of the matador and bullfight? I keep reading articles of matadors dying but I want to know what is attractive about this sport. It took me a bit to see the attractiveness of soccer, but I see it. Help me with bu
So I decided to delay my trip back to the Middle East so I could go on a family holiday to Portugal. Mum gets the passports out to check up in online, and discovers fathers is EXPIRED! My sisters are crying and mum is pissed coz she doesnt know whats
if you dont like where you live? where do you want to live? I like italy. and France. those sound lovely, but i want warmer weather, so Greece and Italy are perfect. beautiful home there too. [IMG][/IMG]
Anybody been? Anyone live there? Any recommendations for restaurants, areas to visit, etc?
Hi all! I'm going to Europe in September this year and I have been in Italy for a couple of days in between flights and on cruise ship stops. We now want to spend a couple days in Milan - where is the best discount shopping???? :) We're talking not
I am pretty ridic, mainly because I love to take pretty pics, in pretty outfits in pretty places. Everything in me is now being tested on this trip to Naples and Amalfi Coast to meet my SO. I am allowed 10kg max in hold and a handbag EEK! It is do-able I
Anybody ever move across country and had a hard time adjusting? What did you do to reduce the adjusting. I'm ashamed to admit how long I've been in this new state and how long is taking to adjust. I guess I just am very afraid just afraid of the newnes
Hey guys...I'm going to these places in less than two weeks. Anyone from there? What is a must to do and see? Thanks in advance!
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im a aries ,,last week i was with him, i spent the night everything was good well i thought so, we had sex & we also talked until the morning. the night day we hung out talked some more, i told him i was ready to leave, he asks me am i leaving so early co
People who grew up watching wrestling or still watch it, who was your favorite? Oh my God I started watching during the Invasion storyline. When WCW "infiltrated" the WWF. My queen was, is and will always be Trish Stratus!!! I loved her since I first s
I'm becoming more and more curious about this. Is anyone here an empath and what makes you think so? What does it mean exactly?
I'm interested to hear other everyone's take on this... For those of us girls who are very innocent and sweet looking - do you find that men or people in general are ultra turned off when you finally have to get mean and stand your ground? I've even he
Post your pics.. Curious to see what's happening in the world..Location/no matter, maybe caption for context or not.
Substitutional thread for : - do you - teena-ing -Jed jokes - place for us to mess around - place for us to meet up - place for us to drink.....tea or something stronger - and much more *wink* *wink* @SkiesAfire @Whiskey_in_a_bar
I'm a Scorpio woman with the sweetest Cancer man. Hasn't been too long but I just want to shoutout the Cancers, alllll Cancers for being the best signs to date especially for us water signs❤️
I saw someone else do this so I wanted to do one too. I bet you no one can guess my name hehe 😈 (Yasmine is my 2nd name)
Hello guys. What do you - honestly - think about this ?
*Disclaimer - Your post is YOUR opinion. If you like some of these trends, all the power to you, everyone should be able to express themselves in any way they want to, but yeah. The long acrylic nails. Ewww. And I blame Kylie Jenner and other morons fo
The Sags I know have luck. Makes me wonder, are you always lucky? Jupiter, the great benefactor? Do you suck up all the luck from other people, like in the movie Intacto? I know 3 Sags involved in one way or another in car accidents - with fatalities
Lol So....... How would you react if a woman told you ( through text..... But knowing she can't tell you in person) she found you a incredible attractive sweet fun fantastic guy! But in a playfull way.. Not in a touchy feely googly eyes kinda way?
My aqua friend told me he's "testing" our other friend, they had an argument (she was annoyed he wasn't taking her seriously, because he's a joker). He said " now I'm only showing her my serious side, that's what she wanted.. I want to see how she act
This is not including personality just solely on appearance 😏 Only one man you can pick as your ideal/"dream" guy based on looks. For me its Seo Kang Joon 😍. Been watching the movie Cheese in the Trap and it was love at first sight
There are very few things out here online-wise about Taurus men. My personal courting experience is showing that they are very similar to Scorpio men. As in they move veeeery slow and take their time. But are also veeeery possessive. Do background chec
Him Asc: leo or virgo (not sure) Virgo sun Capricorn moon Mercury virgo Venus libra Mars sagittarius Her Asc : gemini Leo sun Scorpio moon Leo Mercury Venus libra Mars in capricorn What is the compatibility of the two?