Crazy experience at JFK-I literally felt THE FEAR. And where's ya'll security?!?

By LibraLovesHimOctober 24, 2017 4:50am — 18 replies
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anyone else ever been intrigued by these my next major trip abroad crosses fingers is going to be to scotland ireland and i will be visiitng as many as i can i have always been drawn to the culture and my family lineage is traced back to both area
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your flight has increased by 112 this shit right here should be illegal sorry but just sayin it doesnt wash in shops why so online daylightrobbery
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our travel plans are quickly en route to being cancelled any dxpers in its path be prepared be safe
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bf has invited me to ny to meet his fam and friends the only prob is its a 20 hr journey and alone is it bad that i am seriously feeling like i cant do it the longest journey i take on a plane is around 12 hours and im pooped so its like getting off
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montenegro or southern spain almeria which would you choose and why
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im just a wee scots irish lass so im abso clueless as to these parts ive been living in the middle east the past 12 years but i believe my time has come to an end its hot dry and miserable summers and difficult for me to stay as fit i love outdoors
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i was reading through some blog feeds and saw that there are alot of abandoned mansions and homes in poland would you all be interested in something like this to visit poland and even stay in one of those houses or abandoned mansions i dont kn
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