Can you tell from this chart at all why it is that a relationship hasn't worked out for me? Ascendant 23:34 Scorpio Jysetha Sun 23:37 Leo Purvaphalguni Moon 19:10 Scorpio Jyestha Mars 00:10 Libra Chitra Mer
Hello i am girl from sialkot pakistan I was born on12 august 1988 Time of my birth was 12 am to 4am exect time is not known. My question is will i have love marriage with the concent of my family.and what will be time of marriage?
I was happy with my normal Astro placements but now I think I prefer vedic astrology when it comes to prediction and things! Like my normal Astro I have sun in tau moon in Aqua but my Vedic I have sun in Aries and moonin capricorn lol.... so, which one am
as the title said, I am a novice to Vedic's concept and just recently found out that I do have this very bad yoga in my d60 chart(most important chart according to Sage Parashara). some further explanation of this yoga: Sarpa Yoga is also known as Sarp
just recently found about this subject brief introduction What is Atmakaraka planet and How to find Atmakaraka Planet in Vedic Astrology? >Atma Means Soul and Karaka Means Significator. So it is the significator of desire for a particular soul. Ther
for vedic astrologers, what kind of husband a person will get if she has Jupiter in 12th in Leo, in nakshatra of P. PHALGUNI. thanks.
Who knows about Indian Vedic compatibility? Compatibility Boy Girl Point Analysis Nadi Antya Madhya 8 / 8 Gana Deva Deva 6 / 6 Tara 2 9 3 / 3 Varna Brahamin Brahamin
Where are my Libra Vedic Sun, Moon and Ascendants? This is a great thing you guys. Libra's have been through Hell in Vedic Astrology the last few years. My Vedic Ascendant is doing somersaults. And then in October in Western Astrology Jupiter will e
As I've been becoming increasingly interested in Vedic astrology lately (due to me finding out my moon sign is Pisces), I have been concerned with how the moon is regarded in this system. From my research, I've come to understand the moon is the most imp
Can someone give me information on this transit?
In Vedic I still have a Cancer moon, but I also have a Cancer Rising. In Western I have a Leo rising I am not really sur
me 07 june 1991 time 16:20pm country Netherlands city emeeloord husband 5 December 1991 time 18:00pm country south africa city durban having hard time with studies in university am going through allot of stress i want to get my life in order.
Hi guys.... could someone please give me information on Pluto transiting my ascendant?: - When did this start - How much longer will it last - What aspects is it forming and what can I sort of expect / watch out for -what opportunities should I look o
Hello there, Are you able to predict based on a vedic astrology if and when I will get married and character traits of my husband? I was born on 22nd November 1985 at 1:40 p.m., Slovakia, Dunajska Streda (47.9916° N, 17.6206° E), closest big city is
Hello everyone, I just really wonder when I will have finally love someone and be with him.Til this time I have loved a guy 4 years between I talked with an online guy but it did not last long,so in total I had no bf til that guy. The problem i
Kindly request someone to look at my chart and let me know about my spouse. My details: DOB: 23 Aug 1985 Time: 10:20 am Place: Bangalore, India Gender: Male. I am very lonely and not able to find a suitable person to share my life. Any prediction Found this
My libra man in 15yrs younger than me, very mature from worldly things. We've been dating for two years. I'm separated from my husband once he came to know about my affair. I haven't been physically intimate with my husband for 6yrs.. No kissing no to
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I just found out my casual friends with benefits of 6 months has been in a loving relationship for over a year. And I found out on valentines day through social media. Thought I would share this. Has anyone else ever found something similar about
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Just sun moon ascen Build a girl/guys chart ur fav Ideal: Sun: Aries Moon: Virgo Ascend: cancer No chance in hell: Sun: libra Moon: Leo Ascend: Pisces
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What are yours like Natal Asc: Taurus Sun: aries Mercury: aries Moon: cap Venus: pisces Mars: aqua Asc: Gemini Sun: Taurus Mercury: aries Moon: Sagittarius Venus: aries Mars: pisces I relate more to my natal sun, moon and mercury
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Let lose, be yourself, vent it all out if you must. Fellow Stingers and Scorpion Dominants, this is your place to go cra I'm so fascinated by their relationship, I guess because she's so fly to me and seems a bit out of his league, but he's the breadwinner(millions) while she stays home and looks after their 5 kids. They've bee
99% of my friends would clown in me and find me weird for having a dxp account n talking about astrology I keep my dxp life a secret lol I’m also not exactly my best self on here Im an in the closet astrology believer lol
When do most couples begin to feel the Love Feels and express it openly? 3 months? 6 months? A year?
I just need to vent in that I will put all the angriness to my boyfriend If you have read my last post about me just started to be in a relationship with a aquarius boyfriend who has a 4yrs old son was on holiday. He's back already and soon going o