Hello i am girl from sialkot pakistan I was born on12 august 1988 Time of my birth was 12 am to 4am exect time is not known. My question is will i have love marriage with the concent of my family.and what will be time of marriage?
I was happy with my normal Astro placements but now I think I prefer vedic astrology when it comes to prediction and things! Like my normal Astro I have sun in tau moon in Aqua but my Vedic I have sun in Aries and moonin capricorn lol.... so, which one am
as the title said, I am a novice to Vedic's concept and just recently found out that I do have this very bad yoga in my d60 chart(most important chart according to Sage Parashara). some further explanation of this yoga: Sarpa Yoga is also known as Sarp
just recently found about this subject brief introduction What is Atmakaraka planet and How to find Atmakaraka Planet in Vedic Astrology? >Atma Means Soul and Karaka Means Significator. So it is the significator of desire for a particular soul. Ther
for vedic astrologers, what kind of husband a person will get if she has Jupiter in 12th in Leo, in nakshatra of P. PHALGUNI. thanks.
Who knows about Indian Vedic compatibility? Compatibility Boy Girl Point Analysis Nadi Antya Madhya 8 / 8 Gana Deva Deva 6 / 6 Tara 2 9 3 / 3 Varna Brahamin Brahamin
Where are my Libra Vedic Sun, Moon and Ascendants? This is a great thing you guys. Libra's have been through Hell in Vedic Astrology the last few years. My Vedic Ascendant is doing somersaults. And then in October in Western Astrology Jupiter will e
As I've been becoming increasingly interested in Vedic astrology lately (due to me finding out my moon sign is Pisces), I have been concerned with how the moon is regarded in this system. From my research, I've come to understand the moon is the most imp
Can someone give me information on this transit?
In Vedic I still have a Cancer moon, but I also have a Cancer Rising. In Western I have a Leo rising I am not really sur
me 07 june 1991 time 16:20pm country Netherlands city emeeloord husband 5 December 1991 time 18:00pm country south africa city durban having hard time with studies in university am going through allot of stress i want to get my life in order.
Hi guys.... could someone please give me information on Pluto transiting my ascendant?: - When did this start - How much longer will it last - What aspects is it forming and what can I sort of expect / watch out for -what opportunities should I look o
Hello there, Are you able to predict based on a vedic astrology if and when I will get married and character traits of my husband? I was born on 22nd November 1985 at 1:40 p.m., Slovakia, Dunajska Streda (47.9916° N, 17.6206° E), closest big city is
Hello everyone, I just really wonder when I will have finally love someone and be with him.Til this time I have loved a guy 4 years ago.in between I talked with an online guy but it did not last long,so in total I had no bf til that guy. The problem i
Kindly request someone to look at my chart and let me know about my spouse. My details: DOB: 23 Aug 1985 Time: 10:20 am Place: Bangalore, India Gender: Male. I am very lonely and not able to find a suitable person to share my life. Any prediction
http://soulmatestars.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/LIIS_Archetypes_Of_Singles..._-_How_To_Find_Out....pdf Found this
My libra man in 15yrs younger than me, very mature from worldly things. We've been dating for two years. I'm separated from my husband once he came to know about my affair. I haven't been physically intimate with my husband for 6yrs.. No kissing no to
OM: Nadia compatibility slightly affects progeny .. If sun ( breath ) in Aries , Then Nadia won't affect much. 2). Vedic sun in Taurus people entertain friends very well and also beautiful. 3) Rohini is best nakshathira and the love their moth
-comes cross this board and blows the dust off it- [The nakshatras are one of the oldest references we have to astrolog
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.....for anyone who thinks differently, this is grounding to read .... “People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and that's what everyone wants. But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back,
Hey my talkative twins! Can you please post your name and if you’re male or female. It makes voting easier. Thanks!
So I feel the need to inform all of you that I am essentially "going away". Not for good but probably for a significant amount of time. Firstly, I have mentioned before that I am buying a new gaming PC. In order to help fund this, I am selling my current
Hello folks. It's that time of the year when we all gather in one topic to show gratitude and shade towards our fellow dxpers and to hand them trophies that are worth gold in internet bragging. Topic will run until this Sunday, the 17th of December
Guy Fieri is my new spirit animal since we both so theatrical 😂😂😂 https://media.giphy.com/media/pXJksds5tRAic/giphy.gif Who’s y’alls?
Do Virgo guy like to be chased after breakup or he will find it as it is pushy way
...by your pisces ex gf, if anything, bein a taurus is like having a game genie for pisces we're reliable fuuuckable etc. basically pisces exes r like immature kids n u gotta put training wheels on em b4 they move on soo, how do you even begin put trainin
I've never posted on a message board like this, and I know this is long, but I'm looking for some help in analyzing this situation. I'd really appreciate advice or insight. My first experience with a Cancer guy (I'm Pisces)...We really hit it off but
Not sure it's the same as stalking. Guess I'll go with Scorpio, Scorpio rising and yes if you got any Pluto placements like me for example. But it's not always necessarily a bad thing cus sometimes you have to creep in order not to be seen. I would
Tell me if anyone has experienced this or if you're a professional and can give me advice before I go to physio. that would be great... I have one shoulder that rounds more inward and seems to be slightly higher than the other giving me hell when I exe
I have an aqua male in my life that I’ve basically been feeling out. We were childhood friends. I’ve always had feelings for him, but never really tried to push anything with him. We’ve been in contact off and on for the last couple of years. There’s
17 by Mandy Moore ♥ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJgRUcv0NcU
So my ex broke up with me in early October saying she was just exhausted from all the arguing. She tried to get back with me a week later and I told her no. I admit I messed up and sent her a lot of messages the next and the days that followed after I rej
Im here to help those who have questions about Leo's! Ask away!
So my dad called me yesterday telling me that he’s flying me out on Friday, to go spend some time with him. (AWKWARD) Anyways....he’s being abnormally clingy and nice, my intuition is telling me he has some kind of news for me. I feel like he’s goi
Hello my helpful virgins! Can you please post your name and if your male or female. It makes voting easier. Thanks!
Hey my mysterious scorpions! Can you please post your name and if you’re male or female. It makes voting easier. Thanks!