Do Virgo men Cheat??

I'm just wondering if Virgo men cheat. I have been on other boards of signs that seem to be doing a lot of cheating. I don't see that so much on this board. I had a lot of problems with my Virgo but I don't think he would ever cheat.
Did I hit a nerve branh? Do you cheat? I just think it's weird that the other boards are talking about all of their men cheating but I haven't seen that on this board. You should be taking it as a complimentary observation.
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No,any sign including virgos can cheat!lol,there has been some posts about virgos cheating as well in the history of this board,should've been here a few months ago when virgos was supposed to be a "definate" sign for a cheater and all virgos should be avoided stuff like on the other boards currently.Those posts are just people blaming starsigns for thier own misfortune which isn't nessacerly true about just general people being born during a certain time of the year,its like does all black guys really have big chickens?Its approached like that lol.
See Branh...that's the story that I hear from every Virgo so I just thought that even though I know that all people are capable of cheating that Virgo's are a little less likely to cheat, but now Tiamat just blew that theory right out of the water LOL. I'm actually just bored and trying to start a conversation instead of making the pancakes that I have a craving for. hahaha!!! For some reason I have such a craving to have pancakes and I don't even like pancakes that much.
I think that is excellent advice branh. I'm a scorpio and I don't cheat but I know that would be the only possible way that I would ever cheat is if I felt totally ignored or unloved and felt like I couldn't leave for some reason. Like you though I would definitely end the relationship before cheating.
I'm not really a typical Scorpio that keeps a lot of secrets. My problem is not having the patience needed for the Virgo Males need to take it so slowly. I tried being very upfront and direct with my Virgo and I told him that I don't mind being patient as long as I know where I stand (I know probably a mistake) and I'm afraid it may have scared him off. He couldn't tell me where I stood because he doesn't know where I stand.
Hi Branh,
You seem to give great advice. I would really appreciate your opinion about this situation please???? Anyone else who would like to give their opintion would be greatly appreciated also.

I confronted the guy I'm dating about a week ago because he doesn't seem to have any kind of urgency when it comes to sex. I'm used to a guy that can't keep his hands off of me at least for the first few months of the relationship. He has so much control. He actually takes me or sends me home after dates sometimes and says he's tired. So after the last time he sent me home because he said he had to pack for a business trip I got a little upset because he was going to be gone for 3 weeks and I couldn't understand why he doesn't want to spend the last night with me before he goes away on such a long trip and I asked if he wasn't attracted to me and why he sometimes pushes me away. He told me that he is scared and he doesn't know what he wants and that he is not sure if he is over his ex (they broke up in July) even though he knows that he doesn't want to get back with her and he says that because of all this he doesn't want to lead me on if he can't figure out what he wants. He even said that he compares me to her and that there are some things that he misses about her. He was brutally honest. Then he said that he gave so much of himself and gave up most of his own life and interests in that relationship that he doesn't want to make the same mistake again and that he doesn't know how to balance a relationship and still being true to himself and he said that he is finding himself putting my needs in front of his own and he doesn't want to do that. So I asked him if he wanted to stop dating and he said yes because I don't want to hurt you anymore. That was on Superbowl Sunday and I haven't heard from him since. He gets back from his business trip on the 24th. One of my friends sent me some pictures of us from New Year's eve and I want to send them to him and just say I hope you are well. Do you think I should do that or do you think I should just leave it alone and let him contact me if he ever changes his mind? I feel like I pushed him into breaking it off with me when he hadn't fully decided that was what he wanted to do because just 2 nights before the break up he cooked me a really great dinner and opened an $ 80 (he said he had been saving it for a special occasion) bottle of wine and we had a very close night. Part of me thinks It's just too much effort and I should just move on, but the other part of me thinks that it could really work out with us if we just stepped back a little and he had more time to heal.
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I was wondering the same thing. I have not been with my Virgo Male for a little while now. We did talk on Saturday and he asked me if I had slept with anyone else yet and I told him "no". (which is true) I asked him the same thing and he said "no" and he hasn't even kissed anyone else either. Well, we are not dating but, we did talk some that night. Now that we are not dating, people keep telling me that every time I'm not around he always has a different girl he is hanging out with and flirting with that is about 10 years younger than him. (The people assume he is basically a male slut). They said it didn't happen when him and I were together but now it's all the time and it seems like everyone needs to tell me these things. So, is he lying to me about being with someone else or elses or is it just an act that he puts on when he's out and about. I know that he flirted alot with me and I had to make the first move before something happened and even then he went slow and I'm more of a sexual person then he is which was weird for me.
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I wrote you a post on the Cap board. I love virgo men have dated 4 of them in the last 8 years or so.

Frist Virgo- Met on WPGC Dateline

We stayed together for 4 years, a little up and down but nothing I could really complain about he tought me a lot very intelligent love to cook for me a lot of conversation never got out on me. He love scorpio women must be the sexually attraction, he said the karma was good and I agree I did enjoy my time with him.

Second Virgo-Met at a Club
He is married, but my relationship was ending with the frist virgo and I told him I could not see him until it was over I don't roll like that. I befriended the married virgo, still friends to this day no longer seeing him on the side but we are very good friends.

Third Virgo-Met on Blackplant
Lets say he had a problem with black people he was very mean and very negative, he hated people including his own kind, that only lasted about 4 months because I went to see the first virgo in Ohio and called and told him where I was, yea he was mad but the brother did not want to talk to me I told him I was having some issues and needed to talk and he would not talk to me and he was withholding the sex. LOL so I went out of town and talk to someone else, of course when I got back he came to see me and we talked about it but he was hurt by what I did but he said he respected me for my honesty. No longer friends

Forth Virgo-Yahoo Personals,
He traveled a lot Consultant for Homeland Security, and Terrorism. Saw him maybe 3 times a month dated him for about 2 years it was very challenging, he brought me stuff, treated me really nice when he was not drinking behind his good gov. job. He wanted me to Submit Totally to him that created a problem because he wanted me to do it and I did not know him that well. Go figure No longer am I seeing him either.

I guess you have to meet the right virgo but there are a some different types.
Well I just sent the New Year's photos. Now the ball is in his court. I may never hear from him and that's O.K. because that will be what was meant to be, but at least I feel like I did all I could do and if I run into him I can be the one to hold my head up high and not feel like I have to run out of the place. By my sending him the photos I feel I am being the bigger person.

Sweethearts, I am glad I'm not the only one who feels they have more of a sex drive than your man.

Scorpian Lady, Sounds like you need to start dating Capricorns LOL I don't think I will be dating anymore Virgos for a while.
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Been there done that....that is why I was on the Cap board, Have not seen cappy in 2 months talk to him on the phone, and I am ok with that...they say Scorpios keep Cappies in check it must be when you finally get them. LOL Oh well I am moving on. I have dated a Piceas, but that was it have not dated any other type of man. It like I meet one type and they all start to flock. Since dating the Cappy I have met 2 more about 3 months ago.
I know, How can I be mad at someone who is just being honest. Now you see why I'm having such a hard time getting over this one.
Virgos definitely cheat. I know quite a few that did. I'll offer you some examples:

1) My friend who is Cancer was living with her Virgo man and he admitted months later he cheated on her.

2) My best friend who is a Capricorn (the best sign to keep Virgo in check) was involved with an ex-boyfriend who sought her out and slept with her many times while he had a girlfriend at home waiting for him.

They certainly cheat.
To be very honest, I've been with two WONDERFUL Virgo men who were very crazy and madly in love with me, never cared for any other women. Now I'm dating a new Virgo guy who is so crazy about me, and I made my own promise not to ever disrespect or hurt the Virgo man again. I've truly learned my mistakes and will always appreciate what he has to offer and treated me with love, respect, honesty, security and loyal. I am Capricorn.
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