Immediate sexual attraction with Virgo men

Posted by LadiRam
Please....I get a lot of stares but only the ones from virgo men have that affect on me. My neighbor is a scorpio and he stares at me all of the time, but it just creeps me out! LOL Anyway, I am very sexual but I am smart about who I tree trunk with.


I feel ya. I remember (before i jumped the broom) this scorp guy at work would stare at me, and i could FEEL IT! And when i looked at him, he did not relent his stare. One day, i thought, "damnit, im gonna stare at him like he stares at me, and see if he stops" The next time i caught him starring, i starred back.

The bastad got MAD!!! He said "What are YOU looking at!" (he sounded like Eddie Murphy in that movie when he said "What are YOUUUUUUUUUUUU DOIN'! I wanted to laugh my arse off!

But i said cooly "Just looking at you the way you are looking at me".

Then he said something under his breath, and walked off, never to "stare" at me again.

I talked to his buddy and told him what happened, and his friend said that he was probally mad becuase i didn't blush/get nervous or something. He said that his friend said that he can stare at a gurl and instantly turn her on and get "wit her" if you know what i mean.

I laughed and told him to tell his buddy that he doesn't have super powers, and what might have worked with me could have been a freindly attitude and a freakin' HELLO!

Dam, i guess im just old-fashioned!
Please....I get a lot of stares but only the ones from virgo men have that affect on me. My neighbor is a scorpio and he stares at me all of the time, but it just creeps me out! LOL Anyway, I am very sexual but I am smart about who I tree trunk with.
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Again ......... this woman picks up on this stare as being a sexual attraction because she is the one horny, and thinking that it is sexy.

Another person could be sitting in the same room, and see this same man give her the stare and think ....... it looks creepy.

It doesn't mean one thing across the board ... as in one interpretation, it is based around individual perception.
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"Actually, I have a Master's in Psychology..."

Ooppps, scuse .... Master's

57 years old female
Furthermore, here's another angle in which to think about this.

Virgos normally yell very loudly about generalizing according to sign ...... our biggest yellers about it, other than Geminis are Virgos.

That is to say, when the generalization is negative.

You are one who will throw the name Linda Goodman out there, as say that you trust her judgement, since she is a professional.

Show me where she says that this stare means === treetrunk me baby.

If you, and all other Virgos, say that a Virgo stare means (one definite conclusive trait, across the board of all Virgos) ..... then what do you think that ^^^^^^ means?

Are you honestly making the proclamation in here that because this stare is interpreted by as a good thing for you ..... then it's ok to go against the very principals in which you preach?

A look on a person's face varies per person, as well .... a person who lowers thier eyelids to slits could be signalling ... disdain, horniness, forced tolerance, pain .... it's message is not the same across the board.

Seriously .... what's the matter with people.
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Posted by No1delete2

P-Angel: It's really just your perception .... the Virgo stare means different things to different people .. yet, it's the same stare.

You can't be serious.

Eyes are windows to the soul, and a primary means of non-verbal communication... the look will vary with the message...

Maybe the Virgo Man's message to a Ram Gal is SEX -- seems to be a lot of treetrunking going on in the two Aries Woman + Virgo Man couples I know.

Which makes sense. Both signs are open & honest, which helps things along; and, Ram Gals are frankly sexual -- not slutty, but available for some no-nonsense horizontal bopping...

Nothing wrong with that.

Why can't I be serious? Especially when you went on to verify what I said.

The look does vary with the message, this is to include how it's perceived by the person who is picking it up.

I've seen this stare a million times, Wayne ........ and every time I see it from him, how it is interpreted by me is determined by how I am viewing it at the time, according to my own perspective.

How can you not know that and have a BS in psychology?
Guess what sign I am ... bet you can't guess my moon sign either :P
Posted by LadiRam
It's always the initial sexy stare that gets me, then it's the sexual attraction that makes me shy, so I avoid eye contact and blush..but everytime it is a virgo man! Why? Does anyone else feel this way?

Its because you are an Aries lol

Yes, I'm stating the obvious but its true LOL!!!
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Posted by fieryearth
Wow so unnecessary P-A...

anyway, I agree with what Shaks' said.

Unnecessary as in how?

For a person who is a healthy, horny adult .. for a person who is an Aries and gets turned on by the color red, and likes fast things like fast cars .... why would it be unnecessary to say that a fast red convertable would likely get a horny woman's pants wet?

You people are unreal. You would talk all day long about how treetrunking horny you are, and sex, sex, sex, sex ... but, then mention it in the same context as saying that everybody percieves people differently and to view a person as sexy is a personal perception .....

.... which is actually the truth .....

And you guys flow your treetrunking gaskets .... so much for Virgos and their love for truth.

Wake up call .......... it is in the eye of the beholder .... the fact that you think the Virgo stare is sexy IS because this is how you percieve and because you are horny, so this is why it equates to sexy.

Stupid treetrunking people ... seriously.
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Eh, I thought this thread was supposed to be about Virgo men. Who cares about Aries or Pisces women. Really. Virgos never get to be in the spotlight, someone else always pushes in front. That's ok, you all can have your spotlight and I'll take the Virgo men.

27 years old
" Rising Leo Virgo Sun + Ar
Wow so unnecessary P-A...

anyway, I agree with what Shaks' said.

Sorry, I really didn't mean all pisces..I'm sure there are some good ones out there...The ones that I have met were very out of touch with reality and very 2 faced
@ P-Angel since you want attention here u go.......Please don't assume anything about me, we all know that pisces are crazy and very confused wannabe's. We also know that a lot of punks live on the internet. You don't know me and u don't want to know me. SICKOOOOOOOO!
64 years old female from Seattle, WA
Works for me all right. Although, not every Virgo man attracts me like that. But the few men in life who have really, really, really floated my boat have been Virgos. Yeah, I can just get lost inside their eyes and their aura. I once wrote a long verse about men of all the signs of the zodiac (in my younger days I believe I experienced them all), they are all too this or too that - too hot or too cold, too weak or too strong, too intense or too flighty, etc etc - but like baby bear's porridge, Virgo men are JUST RIGHT.

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"I love pie.
Aries and Virgo seems to be attracted to one another for some reason. It's probably one of those prey (virgo) and predator (Aries) you seen on animal planet.

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