So what do virgo men actually look for in a woman?

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Is it good sense of humour,good looks,good sex,good conversation....?
I don't personally see virgos as superficial people on the whole and was just curious to see if there was a pattern to what attracts them to the opposite sex.
i have read (mainly Linda Goodman's sun signs and love signs) that Virgo men look for quality -- they look for an intelligent woman who is nice looking and nice dressing -- but not too flashy.... Virgos are smart and need to be intellectually challenged, and yet think they enjoy fun and humour cuz they are so serious at times....
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Seems to me, with the males I know, they tend to gravitate towards women who can take charge of them. Though, they appear as though they want to be the leader because of thier pickiness and determined mental processing . . in reality, likely because they get bogged down in heavy thinking, they like subtle domination over much more than one would think . . to take charge, doesn't necessarily mean to be a dominator, rather, a sure and confident woman who can pick up in an instant where he will likely make the right decision, but, is too torn within himself to be aggressive about it.

The female ones I know, are much different in this scenerio . . THEY want command and gravitate towards weaker beings, rather than stronger . . though, still, the females want someone on their intelligectual level and not be in fear of her. She wants to rule them (maybe that's just the female thing and not Virgo) . . but, at the same time, she loses interest if they are intimidated by her. Seems like every female Virgo I know, dumps all men who back away from her authority over him IF they behave as though she does indeed have power over him, which isn't the case, at all . . she's strong and wants a contender, though, this is hard to determine because it APPEARS as though she wants a weanie to whom she can push around.

But, mainly, in both genders . . what they mostly are drawn to is another's ability to reason-out logically, without taking every word personally. They want their partners to understand that because they are talking to them about a personal issue, that doesn't mean they are attacking, or being critical . . it means, they are practical about everything and need the ability to address things without the partner taking offense. Also, the other side of that . . they want a partner who can reason stuff out practically, without requireing a lot of convincing.

Anyway, that's just some things I've noticed as an outsider, looking in, as I observe my V friends and family.
57 years old female
Yeah, I learned a long time ago . . don't ask him what he thinks, or, I could be waiting a long, long, long time. To be an effective partner to the male Virgo, you have to know him inside and out, be a quick thinker and have the ability to make fast decisions, based off of his principals blended with your own.

Something else, that comes to mind here . . and this is coming from my experiences with my husband . . they want someone who they can "blend" with . . not own, not submit to.
Maybe it's because they are so internally organized within their brains, that even with a partnership, there has to be a balance, they have to be able to work "with" you. Not, for you, or, against you, or, because of you . . it has to be fluid and even.

Seems like when a Virgo finds this kind of union . . they flourish. It's like they are searching for a partner who can be a cog within their engines. That sounds stupid, I know, but, it seems that way to me.

Not so bad, I guess . . so long as they remember that it's a person and needs to be oiled and serviced regularly . . just because "it" fit into place from the begninning, doesn't mean it doesn't need adjustments from time to time.
57 years old female
lol, that could be ONE major problem with a Virgo, actually.

They tend to put a person in a certain place within their lives and find security that this person will always fit into the same place . . but, their people . . they change. Perhaps it would be prudent for the Virgo to pull this person out of the position they were placed to do some adjustments.

That deosn't seem to happen as often as it should. One a spot is found . . no more time and effort is put into it and ultimately, the relationship fails because this is a person and not apart of a system.
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"""we all want, above all, to be heard - but not merely to be heard. We want to
being a virgo, i wonder why ladies here are so madly inlove with these kind of men and settle for something less. these kind of men are not even lovable and worth the fight.
57 years old female
What? vgurl. Not entirely sure I understood what you just wrote.

Ladies here are so madly in love with these kind of men?
And settle for something less?
These kind of men are not even lovable and worth the fight?

I'm thinking I didn't grasp your meaning, here . . it's sounds contridictory to say these men aren't worthy of love, yet, to be with another is settling for

Ok, my brains farting, here, I don't get it.
51 years old female
"""we all want, above all, to be heard - but not merely to be heard. We want to
it's like loving someone and it's just your own illusion. a spirit who doesn't even exist. why love these kind of men who treats their ladies unworthy?

yes p-angel it's contradicting perhaps ironic because when a person is inlove most often than not ladies become too attached with their men who don't feel the same or either not knowing where they stand in their men's lives. they become blinded with their own illusions that it will always be a happy ending for the two of them when the other party is just playing around.

a relationship is a two way street.
57 years old female
"it's like loving someone and it's just your own illusion. a spirit who doesn't even exist. why love these kind of men who treats their ladies unworthy?"

I'm lost, vgurl. Maybe it's just me because usually I understand what you're saying. But, today . . I don't get it.

If it's being in love with a person who doesn't exist, except in your own mind . . then how can he be a kind of man who treats his lady unworthy? If he's in my head as my ultimate partner, then he's treating me good . . really, really good because he's a fantasy.

Never mind . . I'll probably get it another time.
57 years old female
What do you mean, Roxi? By, mad when you got here? You mean, originally, or, today?

You're here because you're NOT madly in love with someone at the moment. If you were, you'd probably be visiting with him . . . . and doing, "The Hot Stuff".

Hey, you got the the whole thing going on . . you can be free of husband and duties to him and then rip a male Aries clothes off at your convenience. Damn, lucky cookiemonster.

Hell, I'll trade places with you.
51 years old female
"""we all want, above all, to be heard - but not merely to be heard. We want to
i myself don't know the reason why i love my husband when there's always some painful adjustments to deal with. i've learned to be grateful for having him in my life, and to be contented with the choice i made. perhaps there's just magic in our relationship that's why our union stays strong.

my advice for all these ladies, never look for answers on how you can make your man love you, you'll end up losing your mind and yourself.
57 years old female
"i myself don't know the reason why i love my husband when there's always some painful adjustments to deal with"

"i've learned to be grateful for having him in my life"

"to be contented with the choice i made"

"my advice for all these ladies, never look for answers on how you can make your man love you"

Damn, vgurl . . . perhaps, it's getting close to time to look ahead. Your words sound like you've fallen into an abyss and feel as though you have no choice except to make yourself be content with what you have.

Though, I'm certainly not faulting you, for we all fall sometimes . . I'm dwindling down myself in my marriage. You don't talk like a woman who loves her husband and perhaps I do the same, at times. I just wanted to tell you that I see that you're diminishing as the years pass and not that it means anything to you . . except that someone notices that you aren't happy.
51 years old female
"""we all want, above all, to be heard - but not merely to be heard. We want to
if i say i love the man i am with because he's a sh1thead does it also mean that i am a sh1thead? the people we are in relationship with is a reflection of our own self-- beliefs and their beliefs.

if you appreciate a trait of someone else, instead of looking for it you can find it in yourself.

why are there too many ungrateful people who whines and complains alot with all their hurts and pains in their relationships. why think about the past when you can't bring it back? why think about the future when you can't anticipate what will happen next?

these are all useless worries. you're right, dyr nobody will be in this website if they don't want to vent out, but there are also some here who just want to bring enlightenment to those who are blinded in the clouds of deception.

ladies, give yourself a break. to love someone is to be happy. if the one you love brings you misery then that's not love but infatuation.

57 years old female
Sounds great, though, I'd have the better end of the deal . . spicy and wonton. You'd get methodical and cool.

Hell yeah, like rabbits . . all day, every day, in every room of the house.

The best ever, without question is definitely the male ram. But, unfortunately, that's about it . . sex, sex and more sex . . not much more.

Shame, isn't it? Now see, if they could have the demeanor of a different sign, say, Virgo's for example . . all us girls would be standing in line, waiting our turn for a go.
i agree with Dy -- that is why most people find their way to this site, searching, analyzing trying to figure out a male/female of a certain sign and why he/she did them wrong, or whatever.....

roxi - i think even tho you get over your anger, you get 'hooked' on the talking, messaging.... scorpios have a very addictive, obsessive personality....

p-angel and virgurl -- i must say because i agree with Dy statements, i have wondered why people who are happily married for long time are here? just curious... not judging or anything.... you must have some situation you are trying to figure out or just bored?.....

anyway, i know that talking to strangers has helped me a bit as well.... i'm not so crazy about losing him, etc.... i realize he needs to come to me and BEG my forgiveness and BEG me to see him..... altho i do still have my moments of wanting to txt or email him.... i'm going to try not to ever....
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