Do virgo men really ignore the women they love to avoid heart break?

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    I have been in a relationship with a virgo man he comes back like a cancer we were on and off for 4years because his a coward and cant make up his mind about me i've had enough,whenever i break the seal of my wall he backs off everytime,now he is back and wants me again with 2 kids he broke off with his wife since she cheated on him,if i can only tell him that "you would have cheated first if i had grab your advances to me", and now hes gone again what did i tell you?no consistency and i hate someone like that i want a stable partner so no thank you
  • the " you might hurt me part " is true . But isn't true with everyone ? I might show some distance if I know :
    A) you might hurt me
    B) I might hurt you

    Either way , I can be cautious in relationships , I just don't jump in and see what happens . I need to protect my heart and if I feel like you are worthy and I can trust you then slowly but surely it will happen .
    But if you are trying to force me into something I'm not reay for ? I have a moon in tarus by the way so good luck
  • If a Virgo is into you, he/she will want to work through issues not avoid them. If they are avoiding you, from my observation, it's because they don't see the value in working it out.
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    Some Virgo men would self-sabotage like that but some are probably just not interested in that person.

    What if the person don't leave after self-sabotage and continues to talk to the virgo

    You continue to talk to a Virgo that actively ignores you?

    Is he more polite?

    But more quiet?
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    He never misses a phone call nor text ...

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    My Virgo ex did this a lot of times to women.....not the bravest of men
  • Posted by yupvirgoo

    Some Virgo men would self-sabotage like that but some are probably just not interested in that person.

    What if the person don't leave after self-sabotage and continues to talk to the virgo
  • Some will pick her apart until she leaves.
  • Not always, I'm a Virgo, I talk things out
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