How soon do virgo men know when she's THE ONEc

Just wondering... I was talking to my dad (a Virgo) who was happily married to my mother (a pisces) for 17 yrs before
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Two things...

A virgo can "know" a woman is the one very quickly

This however is no guarantee that he's going to start behaving accordingly towards you (right away or at all), he may not be aware enough (or mature enough) to trust his feelings/instincts and instead will allow his head to take control of his decisions.

This is so true, its unreal ...
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How did I miss this comment from Shaks. Very insightful. Yes, I suppose maturity does play a mjor role in this as well. I know a few Virgo men. they are all pretty serious people. Eventhe Virgo women I know are pretty serious. I have to make sure not get seriousness confused with maturity. They are not the same thing.
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Virgo??s mind no matter the gender is very active both in visual and intellectual range constantly scanning the value of the information received in any kind of relationships with the others.

Like I said a billions of times before, the key to the Virgo??s heart is the ???mental connections?? not the romantic, sexual, dreamy, fantasy stuff. Don??t waste your time with the ???stupid theories??; if the minds ???click?? then there will be no problem at all no matter how you look or what ever life standards you??ve got.

If you want to keep your relationship alive with the Virgos, then be smart and find out what he/she is up to (in their mind and interest).

All other naggings are plain bullbutters ??_!
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Try to understand ??_

Virgo??s mind can not deal with what if only what is and what will be plain and simple.
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female from Middle of Nowhere, By way of Los Angleles., Oh, did I mention, Im a Scorpio...
Qbone, I completely agree!
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To answer your question AGAIN ..... within a month, when we moved house together.

Actually, it was first night .... we treetrunked first date, and have been together ever since.

Don't try this at home though ... because you aren't a Pisces.

You say you know about human behavior? I am an actual PHD student and you could say that I have a masters on human behavior. It is not "normal" to move in with someone after a month, it CAN happen but it is NOT by any means psychologically normal. Do you want to know when a Virgo really knows you are the one? This occurs after several years. This has to do with a mix of astrology and human psychology. Virgos are one of the slowest people in the zodiac, and as any normal human being, their feelings tend to slowly develop into love over time. I know Virgos that may "say" they were in love with someone after one day, but then they cheat/leave their partner for other sex partners/ or end up disrespected and used. That is not love. REAL Virgo love, which I have seen with my own eyes, is when a Virgo will never commit to anyone else due to the everlasting loyalty they feel to the one they have loved and lost (which is also, not always, but often, the case). This love however, happens over time. This happens when the ever analyzing photographic memory brain of the Virgo simply can not remove a single memory from the many that have stayed happily and snuggly stored in the subconscious after a couple of years. This TENDS to NOT happen, whatsoever after some one night stand that leads to some crazy decision to cut the cost of rent with someone you barely know. You may be thinking, "she doesn't know what she's talking about." I personally know Virgos that have moved in with VARIOUS partners throughout their live time, and do you want to know what that means? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. They can simply move out and forget about you just as easily. The astrological consensus seems to be that when a Virgo really loves you they care enough to weigh the consequences of their actions rather than jumping into something as if it's a wild ride. Want a wild ride forever? Look for a water sign, they will move in with you and love you as long as you love them. However this is not a COMMON Virgo not to mention, earth sign, trait. Remember Virgo's aren't helpless romantics that stand at your door to serenade, and if they do you should be absolute
Remember Virgo's aren't helpless romantics that stand at your door to serenade, and if they do you should be absolutely concerned, because they want's not you (it's probably your money). If you find them criticizing you every 5 minutes, picking the lint of your shirt, challenging you, spending their valuable time on you and this is a BIG ONE, wasting their valuable money on you even if it's a nickel, and *keyword* UNCONDITIONALLY (meaning you repaid them with maybe a smile or thank you but nothing else.) then you know that they care and that in time you may be the one. Honestly, this is one of the reasons why I do tend to have a reasonable amount of respect for Virgo men. They don??t think with their penis, eyes or even their heart??_they actually use their brain.

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I have a male Virgo friend who had a GF that he was crazy in love with but did not tell her the whole two years they were together - however he was, by his actions very attentive and thoughtful (always gave the perfect gift). She was very social-quick witted/funny, very smart(PA)and she made him laugh-never saw him not smiling or laughing when they were together - he tends to be very serious. She was also a few years older than him and wanted to get married (both in their twenties). He was worried about this. First because he was in the marines and would be leaving for Iraq within the year and did not think it was fair to ask her to wait for him even though he wanted to. One evening they were to go to a Marine officers banquet - formal affair and she gets a bit tipsy - noticeably so, looses her balance falls down in front of his men and superiors. He takes her home - takes care of her - meets her the next day at a nice DC restaurant and breaks up with her. She apologizes over and over again - calls him every few weeks to say hi - he won't budge - He said that night of the incident he was furious - hated being embarrassed in public and was angry and hurt - he stayed up all night trying to figure out why she had done this - and what if he did marry her and she behaved this way. If you didn't know him you would have never known he was upset. So he goes to Iraq - she write occasionally and right before he comes home on leave she write that she wants to see him but depending on when his flight arrives she may miss him because she's vacationing in Fl. with friends - He right away figures it's with someone new she has met (she always named names). They do end up missing each other - his leave was delayed. While here I ask him how he felt about her possibly having a new BF - he smiles and says, "If that's what she wants" and laughs about it-no big deal-Goes back to Iraq and a few months later she write that she's engaged - Well now he is feeling the hurt and e-mails his Dad (another Virgo) and asks for advice - Tells his Dad that he always saw them together and married after he was out of the marines - Thought he had time--She has always been THE ONE - no one else. His Dad tells him to write telling her how he feels otherwise he'll always regret it. He also tells him never omit tell the women you adore and love how you feel about her or you will surely loose her. He writes the letter explaining everything! She replies that she wishes he had told her soone
from Dallas, TX
She replies that she wishes he had told her sooner - she would have waited for him no matter how long it took but now it was to late. He comes back from Iraq - she gets married and after 3 months he decides not to get out of the marines and goes back to Iraq - he is there now and has never mentioned her again. But I think he has learned his lesson in loving someone and forgiveness.

So Shak spot on.
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After 27 years of marriage, sweat.lioness ..... your words are just useless babble learned from school where no real life-experience is in practice.

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Yeah, I just skimmed through posts and found out that you were dumped by a Virgo ..... I guess now since your a Leo, which means your ego is bigger than Texas .... you think it's because a Virgo cannot love quickly, which would excuse you from not being woman enough to keep him on your own merits.

Yeah, good luck with that ... meantime, I have an another anniversary to plan for.

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PALEO: Thank you for sharing that story! It was very sad. But I guess that is how things work out sometimes. They obviously were not meant to least not right now. Hmmm....

I guess I feel that if someone is truly THE ONE a man will not let her go. He will hold on tight and they will be. If they do not make it, then it was not meant to be to begin with. Not at least FOREVER. Maybe the time being? Maybe they were placed in one another's lives for a season for a specific purpose and now that season has eneded.
P-Angel obviously after years of experience you do not know how to read. But then again, maybe it's because you are not a Virgo. I was never dumped by a Virgo. My parent is a Virgo, my best friend is a Virgo, my boyfriend is a Virgo, my moon is in Virgo, 3 of my other close male friends, FOR YEARS, are Virgos. So the one babbling insignificant nonsense is you. You are right about one thing, I do have the ego of texas especially because it's something that I can firmly back up. Btw my uncle was married 27 years, he cheated on her numerous times and it ended in divorce. I guess that would explain why you spend so much time, anger, and energy online wouldn't it? It's ok to think you can project your internalized fear onto others, you just end up slipping, like you just did. Most Virgos read your comments and laugh. Honestly they are hilarious for a woman your age.
BTW I agree with Natural, awesome story Paleo.
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