virgo males..... what??

By aquatar1June 26, 2019 8:08pm — 12 replies
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if youve been jokingly flirting and talking to a virgo who seemed to be into you too and then you make a remark about doing a specific activity together with them that they also wanted to do and they say oh yes just gotta get everything lined up first
I am a virgo-libra but I tend to not get along with other virgo women.
i have noticed that the meanest people i come across are either virgo women or aries men and if the virgo isnt explicitly mean or rude they are just cold as hell its one thing to be really blunt and honest its another to be an ice queen who is only
Up & down with a virgo man
he has scorpio rising aquarius moon leo venus virgo mars weve known each other over a year and were intimate for months before i left his country hes been in touch almost daily which i like and thats why were going to reunite in sept like a
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who do you think i should date include the imaginary guys sun moon and venus and why i m curious my placements virgo sun sag moon leo venus i ll be recording and tallying these stats to see which sun sign gets voted the most thx
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need advice i found a womans name and phone number tucked under the scorps windshield wiper this morning when i left for work what do i do after i calm down
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i was finally able to have a conversation with my virgo interest about what went down on my last visit he was upset because i kept blowing his phone up which i feel he contributed to apparently his god daughter had a birthday party which i was not tol
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hi okay so a virgo interest of mine had asked me out on a date we arranged the date and location its on friday however due to some stress from work i ended up being a little rude distant toward him yesterday though technically it wasnt that bad and
Hot and cold rebound Virgo Sun, Gemini Moon, Virgo Venus, Virgo Mars man
so i met this early-30s man virgo sun capricorn rising gemini moon virgo venus virgo mars i am female mid-20s taurus sun virgo rising aquarius moon aries venus leo mars online we seem to have a lot of banter and the conversation flowed pr
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im a gemini and ive been friends with this virgo for almost a year we recently met for the first time three weeks ago and i was really shy but he was sweet we message eachother on the daily and he says he appreciates me and today he was worried becaus
He Hasn't Spoke to Me
this was my third trip to see my virgo interest and i really expected things to go well as they did the last two visits i took a later flight than usual so i checked in the hotel at 8 45 pm upon arrival i text him to let him know that i made it there s