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The way you Libra's complain about us, you would think that most of you would avoid this place like the plague. But NOPE, you're here, in every single thread. Mostly just to talk butter about us. I just don't get it. You despise us, but can't stay away from
Yay, I didn't want to live anyway. Seriously though, I live in the Baltic States in Eastern Europe. As of right now, all 3 of the states are members of NATO as well as European Union. However, with Donald coming to power, I'm strongly afraid of the fac
how do you satisfy both these planets when their inconjunct. Settle? Which one to settle for long term? I don't want what I need. And I don't need what I want.
Because people lie so we stop (caring) giving a
If you are yet to connect, please state your age. Responses from all genders please.
Being born in 21st century is butter, all fun activity, you need money for it. i wish my life stop, not like a suicide,i mean. like a bad tv show with not enough audience' God: ParisianCappy, We are watching youe life with angels n shyt, and honestly it
I am libra and i really like a Virgo man.he said he really likes me but cant have any relationship. He is so busy working n never has day off.so he usually wants to meet up when he finish working early in the closest area to mine. Usually he invites me
Eg, you go into a store where there's no line and you're the only person there, just looking at what they sell (and you barely have 5 seconds looking) before buying and an employee/cashier yells at you "what do you want?!" as in "hurry the treetrunk up"? An
Which one does it often but act like they don't?
Planned for an early night, ending up spending with her for hours. She even brought up kids. And then after we went on about it for 30 mins she steps back and says it's way too early to talk about it. :) Always talk daily. I feel right at home
So what do think is the main sign that a taurus guy likes you more than a friend except sex, I mean in the beginning - is it compliments, small gifts, constant texting etc, what's your experience guys?
Like I think back to people who I had no interest in the past who kept pursuing me and now I'm like, meh, I should have given them a chance. Like I didn't want them when they wanted me but now that they don't I kind of do. What do you think sunshines?