• write your poetry here.

    what happened to CC's topic of poetry sharing? today is new tomorrow's on it's way here you are here we are, take some time and bring on some shine because the weekend's here.
  • Sitting Shiva by Leslea Newman

    Sitting Shiva by Leslea Newman (Holyoke, MA) Mirrors are covered Wooden benches are set out Have a good mourning Where’s the coffee pot? I ask my father, who knows my mother would know Welcome. Please come in. Sit anywhere. Except there!
  • How to start writing song lyrics ?

    Hey there, I do make simple poetry but aspire to write song lyrics. Has anyone ever tried writing song lyrics ? How was your journey, How did you start with it, How was the overall experience ?
  • A night by the fire.

    Now that the torches and camp fire roars after being well lit, I sit in my chair at a distance. There on a log close by in front of the burning logs, you sit. Talking and laughing with the others. Your light so much bright then the fires I lit.
  • Where are you?

    I am next to you with your fingers in twinned with mine. My head rests against yours and our hearts beat in rhyme. I turn to you and look into your eyes. My love for you reflected back to me in your eyes. I smile and you smile back tears of
  • The confession

    Forever in your arms, you said. Forever in my heart. Tears on my pillow without a sound speak from the past the future you have to meet alone. All I ever wanted it faded away liquid running from your eyes when you tell there is no use for me to
  • Writing: only you allow those to treat you the way they do

    No one will do or say anything to you that you don't invite them to.
  • Writing: Every life lesson & every ending is preparing you for a new beginning

    I'm stronger because I had to be, I'm smarter because of my mistakes, happier because of the sadness I've known & now wiser because I've learned #faith #hope #love #quotestoliveby #everyendisanewbeginning #gratefulheart #lifelessons ...,
  • An electronic love letter

    *DISCLAIMER DONT JUDGE ME BECAUSE IT'S LATE, I'M EMOTIONAL, AND I HAVE TO GET MY FEELINGS OUT SOMEHOW SO WHY NOT PUT DXP TO GOOD USE. also sadly, this is slightly abridged too so...I'm sorry* - no replies are necessary, but if you'd like to feel free. I'v
  • Step by Step

    As I do the things I need to do for me, and take away the focus on you, the waves of pain disappear. Just like you did. Sadness remains. It’s okay, I loved you. It only seems right. Next thing I know I emerge from the fog, and there I am. My editor
  • With my soul

    She rested with my soul. Why it is that we are not friends... Pretend, do I to cover the loathe, the wounds that sow the rends. Fear I whole, the beat and blow, that sends my peace a spin. Would I never leave her so. That, flames my mind within
  • Indigo thoughts

    Only in a cold, dead world do men speak in words of concrete. A world so old that Death is dead, and feelings proscribed. This world is the perfect Utopia some seek, with no pain or sadness, nor passion nor joy. God and Satan sleep togethe
  • Step by step: someone else's view.

    Can you believe there are times when I hurt Can you believe that there is pain within my heart Can you see that I might miss you too? Though every time you see me, I'm smiling Laughing And joking around It's a facade: for
  • writing mistakes/follies

    what have you learned when writing stories that made you go...duh... i would re-read and edit some stuff and i saw i wrote out the entire word of "10 mm submachine gun" when i could have written out, "10 mm SMG" now wouldn't that be better?
  • Recent Topics

  • WHAT tf am I supposed to do? What am I doing wrong?

    32 years old, never been in a real relationship. Accepted I can´t do casual sex, so now have not had sex in almost two years. In that time kissed maybe 3 guys and gone on 2 dates. Slept over at friends because I locked myself out of my appartment. He
  • Commitment issues

    Do you have it? How do you know..? But I know I dislike responsibilities. How to learn to take responsibilities and be committed at something or someone?
  • Which one will you choose?

    Man A: doesnt drink, smoke or have nightouts. Loyal but very predictable. Hardworker, excellent education but emotionally detached and very private. Not very good with communication. Does not like talking about the past. Man B: drinks, smokes and goes
  • Countdown to Deletion.. June 21

    Let's all countdown to the day of deletion for @GemLover https://i.imgur.com/C1gjGcN.png
  • Do Capricorns deny depression?

    So my friend doesn't have many people close to him. Everyday when he gets home from work in the morning, he draws his curtains in his room closed so that it's always dark. He doesn't eat much and sometimes he sleeps for up to 12 hours at a time. He has su
  • Asylum Seekers and Immigration Law

    @Cancan26 Let's discuss Why are they putting these babies cages? Why are they separating parents from children? Are this people coming across the border, "illegal" citizens that are already in america that ice separating... shouldn't someone be in t
  • Too late with my Aqua ex?

    Hi all, I’m new to the forum but have been perusing the last week or so. I have a bit of a long story, if any of you can offer insight. Background: Me: 34(f), sun: scorp, ascend: leo, moon: gemini, venus & mars: libra Ex: 35(m), sun: aqua, ascen
  • Leo women...do you come back?

    My friends girlfriend recently left him. She started doing bodybuilding competitions, started to kind of distance herself and snap at him...then eventually moved all her stuff out. All within two months. He said their relationship was perfect prior, they
  • Show me your hands, please.

    Doing this again..need to shed out some of this,negative tension by putting some good out for people. Some notes/directions: 1. Post a pic of your hands (I forget how to do it, if the first response could be a pic tutorial here that would I think be h
  • describe a feeling without using the keyword of emotion

    and its a free for all of guessing until the user who described the feeling reveals what it was for example: blocked and speechless unable to find the right words, digging until it presents itself
  • What's the longest it took you to get over someone ?

    and what was their sign? state your sun sign as well.
  • Are Virgos liars/Is it over?

    Sooo some of you may know I've been involved with a Virgo guy in LDR situation since October last year. It's been rather rocky journey and although we had some super sweet moments I'm starting to wonder if it's over for him already. Mind you, we are not i
  • Affection on their terms?

    I’ve heard friends stories about their gemini boyfriends. I had an ex or we were talking for 2 months and then stopped talking and then he came back to me. He was afraid and not ready for commitment. Funny thing was I was too. Just as blind as him about
  • How did your first relationship end?

    Hi guys! Lets talk about stuff that doesn't matter. I'm just curious to see if I can relate to anyone. Did yours end normally or did it go bat butter crazy drama-filled insane? Because mine went the second way. So I had a thing back in highschool with
  • Attracting the same sign?

    Do any of you seem to attract the same sign? I don't know what it is but mine seems to be Scorpios. I just started going out with this girl and found out last night she's a Scorpio. That's 4 out of the last 5 (including my ex-wife of 19 years) that hav