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  • Your Headstone Writings

    Someone visits your grave. What would your headstone say? Here's mine: [IMG]http://i68.tinypic.com/2edcqbc.jpg[/IMG]
  • So I’ve been posting faux adverts

    On my social media for fun for the past week and I’ve gotten some good reactions for it. My friend that sells food at a park actually loved the style and randomness to it. Tell me what you guys think! The first two, the margaritas and my boot photo were a
  • afternoon naps

    you placed your fingers on my stress,encompassed by a ball that is bundled behind my neck you forgave my rage and you accepted my character that i displayed earlier in the day the lathered icy hot put me in a trance and i fell into a deep haze i woke
  • write your poetry here.

    what happened to CC's topic of poetry sharing? today is new tomorrow's on it's way here you are here we are, take some time and bring on some shine because the weekend's here.
  • zenith

    she corrected my face, guided my eyes to look at hers. she wanted us to connect beyond the carnal stage we were in. I gave in and looked inside.
  • all my life ive had to fight

    what a long day today was. tormenting at times. from the start i was reminded of the pain one endures. during the play, i remebered the tragedy i must perform in. life is a tragedy at times, how straining, and how much work one must put in. i can see why
  • With my soul

    She rested with my soul. Why it is that we are not friends... Pretend, do I to cover the loathe, the wounds that sow the rends. Fear I whole, the beat and blow, that sends my peace a spin. Would I never leave her so. That, flames my mind within
  • Letter to you that I will never send

    Dear V, We haven't talked for 7 months now. Are you thinking about me? How is your life now? I saw that you started new project like you said. And, I'm glad you did. I wish you all the best.. I thought time will help to heal. I don't know why.. it does
  • Lies and silence

    To look at you and never speak Other things change us Rien Speaking in tongues Joy in repetition Learn it and learn it well At home with grace Bee or Banaz if youre nasty http://data.whicdn.com/images/316537982/original.gif
  • Duplicate topic after getting error on post

    Hello I created a topic in the Pisces forum and each time I submit I got an error so I refreshed/tried again. This now made multiple topics with same name/content and I only want to keep one. How can I delete all the others please?
  • A Novelette

    September 1918. He was a man who fought in the great war, barely surviving the last battle he was forced into. A little hopeless, he felt, as the war has been going on for four years but without the end in sight. Hardly recognizing whether it was stil
  • crossroads

    i'm sitting here, stuck between two worlds, you and him you and her, me and him, me and you, her and i we're all the same into one. Please, i cry here, in the middle of the night where you lay, where i lay he is somewhere out there like you are here, a
  • Horrifying

    Where do I want to be when I’m approaching 50? Talking to youngsters on dxp! Scoring some likes with my hilarious gifs. Reminiscing on the old days, like Clueless, As If! What’s better than growing up? There’s an obvious answer. Stay home until one day y
  • Open letter to the one who lied

    I did not ask you to come into my life “Here’s to us...” Your goddamn lies! You’re one day nectar Your one day rye Your one day high The next day cry Why did I let you into my zone? I was totally fine with being alone I was totally fine in my own happy
  • I love you dad. 🙏

    I love you and miss you like crazy. I think about you every single day. Every few hours I look at your picture on my screensaver because you were the toughest person in my life that pushed me to be the best me. It inspires me. Because I was left with a h
  • through moans of the dead

    keep it alive, there’s still life in it! there’s life, there is a heart beat!! there is belonging!! keep it alive, i see signs of life!!! let it cultivate strenght, let it cultivate hope. wreckles plans to use past memories as useful tools as to why