• The confession

    Forever in your arms, you said. Forever in my heart. Tears on my pillow without a sound speak from the past the future you have to meet alone. All I ever wanted it faded away liquid running from your eyes when you tell there is no use for me to
  • Writing: only you allow those to treat you the way they do

    No one will do or say anything to you that you don't invite them to.
  • Writing: Every life lesson & every ending is preparing you for a new beginning

    I'm stronger because I had to be, I'm smarter because of my mistakes, happier because of the sadness I've known & now wiser because I've learned #faith #hope #love #quotestoliveby #everyendisanewbeginning #gratefulheart #lifelessons ...,
  • write your poetry here.

    what happened to CC's topic of poetry sharing? today is new tomorrow's on it's way here you are here we are, take some time and bring on some shine because the weekend's here.
  • Plants are Friends

    Part 1... Shadow opens her eyes. The light blinds and she cries. “Shhh, dear,” her mother mews, “I’m here, your brothers too.” “Rex, Hex, and Flecks you see, Look like a little me. But you, darling kitten, Are black as night can be.” Shadow
  • An electronic love letter

    *DISCLAIMER DONT JUDGE ME BECAUSE IT'S LATE, I'M EMOTIONAL, AND I HAVE TO GET MY FEELINGS OUT SOMEHOW SO WHY NOT PUT DXP TO GOOD USE. also sadly, this is slightly abridged too so...I'm sorry* - no replies are necessary, but if you'd like to feel free. I'v
  • Step by Step

    As I do the things I need to do for me, and take away the focus on you, the waves of pain disappear. Just like you did. Sadness remains. It’s okay, I loved you. It only seems right. Next thing I know I emerge from the fog, and there I am. My editor
  • With my soul

    She rested with my soul. Why it is that we are not friends... Pretend, do I to cover the loathe, the wounds that sow the rends. Fear I whole, the beat and blow, that sends my peace a spin. Would I never leave her so. That, flames my mind within
  • Indigo thoughts

    Only in a cold, dead world do men speak in words of concrete. A world so old that Death is dead, and feelings proscribed. This world is the perfect Utopia some seek, with no pain or sadness, nor passion nor joy. God and Satan sleep togethe
  • Step by step: someone else's view.

    Can you believe there are times when I hurt Can you believe that there is pain within my heart Can you see that I might miss you too? Though every time you see me, I'm smiling Laughing And joking around It's a facade: for
  • writing mistakes/follies

    what have you learned when writing stories that made you go...duh... i would re-read and edit some stuff and i saw i wrote out the entire word of "10 mm submachine gun" when i could have written out, "10 mm SMG" now wouldn't that be better?
  • My butterfly

    I was thinking about the tattoo on my back, a butterfly carrying a yin yang. There was lot of hard work that went into that concept. Opening up, becoming the true you and yin yang helping you find the balance to do it. The butterfly feels a bit tattered
  • Now what?

    My heart hurts and you’re not there. But in the end, I must think of me. It might take a bit, but I always come back fighting. Not for you, but for me. Truth is I cannot do it for you. Trust others, fight your fears, or stop all your worries. I trie
  • Optimism and despair

    Some writings by Zadie Smith inspired me to post this, in particular on the subject of optimism and despair, and how they balance each other out (which makes sense to me). https://www.brainpickings.org/2018/02/08/zadie-smith-feel-free-optimism-and-desp
  • What are You Most Grateful For?

    with so much negativity going on in the world... just thought i'd be nice to show some appreciation for the things we deem valuable in life... so with being said, what are some of the things you are most grateful for?... could be anything really...
  • Starlight

    We think that love must come and sweep us off our feet and feel like we are in a cloud all the time. I felt this when I first met you, even before, when I saw you for the first time. Something told me you were going to be in my life for a reason. Short
  • Help me

    i'm trying to make a frida kahlo-level love letter if you're any good at writing, i will pm you my pisces moon paragraphs i've already received some from him over the years my friends will say it's good even when it's not and my mother will la
  • Recent Topics

  • Libra Guy keeping me

    Hello , I have known this Guy for 2 years now , Communication and going out were on and off .I made clear to him lately that We can just be friends because of his issues with ex , ex wife and recently divorce, and etc. issues. I've been a bit distant si
  • 🍸 Happy Birthday @LePetitFisk 🍸

    https://media3.giphy.com/media/l4KhN43WglDMDgd6E/giphy.gif http://hecendorfer.com/upload/t/the-25-best-21st-birthday-cakes-ideas-on-pinterest-baby-1st-pretty-birthday-cake-pictures.jpg https://media2.giphy.com/media/63D094RLUNExa/giphy.gif http:/
  • DXPIL Season 3 Semi-Final #2

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYtd1eCvX7k SCORPIO VENUS OBSESSION @Arkansassy VS GEMINI MARS MISCHIEF MAKERS @xoxflute
  • Golden Dragons licking my neck!

    Don't laugh but yeah I dreamed of three golden dragons climbing up a wall and entering my bedroom... After that I could feel one licking my neck and I was letting it lick me... And I woke up with a big smile on my face!!! I slept just for an hour a
  • DXPIL Season 3 Semi-Final #1

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RCGRo1TNPU GENTLE SCORP IN UR-ANUS @ram416 @PhoenixRising VS GEMINI MERCURY DECEPTION @squishy_marshmallow
  • Young Pisces Crazy for mature Virgo

    Hi all, Big astrology fan here with a newfound love for a Virgo woman! It all started when i noticed my very quiet, low profile, plain jane, modest, a bit older ,neighbor, had gotten a puppy. So she's outside more than often now and i see how pretty she
  • Virgo Man & Virgo Woman -- How Should I Proceed?

    Hi All, Met him on a recent international group trip. My first impression was he was kind, gentle, reserved, aloof and appeared quite shy. There were also moments when he seemed arrogant, dismissive and curt with me but, I decided not to personalize it
  • caps save their energy for..

    wrestling guns out of shooters hands. it's going to eat him up that he's being called a hero when he said he was just trying to save his life and live. he keeps trying to tell everyone that he's not a hero. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGHji60FP5
  • Anothaa Capricorn Q&A ^__^

    I'm pretty bored and feeling like giving some advice to people in need or who are just curious. Every Cap is different, but i'll try my best to cater to your question.
  • Gemini lounge 👯‍♀️🛋🍻

    A place for geminis to hang. Post Gemini thingz - photos, GIFS, music, poems, videos, random questions or streams of consciousness, or just any thoughts that pop into your mind that don’t have any other home on this board. I know there’s a lot going on in
  • Pisces Boy CRAZY 4 Virgo Woman

    Hi all, Big astrology fan here with a newfound love for a Virgo woman! It all started when i noticed my very quiet, low profile, plain jane, modest, a bit older ,neighbor, had gotten a puppy. So she's outside more than often now and i see how pretty she
  • What's the big issue with water and air signs dating?

    I keep seeing that water and air signs are not good for romantic relationships. I honestly want to know if it's just the stereotype or what?
  • A Quiet Place

    Saw it last night and thought it was amazing. Anyone else seen it and what did you think?
  • The Reef 2.o 🐡🐚🐳🐠

    Since evidently numerous previous attempts at creating a safe space for us aquamarine creatures have fallen pray to Neptune’s ebbing moods, I figured what’s one more attempt at forging a nook marked by casual atmosphere where we could congregate witho