Why do I still love you? Why do I love you? Is what I ask myself all the time It makes no sense in my head at all,
a landscape whips past the side of her face. a grand escape at an intimidating pace she's curled up around this figure
They build me up, only to tear me down and place me in a prison of their choosing. The death of a thousand cuts. The pri
I almost forgot for a second that the present was precluded that souls tread on yours before me laughs were shared, o
Everyday is my fathers day The invisible man who taught me the meaning of loneliness Taught me the sting in unrequited
we knew what our punishment would be we stepped into the house of fun with the hearts of immortals and like deranged
Slither of light disturbed the peace For once you were dreaming or were you asleep? The sweet comfort of darkness fade
I recently gave a friend my thoughts on how to deal with life and people. The human race is an unfinished organic p
Kites roaring high Sand creatures pacing below Flowing waves in power Sunflares blind with an everlasting glow Aer
A very old poem, written in the throes of love (or madness, by any other name.) ;) Rebirth From a dark womb ha

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but like in reverse like if they make a mistake they'll just go "oh well might as well make it even worse?" if you're gonna mess up, do it big time
I recently became familiar with this term. Is this the best time to find a boyfriend? Or am I late in the season? I deleted all of my dating apps about a month ago, was gona take a break and try to meet guys in person... should I get back online agai
What are their turn ons? Turn offs? Hot spots, etc.
so i was reading a book about birds and thought "man these birds are hoes" and saw a female penguin cheating on Nat Geo when her husband penguin caught her and begged but nooo she chose the homewrecker in general, the females leave the males to mate
like they get so nosy and judgy especially during the holidays?
Here we go again! Hoping that this will be my last time venting out my frustrations. I am so close to dumping my Bull. All was well between us. We had an amazing night at his place 10 nights ago, talking, wining and dining. I stayed over like I always do.
Ask me about your dating style eg. Why am I single? Just ask me something...
So I got a better response for leo n virgo. I'm talking to a virgo dude. He's okay. And we have similar perspectives but we don't essentially feel the spark (not me atleast). It's a basic relationship. It feels more like a friendship thing.. but he
@EvilHare @Impulsv @GetMisted @Infinite8 @Reincarnation Didn't see them around for a while ?
Ok i really can't take it any longer. I'm so in love with a Scorpio. I've always liked him but he doesn't know it. He talks to me but I have no clue if he sees me as a friend or something else. He's hard to read, like most Scorps. I've never shown cle
Just saw on a front page The Scorpio is considered by astrologers to be the strongest sign of the zodiac and almost undefeatable, what signs end up getting the better of it in confrontations and war? ———————— No one! My love...
Hi guys, what are some of the ways to break or cut etheral cords or cords of attachment to someone?
He is nearly perfect guy when we are together but when we are away,the way he texts is pretty short n takes a while to answer.But he always answer tho. And seems like he tries to seems cool like fo example tmrw he will have photoshoot n he asked if im
https://youtu.be/AsR9xNWu4cc Enjoy! {} cyber hugs! Love, Eva
What are some common problems you see in this pairing? I feel like it’s a dull relationship myself... at least my experience... There was no fire!