I almost forgot for a second that the present was precluded that souls tread on yours before me laughs were shared, o
Everyday is my fathers day The invisible man who taught me the meaning of loneliness Taught me the sting in unrequited
we knew what our punishment would be we stepped into the house of fun with the hearts of immortals and like deranged
Slither of light disturbed the peace For once you were dreaming or were you asleep? The sweet comfort of darkness fade
I recently gave a friend my thoughts on how to deal with life and people. The human race is an unfinished organic p
Kites roaring high Sand creatures pacing below Flowing waves in power Sunflares blind with an everlasting glow Aer
A very old poem, written in the throes of love (or madness, by any other name.) ;) Rebirth From a dark womb ha
So vague So gone So distant All dissolved in an instant Feelings; Emotions once Fully present No more problems No
To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism To steal from many is research Why?
Cold air stealing space in my nostrils Like ribbons tying and tangling Relief that they take the place of dead expecta

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My Taurus and I have this thing for about nine years. Nothing too serious but something. He went off to college, I moved out of town. His mother moved here after me. He keeps in contact every now and then, as well as me. It seems we just pops back up in e
We broke up on October 1st and as a reaction, I tried to reason with him to come back for 4 days (not consecutively) of the same week. The week after, I tried to reason with him only 1/7 days. I gave up, since he told me,"leave me alone", "move on", "I'm
I am a Librian and met this Scorpio guy on an online dating site. We have chatted for over a month now and then finally we decided to meet up. I would not initiate a conversation. He was the one who would text each day and then we would chat up. If he was
I don't know title says it all. Seems like the once playful Aquarius lady is starting to bash me down. Calling me skinny and such. Most of the time she isn't direct at all. Also finding us kind of passively aggressive arguing lately. Almost trying to str
Why do we give off this vibe? Why do you think we make it so hard for people to get to know the inner-depths of us?
Sexual harassment/abuse stories are really sad. Makes me wanna cry.
Hopefully looking for someone with about the same placements here. How do you act? Like whats your personality? Are you more introverted or extroverted? Would you rather be alone or with say a group or friends or going out alone by yourself to meet new
Kind of a redemption of the two most dangerous fire sign threads but with a little twist to it. Just thought I make one for the air signs. So in your opinion what air sign is the most detached? I'm gonna go with Gemini. Aquarius and Libra is a close
Beejs for going with her to the dentist This is number one bullbutter
Has anyone experienced this aspect before? Her scorpio mars is conjunct to my 8th house scorpio pluto in an almost exact orbit (0.14 degrees)! We have plenty of tight very orbits, venus trine venus, jupiter square venus, neptune sextile mars just to
This is a weird thing. The other day, my ex sent me a message that I remind him of Mila Kunis and Gwen Stefani. He's always said that when we were together. I dunno which parts. First I look Asian and second, I'm not very thin. Anyway, I knew he was drunk
We don't needa fight, but quick enough to put you on yo ass if you feeling froggy.. Everybody think they Mars is crazy, and ain't never punched butter, stole off a cookiemonster, shot at nothin, waved a knife.. Till Mars in Gemini come through and knock em down a
Any advice is greatly appreciated. My BFF is a cancer female who was in love with a Libra male and broke up 10 years ago. However, before going their separate ways the Libra male met his current Aquarius wife but kept trying to seduce and get the Cancer
Come on guys its true. It must be a cultural thing, ebonys seem to have more swagger,more soul and emotion, they dance than white guys. I could kill for having that footwork: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81NpdkTcMAE
I think it's Pisces http://media.tenor.co/images/86eb7c00905ba5fa58b0e0bc7c7c7486/tenor.gif I know what your thinking... No.. Cancan they are the sweetest... The most chill.. and that's exactly what they want you to think! http://media.tenor.co/i