Llevo dias, tardes y noches pensando en ti... Desde el dia que te conoci hasta el día de hoy tu nombre o imagen cruzan mi mente mínimo 1 o 2 veces por día... ja a quien trato de engañar.. mínimo 5 o aveces hasta pierdo la cordura por ti. Ya casi ser
Why don't we live, When the boundaries are our own, Why don't we live, When the the storms are as real as our fears, Why don't we live, Suffocating free will due to social norm, Why don't we live, Treating happiness as currency, scarce and tough to
El salio de la ciudad a visitar su Madre por unas semanas. Y yo aqui extranandolo. Me habla por telefono pero no es igual. Igual a tenerlo enfrente de mi. Como el calor que me da, a mi ser y alma. Quiero tocarlo, carisiar su pelo, Y sus haretes de
in the morning, the sounds of light rain, against the window pane, rhythmic like light music. your skin against mine feels nice, warm and inviting, i snake my arms around your comforting presence. There's nothing like it, everyday, i wake to find y
Words without emotion, Waves without the ocean, One and the same, Wanting to change, Creature of habit, Routinely sabbat, Desires so cold, Control out of control, At the mercy of this cycle, Should i leave? Or life will...
because i dont have that special someone to read some poetry to whilst he count his money, i'll curl up in my bed and post whatever i'm reading or listening to, in this thread
While many people run away from feelings, I love running into them. Deep into the core of my feelings, I love getting the sensation of cold feet when I see you, how my adrenaline rushes inside my body craving you, feeling my body shriver to your touch. Se
Take the first step, one foot in front of the other rinse and repeat. Follow the sounds around you, good and bad, beat and strum. Open your mouth, open your mind Wake up your heart and let it all flow Find your voice, find your soul peel the lay
Benchmark dreamland spilling out over into reality like a sift with giant holes that break open, splintering into a million pieces all around me. I cut myself walking over the splinters, immune and immutable, oddly enthralled by the slice and dice of t
I feel it seeping through my veins Yes this pain It took my heart and held the reigns What you may ask? My sweetest orgasmic pain. my heart shattered and the dump took it away I swear my soul left as well today The kind that makes you fall silent
People telling me since forever that I have too many stories to tell. However I swear all the stories of mine are true and were told me by real people. I can't help it. People tell me things. Some of those stories seem unreal but life is more interestin
The pretty brunette sipped her drink loudly, her eyes stayed fixated at the chocolate cake in the middle of the table. Her fingernails tapping rhythmically against wood causing the demon next to her to growl out loud, “Will you stop that?” His eyes
It ain't finished and it's a sketchy draft ... its 91 pages so far ... I kind of feel i have no talent. http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/571162 You have to download it ..so sorry about that... So is it butter ..boring or what??
Forgiveness I must forgive myself for what I have done. To me and to others.
The ocean of suffering is immense, but if you turn around, you can see the land. The seed of suffering in you may be strong, but don’t wait until you have no more suffering before allowing yourself to be happy. When one tree in the garden is sick, you hav
Bottom of the barrel type being...I'd like to hear peoples descriptive use of words for this one
Pls translate- (Female saying to male) "Its a beautiful life, with you"
Tonight i let it go,all the pain,all the suffering,all the hurt,i've kept it so long my heart is in agony,but tonight finally i can,as i held my pillow tight i can finally cry like a river Because no one is watching No one is here to stop my tears tha
I need to read a fiction writer who is a page-turner who whose Talent is keeping one's attention can be absolute bullshyt. Trying to get over someone trying to stay busy.

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A place for geminis to hang. Post Gemini thingz - photos, GIFS, music, poems, videos, random questions or streams of consciousness, or just any thoughts that pop into your mind that don’t have any other home on this board. I know there’s a lot going on in
Since we keep discussing body count. Anytime I've told a guy my number, they are surprised or seem to not believe me. I get the feeling they automatically think something is wrong with me (along the lines of: why is she still single)
I'm a Capricorn woman and was getting to know this Scorpio man for a few months. It was hard to spend time together, because of my own issues with another man and his schedule. We met up and hung out a few times, he would also pick and drop me from places
I was inspired to make a best post of the day thread by one of rabbit???s comments. Actually no, that sounds misleading
Has anyone encountered a partner having a problem with your "number" or you having an issue finding theirs out? I personally would not judge someone for their past, as long as they treat me right and are true I would accept them. butter happens people go t
likely to go on and on multiple paragraphs possibly coz they don't talk really talk much in real life?
Lol this is one of the first things I see when I wake up Why is the GOP even still a thing? These people are so far detached from the people they serve and reality, it's not even funny. When will they just succumb to human evolution? Maybe millenial
Which ascendant does have a tons of tattoos? Which ascendant doesn't have tattoos at all? Both of these questions of what's the reason you though of these ascendant of their tattoos?
and others take a gap of months/years and what sign and placements would cause someone to do it more? also does it mean those who seek a new relationship after another needy/dependent? I know a couple ppl who are always in relationships and idgi
I’m an Aries. He’s an aqua. Only dated for about 2 months. Prior he hasn’t dated for years due to a white-collar crime. I’m his first gf since being released. I give him a lot of space and we had a few disagreements. One day he just said he needed to take
Let lose, be yourself, vent it all out if you must. Fellow Stingers and Scorpion Dominants, this is your place to go cra
It is accepted that in a war and when it comes to strategizing, Scorpio is a sign that can defeat any sign, even Aries. What are some of the weak spots of this sign that other signs can use to defeat them? What signs have the natural make up to pumm
Do you ever feel guilty about cheating? What is the longest time you’ve cheated on an individual for ( days, weeks, months, years) ? Why do you think you cheat ( not happy with your partner, bored, opportunity etc ) ? Have you ever been caught
Hey there, fishes. Can I get your collective attention for a moment? I guess not lol. Anyways, Sun/Moon combinations.
Male and female I believe they can be different
He is nearly perfect guy when we are together but when we are away,the way he texts is pretty short n takes a while to answer.But he always answer tho. And seems like he tries to seems cool like fo example tmrw he will have photoshoot n he asked if im
imagine that you are at the party and you want to hear that one song that will melt your heart. post it right now.