Sometimes you die inside, or at least go comatose, and you can't feel it anymore... It's very much like when you're incapacitated. You've been punched in the head by life and god and the world and your lover and everyone you love so many times, that you
Take a long walk in my brain and tell me the truth that you find there and if the journey drives you insane then think how I'm to fare when my inmost soul's lain bare when broken are the little lies that spare my mind, anesthetise the painful grind
I was born to live beyond the borders of society. Raised with a gun and a bottle of dew I still remember the sirens in the night while you still dislike me sitting in your home. I once was a happy loner who loved to write Then you sent me to fight
I did some writing and made some of my interpretations of each dragon. Somewhat inspired by DnD. Enjoy. Zodiac Dragons Aries- Fire Dragon. Ability to call armies at a whim. However they can take on an opponent by themselves. Very temperamental, It moves too fast in misc so here is the new vocaroo thread. You can read whatever you please, a piece of writing, poetry, send a message to another member, whatever floats your boat. Record at http://www.vocaroo.c
A quiet, sunny afternoon. Until the radio sets in. „Urgent call! In need of evac. One man down. Shot in chest. Be quick.“ Shortened preflight check. Airborne in under ten minutes.  Podracer. Clearly visible smoke from nearby firefight. Heading there
Stood in the street with bloodstain on my chest like a new honor badge. But nothing here was truly new. I stared at the sun which cowardly ducked behind smoke heavy with oil and human fat and neither an angry punishing God nor salvation was there, as alwa
Gone swimming ~ She is adjusting herself to the tides within me My waves Crash Hollow out Then settle She centers herself, moves her gaze into the center of my soul. She outlasted the waves. She swims closer. Violen
I was asked to make writing exercises, so I thought I'd try to do that. So, write a flash fiction of a maximum of 300 words and give me your major mercury aspects, including orbs, and I'll give you a writing exercise that I think might help. I won't do it
I'll never forget the way you always sat right in front of me at our children's games. The way you would turn and answer my questions so I started to come up with more just to see your face and hear your voice. I'll never forget the first time we kissed
The Genius Of The Crowd There is enough treachery, hatred violence absurdity in the average human being to supply any given army on any given day and the best at murder are those who preach against it and the best at hate are those who preach love
What are the quotes that helps motivate you?
something quick I wrote. --- [IMG][/IMG] It was common knowledge: The sorceress wore too many belts, and oftentimes, she would flick a little silvery dust off her gown. The shine and sheen of her belts twinkled "Time here is moving more slowly than in most places. There is a large cloud on the horizon and I am not sure when it will finally approach, how long can I leave it, how long will it take, or if I am strong eno
Ah, the trusted one.. no one suspected your dark nature only I was to experience the real you. Or have others seen your cruel visage? Have others had their dreams interrupted? Forever ending long ago with fright, fright that you are coming for the
I can't sleep, there's a scrinch in my eye... I wouldn't mind just a squadge more ice cream, thank you. Taking a dawble down to the water. She pondled her eyebrows thoughfully. Everybody kludgeons occasionally, don't be concerned. If I coul
Benchmark dreamland spilling out over into reality like a sift with giant holes that break open, splintering into a million pieces all around me. I cut myself walking over the splinters, immune and immutable, oddly enthralled by the slice and dice of t
I remember the home that never existed the river full of stepping stones, never to be crossed. Waiting in the tree's merciful shadow for a guest who never arrived, the day that didn't come... The messages hidden in texts and calls and their ambi
I gave this a shot. I typed this up. I don't care if you like it or not. I suggest not to try this at home or wherever you had the opportunity ;). Not responsible for injuries or death. Aries- Introduce a Male to another Male. Rams are territori
The memory of The guarded softness of the night lamp. Hands that stretched and soothed and held. Gnarled bony wisdom rests in mine. First sight of reaching, giving solace. Providers. The thirst is quenched, the tummy fed. Gnarled knuckles reachi
Writing Competition There will be a total of three assignments that will be given one at a time with a different set of instructions. The winner (and maybe a second and third place) will be announced after the third one. If I would have a great problem

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I got insanely drunk last night and when I got home and made something to eat, I burnt my finger, and now there's a blister. Not cute.
help me out....I got nothin'.... XD
first of all: i am: scorpio sun/ libra moon/ merc sag/ venus cap/ mars aqua/ aqua rising he is: pisces sun/ gemini moon/ merc pisces/ venus aqua/ mars scorp/ unsure of rising (maybe cancer?) i'll try to keep this concise! i go to a deli 2-3 times a
VIRGO'S!!!!!!!! So, I'm dating this Virgo woman right..? - I'm a Taurus by the way.... Wonderful girl. College educated... She has one son and he's an awesome straight A' student with perfect manners...also well dressed. Anyhow... I've been see
Would you date my sis & can you guess her sun & moon ???
Question: "How can I best handle this situation?" [IMG][/IMG] Page of swords (situation): "Yep. As clear as day. As sharp as the sword. What could be better than this?" Eight of swords (love and I): "Bish! Start
Let's assume 8th house Suns, Pluto conj Sun/AC/Mars, Scorp Suns/Mars, in synastry Pluto square Sun, and whatever I forgot. If I have to get along with such a person (bf, siblings, room-mate, and such), how can we cooperate without me losing 100% of contro
Ask a mature Cap anything nothing is off topic or to small to ask
What a guy with an Aries Moon and Venus in Pisces is looking for in a woman?
Hi all, a sagittarius I became fwb with 1 month ago. Has recently declared feelings for me, after he left the job we both worked at. His exact words were, : we can date now , I don't work there anymore" and I said okay. he was taken back. I'm surprised b
I'm all out, l've done all mine, l've done my family' friends, so if you want me to do yours just ask.
Hey! So I want to know HOW I'm going to maintain a long distance connection with a Taurus I met. He was in my country for vacation and I met him when there was only a week and a half left of his trip. We connected so amazingly in person and I was caught