Electricity flashing over skin Harnessing the lightening Zeus The Hammer of Thor A spark ignites Combustion Flame
For you I would tattoo me With lines crossing into a hand And a heart that would never bleed With the twilight And
When you entrust your heart to another human, it is not a light thing. Whether it goes quickly or slowly, it matters no
Raising up from the water Liquid running down in rivers Rose petals clinging to skin Cat eyes on fire Step up the st
Haha. The only piece of writing I ever done that doesn't make me cringe coming back to it:
There is a wall I've built. Strong Stone Covered in ivy. Lush Green It goes around my heart. Tender Soft To pro
I'm gone to the night dreaming whatever dreams you've given back to me content slumber on the heels of deeper intent
You came to me, strong and sure You lifted me up with capable arms You set me on my feet. You hide yourself, You hi
When first I spied on dxp, His flaxen locks, his joi de vivre. His eyes of blue ( And I'll admit it's true ) The f
Rambling fields of green The sun caressing every leaf Gilding it with life I tip up my face in offering Warmth slidi
Little traveler of rose bush, Eater of aphid, thrip and scale. Red of shell, Black in spot, Garden friend. My baby
Since songs are poetry set to music in essence, I'll let Prince handle this one. (W,X,Y,Z) Hey, it's the man! Yea
Music. It stealthily pads into us while still in the womb. Mothers heartbeat beating in time, pumping life into us. H
If the sun shines during the day And the stars shine during the night Then how come I see both, whenever you smile Wh
Good question. What is a gentleman? It isn't so easy to answer as you might expect. The answer varies from female
Journaling, blogging, posting. Whatever name it falls under it's simply the expression of oneself on the page. Somethi
Hair back? Check. Hands washed? Check. Here we go. Measuring, slicing, dicing, peeling, grating, sauteeing, deglazi
In my dream you came to me, Soft as summer breeze. Your arms they wound around me, And so weak were my knees. Your

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What placements would make a person getting excited or thinking about sex above average? I've seen this with Sagg placements
i have these moments, whether its a friend or someone.. dont share problems openly and want to deal with it on their own. Are you emotional? there's one sag who doesnt want to share but he says he's depressed. doesnt reply for a long period of time🙊 wh
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAy08J9SFV0 Do I think this is right? No. Do I think the coffee shop owner would have made a WAY more powerful statement by being kind and gracious and serving these Christian activists? YES. But apart of me is like, in
My coworker at my new job - I decided to label her a Taurus even though I still dont know. I came into this job positive and full force as I can feel this has been the most positive job I have ever had and I can feel it only going up from here. Bac
I've met this libra guy online and we spoke for about 2 months before meeting. He lives 2 hours away and in that month we've met 3 times. He takes me out on real dates and takes good care of me. Before we've met he made his intentions clear, he really
You can barely tell them apart. There's a huge feral cat/kitten pack in my back yard so all these kittens keep popping up. I can't just turn my back on them.... especially since I found them the day after my birthday. [IMG]http://i68.tinypic.com/sctax5.j
Anyone gotten any treatment for acne scars? I have a lot and I just want them gone but I don't really know what works for that. I'm talking like laser, a facial etc.
post your short lyrics from your favorite songs. i like short yet powerful and meaningful sentences. i need inspiration for my monday morning.
Anybody can share experiences with first Devan Libra females? Thank you!
I actually feel guilty and disturbed by my actions in my dream...what could it mean? To simplify, I found out my boyfriend had made out with my best friend...he told me he was in love with her and that he loved her more than me. Later on in dream time I
Do Sagittarius and Leo Venus feel the need to chase the way Aries Venus does? I get that our butter is in detriment which is why I’m asking.
Ex aries gf just texted to ask me out for a drink. Tomorra. What do I do? Is she trying to rekindle? Is she just being friendly?
Who came up with this nonsense that there are no stupid questions??? Like when you making food and someone asks 'are you going to eat'? No! I am going to experiment shoving it up my ass! Or when you asleep coming into your face asking 'are you sle
Just waiting for Ophelia to bash us about a bit... I dunno is Ireland being over dramatic or if it's actually gonna be serious. I'm just hiding in my house right now, waiting...
Apologies for the length. Where to start... According to my ex he's never loved anyone as much as me and wants to get married blah blah blah. So fairly on my ex would ask me questions and I guess I was a little too honest? According to him a set
found this extensive list of psychic/intuitive indicators based on chart aspects http://spiritualteacher.us/psychic-intuitive-indicators/ i have a number of aspects listed but a few are: mercury conjunct uranus venus conjunct neptune neptune s
When you sit down to do your dirty business, does your wenus dangle in the water? Do you just let it hang? Is it possible for you to not defecate and urinate at the same time? The elderly are free to answer too. @hydorah do you moisturize your gonads w
How do you act when you're interested in someone Leave a gif if you want to please