• Me Against Myself

    I'm losing myself when i fight alone World War III,come on,here i go. Me against myself,but I will win Kill the enemy
  • Pieces

    This isn't a poem it's actually a song me and my band are working on. I gave you all a good friend should give tell
  • I wish I had a convincing title for this..

    I'm not a debate machine, You've misread my feign, Turn it on, straight to full speed, Just a victim in my little g
  • Motorcycle

    Since the age of 4, Clinging to Dads t-shirt in terror. Knowing I'm safe all the while. Standing in the garage, Ha
  • House

    I am a House. Foundation strong. Made of stone And hewn wood. Exterior of brick and mortar. To stand the test of ti
  • Intoxicating Obsession

    This was poem I wrote when I was just starting seeing the Virgo drummer man! I was told I am a grown woman That ans
  • Lover

    Sit down now. Let me take your face between my hands, Straddling you. As I kiss your face softly, cheeks, temples, b
  • solitaire

    most precious sweet melody from this black face listless dissonance in a one person game patience her other name a
  • Woman is a Rose

    Woman is like a Rose. Tightly budded with promise. Shyly resting on calyx and leaf. Deeper color without, Resting w
  • Tattoo

    Rite of passage. Milestone. Marker. Each piece bearing a story of its own. An idea, a feeling, an event, a sorrow S
  • A Blue Flower Petal

    I am a flower petal. A single blue flower petal. Don???t know why I was chosen to be separated from my flower. But I
  • Silence

    You've built a wall. Distance. Space, an infinite void. With hurtful words That wound. An intentional slight, Pur
  • The Riddle fence **By eleventh**

    What is this green painted steel illusion? To my mind is confusion Enclosing the childhood I once knew Even a reason
  • Moon Dance

    The Moon hangs in the sky A milky gem suspended in Deep shades of purple and blue. Her soft light twining down, Fa
  • My Lad

    My lad has eyes of brown His fur is black and tan He greets me every day With laughter Unconditional devotion Compl
  • Le Mere

    Sunlight sparkling off the Ocean The smells of salt and surf in my head Cry of bird overhead. Large blossom in my hai
  • Recent Topics

  • Are Taurus people vindictive and vengeful

    To be honest , I am scared of people from this sign, my gosh! in my years of being friends with one of them, the things she has done to people are shocking and depressing, One has to always listen to disturbing vengeful acts they do to people who have hu
  • the Gemini

    Can I get honest feedback as to why u people can't control yourselves around the Gemini? Is it the aesthetics? Is it the playful banter? Is there an innocence there u wish to control?
  • She asked me,'Are you dumping me?'

    We had a squabble of sorts when we were out after my girlfriend was highly critical of my behaviour and she suddenly asked me this. It seems like she was worried that I was dumping her. She is a Taurus and I am a Pisces male. We have been together just ov
  • What’s ur Venus & Mars?

    Sign & House I’m starting to think houses are just as important as sign in compatibility Mars Aries 4th Venus Leo 8th
  • Scorpio Man Hate

    Let's try to contain this all to one thread.. How did he hurt you?
  • Interpretation

    Hello everyone I'm looking for some interpretation with respect to the next natal chart. Thanks!
  • Scorpio Moon Appreciation Thread

    Attention all scorpio moons post in here about what makes our moon sign the most desirable. I'm tired of us constantly getting butter on so it's time to speak up!
  • Can you guess her Ascendant/Rising?

    [IMG]http://i68.tinypic.com/2w24rp0.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i66.tinypic.com/2rm16bk.jpg[/IMG]
  • Pisces Women..

    Why are you so treetrunking difficult?! https://media3.giphy.com/media/mGx1wpnfcWv0Q/giphy.gif
  • Kiss, Marry, Kill

    Which of the Sun Signs would you Kiss, Marry or Kill? And you can also explain why if you like but that's up to you. Go! 😀 Aries: Taurus: Gemini: Cancer: Leo: Virgo: Libra: Scorpio: Sagittarius: Capricorn: Aquarius: Pisces:
  • Mercury retro over. What now? ha

    So, what should we expect now that the Retrograde is over? I think we all felt this one strongly. What is that we should take from it? How will relationships formed or destroyed during this time be affected? How do you feel about the new moon in Aries
  • Would you date an alcoholic

    Asking for a friend... she's dating a guy and he's a functional alcoholic.
  • Please help me figure out my tarus man I'm a virgo

    So basically we started talking and it was good we would flirt and he would say things like when we get married and stuff and he alwsys told me not lie and he acted possessive and then one day we ramdonly met and slept together after that I felt he change
  • We survived Mercury retrograde, what about Saturn?

    Saturn is going retrograde in Capricorn on April 17th. What to expect?
  • Curry chicken leftovers. Can I eat it?

    Its been left out in a car Saturday night-Monday pretty much. 30 degree weather F. I re-heated it today in the microwave at work and ate some but never put it back in the fridge around noonish. I never put it back and its still in front of me. Now its