• The tale of new beginnings

    If Hell thrives on pain, demons feast tonight. I need not shed a tear, for the wind wails like well-paid mourners, and the sky weeps rivers. Memories march in swirling shards, shattered like fallen glass, and slicing sharp and deep. Our bonds
  • How do you know If a Lesbian Leo is into you?

    Okay sooo basically I’ve hit a wall an I’m lost an confused. So I’ll try to be as through as I can.. I’ve done some research on the lioness an I’m even more confused. Im a Gemini woman (a confused one at that) I’ve never been with a woman, nvr thought of
  • "Quotes"

    Share quotes that tickled your intellect or your trousers, yes?
  • Reflection

    Facing my reflection in the glass of the sliding door I smile. It smiles back. I glare It grows angry. I cross my legs. The other I relaxes. It selects a book. I prepare to read. The full moon's light casts shadows like Easter Island statues f
  • Astro influence in Character Creating

    Anyone who writes a story, book, drawing them and etc. Do you ever use astrology to form up your character's personality and how they would behave? Do you base them on your chart or do you make one of their own and simulate on how they are?
  • The meaning of flowers

    Sometimes I grow weary of picking up the flowers you toss aside, swearing they were weeds. You say you will only be surrounded with beautiful things and I worry that you will tire of my plain colours. But still I follow, gathering the wilted fragme
  • Bizzare innuendo

  • Lack of Faith

    Lack of Faith Ignorance is bliss And so is callousness And I detest the God who failed To grant me both these gifts. Heaven seems unreal, The world is sick and sour So damn me if You will for questioning Your power. I will not blindly follo
  • Vocaroo Thread

    http://vocaroo.com/i/s03u4weBRfnY It moves too fast in misc so here is the new vocaroo thread. You can read whatever you please, a piece of writing, poetry, send a message to another member, whatever floats your boat. Record at http://www.vocaroo.c
  • What will happen to me

    I have worked at Walmart for 3 years started as a cashier and then became a customer service manager I used to play cash 3 lotto sometimes I would print tickets and pay for them during lunch since you can't play on clocks or sometimes I would wait for my
  • ?

    Llevo dias, tardes y noches pensando en ti... Desde el dia que te conoci hasta el día de hoy tu nombre o imagen cruzan mi mente mínimo 1 o 2 veces por día... ja a quien trato de engañar.. mínimo 5 o aveces hasta pierdo la cordura por ti. Ya casi ser
  • Happiness

    Why don't we live, When the boundaries are our own, Why don't we live, When the the storms are as real as our fears, Why don't we live, Suffocating free will due to social norm, Why don't we live, Treating happiness as currency, scarce and tough to
  • Como lo extrano....

    El salio de la ciudad a visitar su Madre por unas semanas. Y yo aqui extranandolo. Me habla por telefono pero no es igual. Igual a tenerlo enfrente de mi. Como el calor que me da, a mi ser y alma. Quiero tocarlo, carisiar su pelo, Y sus haretes de
  • beauty

    in the morning, the sounds of light rain, against the window pane, rhythmic like light music. your skin against mine feels nice, warm and inviting, i snake my arms around your comforting presence. There's nothing like it, everyday, i wake to find y
  • Habit

    Words without emotion, Waves without the ocean, One and the same, Wanting to change, Creature of habit, Routinely sabbat, Desires so cold, Control out of control, At the mercy of this cycle, Should i leave? Or life will...
  • poetry

    because i dont have that special someone to read some poetry to whilst he count his money, i'll curl up in my bed and post whatever i'm reading or listening to, in this thread
  • Feeling

    While many people run away from feelings, I love running into them. Deep into the core of my feelings, I love getting the sensation of cold feet when I see you, how my adrenaline rushes inside my body craving you, feeling my body shriver to your touch. Se
  • Find your voice

    Take the first step, one foot in front of the other rinse and repeat. Follow the sounds around you, good and bad, beat and strum. Open your mouth, open your mind Wake up your heart and let it all flow Find your voice, find your soul peel the lay
  • Slice

    Benchmark dreamland spilling out over into reality like a sift with giant holes that break open, splintering into a million pieces all around me. I cut myself walking over the splinters, immune and immutable, oddly enthralled by the slice and dice of t

    I feel it seeping through my veins Yes this pain It took my heart and held the reigns What you may ask? My sweetest orgasmic pain. my heart shattered and the dump took it away I swear my soul left as well today The kind that makes you fall silent
  • True story of the old lesbian woman

    People telling me since forever that I have too many stories to tell. However I swear all the stories of mine are true and were told me by real people. I can't help it. People tell me things. Some of those stories seem unreal but life is more interestin

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