• Lack of Faith

    Lack of Faith Ignorance is bliss And so is callousness And I detest the God who failed To grant me both these gifts. Heaven seems unreal, The world is sick and sour So damn me if You will for questioning Your power. I will not blindly follo
  • Vocaroo Thread

    http://vocaroo.com/i/s03u4weBRfnY It moves too fast in misc so here is the new vocaroo thread. You can read whatever you please, a piece of writing, poetry, send a message to another member, whatever floats your boat. Record at http://www.vocaroo.c
  • What will happen to me

    I have worked at Walmart for 3 years started as a cashier and then became a customer service manager I used to play cash 3 lotto sometimes I would print tickets and pay for them during lunch since you can't play on clocks or sometimes I would wait for my
  • ?

    Llevo dias, tardes y noches pensando en ti... Desde el dia que te conoci hasta el día de hoy tu nombre o imagen cruzan mi mente mínimo 1 o 2 veces por día... ja a quien trato de engañar.. mínimo 5 o aveces hasta pierdo la cordura por ti. Ya casi ser
  • Happiness

    Why don't we live, When the boundaries are our own, Why don't we live, When the the storms are as real as our fears, Why don't we live, Suffocating free will due to social norm, Why don't we live, Treating happiness as currency, scarce and tough to
  • Como lo extrano....

    El salio de la ciudad a visitar su Madre por unas semanas. Y yo aqui extranandolo. Me habla por telefono pero no es igual. Igual a tenerlo enfrente de mi. Como el calor que me da, a mi ser y alma. Quiero tocarlo, carisiar su pelo, Y sus haretes de
  • beauty

    in the morning, the sounds of light rain, against the window pane, rhythmic like light music. your skin against mine feels nice, warm and inviting, i snake my arms around your comforting presence. There's nothing like it, everyday, i wake to find y
  • Habit

    Words without emotion, Waves without the ocean, One and the same, Wanting to change, Creature of habit, Routinely sabbat, Desires so cold, Control out of control, At the mercy of this cycle, Should i leave? Or life will...
  • poetry

    because i dont have that special someone to read some poetry to whilst he count his money, i'll curl up in my bed and post whatever i'm reading or listening to, in this thread
  • Feeling

    While many people run away from feelings, I love running into them. Deep into the core of my feelings, I love getting the sensation of cold feet when I see you, how my adrenaline rushes inside my body craving you, feeling my body shriver to your touch. Se
  • Find your voice

    Take the first step, one foot in front of the other rinse and repeat. Follow the sounds around you, good and bad, beat and strum. Open your mouth, open your mind Wake up your heart and let it all flow Find your voice, find your soul peel the lay
  • Slice

    Benchmark dreamland spilling out over into reality like a sift with giant holes that break open, splintering into a million pieces all around me. I cut myself walking over the splinters, immune and immutable, oddly enthralled by the slice and dice of t

    I feel it seeping through my veins Yes this pain It took my heart and held the reigns What you may ask? My sweetest orgasmic pain. my heart shattered and the dump took it away I swear my soul left as well today The kind that makes you fall silent
  • True story of the old lesbian woman

    People telling me since forever that I have too many stories to tell. However I swear all the stories of mine are true and were told me by real people. I can't help it. People tell me things. Some of those stories seem unreal but life is more interestin
  • four demons, a girl and weird universes.

    The pretty brunette sipped her drink loudly, her eyes stayed fixated at the chocolate cake in the middle of the table. Her fingernails tapping rhythmically against wood causing the demon next to her to growl out loud, “Will you stop that?” His eyes
  • My Book .. @gemitati and everyone ..

    It ain't finished and it's a sketchy draft ... its 91 pages so far ... I kind of feel i have no talent. http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/571162 You have to download it ..so sorry about that... So is it butter ..boring or what??
  • How to live a better life?

    Forgiveness I must forgive myself for what I have done. To me and to others.
  • From: The Heart of the Buddha's teachings

    The ocean of suffering is immense, but if you turn around, you can see the land. The seed of suffering in you may be strong, but don’t wait until you have no more suffering before allowing yourself to be happy. When one tree in the garden is sick, you hav
  • What word do you use that would be a person lacking in morals/class/self respect etc

    Bottom of the barrel type being...I'd like to hear peoples descriptive use of words for this one
  • Any Italian speakers in the house please?

    Pls translate- (Female saying to male) "Its a beautiful life, with you"
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  • DXPIL Season 3 Semi-Final #1

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RCGRo1TNPU GENTLE SCORP IN UR-ANUS @ram416 @PhoenixRising VS GEMINI MERCURY DECEPTION @squishy_marshmallow
  • Capricorn girlfriend dissapearing Please help

    I am a Scorpio male and she is a Capricorn. I need some advice. I met her the first day of class, I did not pay attention to her at the beginning, I was not interested. She kept trying to get my attention and i finally talked to her after class. It was a
  • Best mattress...wool??

    https://img.etsystatic.com/il/44bd3d/1398316758/il_570xN.1398316758_cuud.jpg?version=0 https://img.etsystatic.com/il/318dca/1049547697/il_570xN.1049547697_e24o.jpg?version=0
  • (ENFJ, -A/-T) out their? Give me a shout

    Hi all anyone sharingv the same personality as (ENFJ, -A/-T). I'd like to hear how truly you align with the description and did you took the test more than once under different circumstances :)
  • Music for Unrequited Love & Longing from Afar

    Sigh...what else is there to say? My favorites: When a man came at me like this, I was undone. https://youtu.be/6MEuatkXz3U https://youtu.be/rw-rSHMs-w4
  • Virgos - Which decan placement are you? 1st, 2nd or 3rd?

    I’m a 2nd decan which is ruled by my daddy Saturn (mean MotherFu(ker). So I’m a Virgo-Capricorn. I see why I’m so serious & mysterious to others in person 😬😶... I’m not unemotional! I’m just always in my head! 🤦‍♀️🤓
  • Death from common cold

    What is the death rate from the common cold? I think I’m dying. Is an urgent care clinic appropriate? I had a cold all week last week but it cleared up this past weekend. Today I woke up with a soar throat and progressively the pain has taken over my
  • Dear DXP

    Find me a bf. Please and thank you.
  • What kind of friendship would a Leo Girl and Capricorn Girl have?

    Also, any tips for dealing with the Capricorn (Female) sign?
  • Pluto/Mars conjunction double whammy

    Any experiences from you guys? I try my best to steer clear of drama, but the Pluto chemistry here is stirring up quite a bit in me. - Her Pluto in Libra conjunct my Mars (1 deg) - Her Pluto in Libra conjunct my Sun (2 deg) - My Pluto in Scorpio
  • Cancerians ghosted?

    It seems awfully quiet for the Cancers. I used to see you guys booming the Cancer thread every time there's a new post that relates to Cancer male problems. It seems like we are all focusing in reality this year? I been watching tarot videos... Som
  • Avengers: Infinity War (no spoilers)

    This is the place for your comments on Avengers: Infinity War. I’m booked up to see it on Saturday. So excited. Don’t know how they will resolve the Captain America: Civil War story. BTW I don’t see how Cap beat Iron Man in the Civil War fight, Iron Ma
  • why is no one ever upset with virgo women?

    i want complaints on our board
  • Venus opp Neptune synastry

    How can we prevent of this happening?
  • Virgo man told me to text...

    While he's away for a 4 day stag party.... I feel odd bugging him haha considering we just chat and have hung out a couple times. Why on earth would he want a girl to text or call while he's up to boy shenanigans?! Virgo men are odd creatures lol.
  • How do you make a Capricorn Girl your BFF?

    I'm a Leo Sun and Sag Moon. I'm very friendly, free-spirited, and vibrant. I met a Capricorn girl at a little party a year ago, and she gave me her number, and we took a selfie together, and then she put the selfie of her and I as her profile picture. We
  • 2 bulls 1 opening

    For any of you that like dance. These girls are on the same college dance team(a very popular team, Beyonce actually copied a move from them during coachella), and most likely next season one of them will be chosen as the dance captain. I'm wonderin
  • Can someone tell me what my astroids/planet aspects are?

    What are my astroid/planet aspects are? What are my Greek mythology aspects? Are they good? For example, I have Ceres Pisces, Chiron Scorpio, Lilith Libra, Eros Virgo, but that's all I know. I can't figure out how to find the cupid, Hermes, aphrodit
  • Venus sign🤔

    It seems guys cant resist women strong on their venus sign😃 True or false?