• Let it go?

    Tonight i let it go,all the pain,all the suffering,all the hurt,i've kept it so long my heart is in agony,but tonight finally i can,as i held my pillow tight i can finally cry like a river Because no one is watching No one is here to stop my tears tha
  • Book Thread Escape Reality!

    I need to read a fiction writer who is a page-turner who whose Talent is keeping one's attention can be absolute bullshyt. Trying to get over someone trying to stay busy.
  • Free

    https://youtu.be/CiBlcY9HXKY They buried my best friend yesterday. She was the closest thing I had to what you would call a soul mate. She knew me better than any other person, better than any guy I’ve ever been with. She just knew me to the core. So
  • ❤ONE LOVE❤

    One day I stood naked in front of you and you stood there naked as well in front of me. My whole body shivered, I felt the goosebumps from my toes to the top of my head, I look up and you were looking at me. Our eyes locked into each other and we started
  • Speak

    I could speak the same things for several hours in a day. But it wouldn't make an ounce of a damn difference. Not an ounce.
  • Father, I killed my monkey

    Father, I don't know you that well Haven't done love for you that well You have been swimming alone, haven't you? In the ocean I will never enter I see you By God. Holding onto something. Trying to make a deal to buy your way to hea
  • Materialistic tendencies

    You see where you are is bound to be reflective of where you are going. What are your hobbies? What do you eat? What do you think? It seems that I have found myself turning broken pavement into smooth asphalt. It seems that I have turned
  • Recent Topics

  • Jealousy/Possessiveness = Love?

    I've been with this guy for a couple months, which although short, is my longest relationship. Plus, we've practically been living together since Day 1. I tend to get very jealous and my mood changes completely. I go from happy and touchy feely to pissed
  • Best match for a Scorp moon?

    Moon and Mars sign... I know it's best these guys stay single and not annoy anyone else.
  • Update... is he going to commit

    Old post: been seeing a guy since January. We we're dating then we got into a blow out so we stopped the dating label and just were taking it one day at a time. My question is it's been since January and he has said he doesn't want to date or commit, he a
  • A Sagittarian’s Diary

    Alright maybe this one will stay ;)
  • Aries Sun / Aquarius Moon

    I just want to ask you guys' opinions about this new Aries guy I've been dating. When you guys get (incredibly) angry, for instance if you don't like speed or risk and your partner drives like racing with you sitting in the car feeling nausea, do you p
  • Aquas, what is your love language?

    Hey dear Aquas, I'm very interested in what your love language is. And please tell me why... There are 5: Words of Affirmation Acts of Service Receiving Gifts Quality Time Physical Touch If you don't know, and feel like doing a test (10 m
  • Why are Sags so damn fickle? lol

    My Sagittarius friend is never direct with me and always hints as to what the issue is or may be. I try to talk with her directly and she is dismissive by saying nothing is wrong or it’s not me (when it clearly is...passive aggression). It took me awhile
  • Capricorne Amoureux

    How would you describe a Cap man in love?
  • Safe space.

    I think DXP needs a safe space forum where we can't be offended.
  • Aquarius Women appreciation thread

    Because it was about time somebody did this :D For all the sweet, funny, caring Aqua women here who make the effort to explain Aqua behavior to all those confused men. :P And all the other Aqua women that brighten up our lives. Thank you! https:
  • Just some insight/discussion with myself

    Just want to share some details about this virgo dude I started going out with, could be helpfull to others that are struggling with virgals on their own or at least with some of the placements he has. He's a Virgo Sun, Aries Moon, Libra Merc, Scorp M
  • leo girls i need some help here

    libra man here. working with a leo girl in the same company (but different departments ) every time i see this girl she gives me these long sharp piercing stares with a smile, and she is not afraid to make long eye contact . we say hi to each other every