I'm currently working on a story and I'm kind of having writer's block. I get stuck editing the little bit I have so far
I remember that white sweater you wore the first day I saw you A private study room for two, pumpkin spice latte, maybe
What to you is the most annoying phrase or expression in English? I think it may be a bit dated now but for me it is the
Dear person I have a crush on, You are dangerous. When I get around you, parts of me show that I honestly didn???t no
The Warning By DOFACC I had business reasons to be in Denver. I had worked 3 twelve hour night shifts
Love is you. You are magical, someone I most adore The epitome of eternal bliss, a heavenly galore To be without yo
This morning I wrote an assessment of my life for the past decade. Accomplishments, Failures and Lessons/Goals to compl
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I would visit you every moment. Sway and dance with every thought. Although I've been sought before and not recalled I q
Thank you Blessed Virgin Mary for granting my need
Another poem i wrote,about someone i used to know. Blind by Pride i set my pride free which revealed an epipha
just a little poem i wrote Unfaithful sensing something is amiss soon as i come home,she starts to sniff
There are so many things u want to tell u right now So many things I want to say You re not here but if you were I wo
Did you Did you taste his skin Before he slipped it in Did you like his knob As he did his job Did you like his
My little boy is an apple tree A seed in myself, and also in the ground Newborn, he needed extra care Fresh dirt and
I'm madly in love with you Pisces and you love me. When i'm in your arms i feel bliss. When you kiss me i melt. But this
A young girl, lost and confused. An older boy of grief and gamble. 15 years of time and hope. Enter the wild card,
My soul is darkened My body conquered These eyes so keen Fear what they have seen For much blood, not mine Trails m

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I'm a Cap Sun/Virgo Rising/ Pisces Moon. I was curious what Pisces want in a relationship? What do you girls look for. I feel so much for Pisces Sun, yet I have not found one that is compatible for the long run. I also feel like my Venus in 4th House Sag
Anyone here have it? Can anyone tell me about this aspect? Any experiences with this aspect? I have this aspect very tightly conjunct, in the 12th house. It's my tightest aspect. From what Ive read and heard from people who look at my chart they sa
My β€˜ex’ Scorp is still living with his wife after she cheated on him and it takes toll on him visibly day by day. Cancer divorced his wife after he found out about her infidelity because he said whatever you do - it’s on the back of your brain and eats
What should we expect Only have my first house Rising in Capricorn
Anyone watch that show? I couldnt help but notice, that Kevin James, who plays Doug, is a Taurus. And his character seemed to me like a stereotypical Taurus πŸ˜‚ Like how he loves food, and doesnt ever like change. He's always comfortable at his job and home
If a Virgo said he loves you, does he really mean it? Lol
hey everyone I am a 20-year-old Libra female who has fallen for a Virgo man. I was born on October 8 and he is born on September 10. He is actually the first man I have ever felt like this for. He is very good looking, has a very good style of dressing
What are lowkey signs for Aqua male of wanting the other person back?
Here are all the available shades. https://media1.popsugar-assets.com/files/thumbor/tROxo-TYrJseDZWuyiKzHFkD7zs/fit-in/2048xorig/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-/2018/01/15/634/n/1922153/tmp_DnzAee_9e0b7c04d8209eb8_Tarte-Cosmetics-Shape-Tape-Matte-F
I have to pack for my trip tomorrow, I have work to finish and I'm here glued to my bed. I even had half a red bull so I wouldn't get sleepy but I'd rather use my energy between dxp and reading lol
You're a Taurus. You are getting out of a relationship and not yet ready to date. You like him/her and say you don't want it to end when he/she says they like you. You need to sort things out. Fine, they take it ok. Brilliant, now you have some time and y
Fire signs seems to see us as weak. Earth signs seem to see us as fake. Water signs seem to see us as emotionally retard
Ok my long distance boyfriend and I had an argument and haven't spoken in 10 days ... We have had similar arguments b4 but usually he hangs up on me ... This time I told him he always hangs up on me and he made it point to yell good-bye and yelled hang up
List something peoples first impression of you List your zodiac sign