I would visit you every moment. Sway and dance with every thought. Although I've been sought before and not recalled I q
Thank you Blessed Virgin Mary for granting my need
Another poem i wrote,about someone i used to know. Blind by Pride i set my pride free which revealed an epipha
just a little poem i wrote Unfaithful sensing something is amiss soon as i come home,she starts to sniff
There are so many things u want to tell u right now So many things I want to say You re not here but if you were I wo
Did you Did you taste his skin Before he slipped it in Did you like his knob As he did his job Did you like his
My little boy is an apple tree A seed in myself, and also in the ground Newborn, he needed extra care Fresh dirt and
I'm madly in love with you Pisces and you love me. When i'm in your arms i feel bliss. When you kiss me i melt. But this
A young girl, lost and confused. An older boy of grief and gamble. 15 years of time and hope. Enter the wild card,
My soul is darkened My body conquered These eyes so keen Fear what they have seen For much blood, not mine Trails m
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I have made many bad decisions throughout my life. A portion of these mistakes would have but a small effect towards my
It was the first of many times Where I would sit in my quiet room I looked at both my hands and said This is life, I
... so I'll just drop this here. I'm not a poet, anyway. How was it, God, How was it like... that whisper, that furt
Arterial Ending I sat and watched the blood Flowing through my veins Im a pathetic sorry mess Looking at my arms
Drug Stapled Diet Swimming in Molly pool Eat some xannex candy With blue pill fondue Crack pipe breakfast Weed
Begotten I've never, as some children do, looked at my folks and thought, I must have come from someone els
when your eyes gently purse i know you are glad when you fix a downward smirk at me i know i have nowhere to run whe

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Hi guys, I’m new to this, so please bare with me. My sun is in Cancer, my boyfriend’s is in Capricorn. My moon is in Libra with my rising being Scorpio, I’m not too sure about my boyfriend’s. Now that I got that out of the way, can any Capricorns out ther
which sign is best at trying to make you think they are not doing something when it is glaringly obvious they are?
1. Gerard Butler aka the human potato chip http://media.hollywood.com/images/742x1000/7604023.jpg 2. THIS mothatreetrunka https://www.nbcstore.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/1000x/040ec09b1e35df139433887a97daa66f/t/h/the-tonight-show-starring-ji
I have Jupiter in my 4th house and Neptune in my 10th house natally. These planets do not aspect each other in my chart but they are technically in the houses that are opposite each other. What would that mean? Background - although I have Jupiter in
Taurus is not a lazy energy, we just REFUSE to waste our energy on people WE find boring who will silmply chat buttere just for the sake of a bit of attention. We prefer to conserve our energy by doing things that will get results... Or talk to people wh
i know they are different concepts but i mean which one tells a horoscope better? are transits more relevant to house areas? and progressions are like temporary personalities? all i know is that: - a lot of the planet in house transits for me rest t
My ex and I have been broken up for awhile now and we have maintained a pretty good friendship. We talk often, but it's usually over text. I recently noticed a pattern. Whenever I tell him to call me he won't. It's like he avoids it like I'm not even sayi
I’m on Beyaz, but I don’t want to be on it anymore so I was doing research. Has anyone tried seasonale, Seasonique, or Lybrel? Do you recommend any of these?
Iv been seeing a Scorpio on and off for just over a year at one point we were living with eachother for a few months... Didn't go to plan. There's been messing around from both at begging but then my Scorpio cheated and said it was to get me back for the
so what did u prepared for this winter. https://wing-auctions.c.yimg.jp/sim?furl=auctions.c.yimg.jp/images.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/image/dr168/auc0303/users/7/8/1/8/ayupankanpan-img402x599-14477268041447726803.9751383otdlz5383.jpg i've buyed this coa
**sorry - phone put this in cancer forum first ** Hi all, I went on a date with a Sagittarius the other day. It went really well, we got on great & kissed at the end. He’s said he wants to see me again. However, halfway through the date he casua
All those butter saying, that until 2020 we will have an hard life. what are your situation right now?
Omg! This scorpio lady is driving me crazy. I wouldn't call it mind games, I call it silly games. Im a sag so the suspense is adventurous to me but im getting to the point where her water is dampening my fire. Shes a scorp with alot of sag placements so i
Any other violent Libra? I'm scared I'm gonna hurt someone or myself sometimes How do you deal with certain things and people?