• untitled.

    When I see of you, I dream of midnight, of the dark oils dripping in the sky, a Thousand, two, three, bolts of lightning tumbling down, and horses, powerfully riding the clouds beneath their hooves, in the desert, swirling gold the scent o
  • Poems

    I love William Blake's "Garden of Love" poem. Poetry of all kinds is so wonderful. I love the art of words. Just a random topic. I went to the Garden of Love, And saw what I never had seen: A Chapel was built in the midst, Where I used to play on th
  • falling in love

    Falling in love There's a mousy looking girl that comes around noon, brings her lunch bag, taking out a sandwich, a
  • A Woman's Suffrage

    It’s painful knowing not what to ask for and yet pitiful knowing that to ask for too much is all in vain. Pain and Pity are two friend that I don’t play very well with, yet they show up at my door frequently, soliciting my company. “Come out with
  • When Leo man say 'I just think we cannot go far'

    I want to know what does this mean when leo man say 'I just think we cannot go far anymore.' Is it he have give up on th
  • Saudade of the twin souls

    Quiet thunder of my heart Electrify the bliss of my soul Connect the portals to heaven Through which the soul??s lov
  • Deniable process

    Death. Suicide. Do or die. Die anyway. Do this or do that. Dont do it anyway. Meticulous. No full branch. Earplu
  • Natal Chart

    Hello, This is my natal chart, can anyone say something about it? Love, career, marriage, kind and etc.? Thank you! :
  • lazy afternoon

    Their uniform's lay piled on a heap on the floor. There are two badges shining, sparkling atop the lamp table. She does
  • Secrets

    These are poems I've written throughout the years. I've always found it so easy to express myself through writing, r
  • blueberry muffins!

    coffee today, coffee in the afternoon, i'll take a book or 2, no magazines please, guilt, shame, horror, and tabo
  • Writing a story

    I'm currently working on a story and I'm kind of having writer's block. I get stuck editing the little bit I have so far
  • What I Remember

    I remember that white sweater you wore the first day I saw you A private study room for two, pumpkin spice latte, maybe
  • Recent Topics

  • Do you allow people to let off their frustrations on you ?

    So I don’t know if this is normal in other people family I was raised by a single mom .... and when she gets mad , have migraine , gets headache , is sick , late for somewhere or whatever ... my whole life she lets it off on me. She’ll blow up becaus
  • Libra Man and Capricorn Woman

    This Capricorn says she’s attracted to me and flirts. I’m attracted to her as well. I told her I wanted her. She told me she was single at first. After I said I wanted her she said she has a “complicated” situation still going on with some guy.. I said
  • Cards Against Humanity Online

    A group of us are playing right now, and a few more players would be great. The rounds only take about 30 minutes, so there is bo commitment like most dxpnet games. Just come play for a bit, then leave when you want. The game is simple, and is mostly
  • do aries tolerate cheating?

    i recently saw my aries friend's boyfriend makeout and dance with another girl at this bar we were at. i wanted to tell her that night (i took many videos -- i literally was standing next to them and took them with the flash on so they would stop but they
  • Is This Funny?

    https://streamable.com/kxxgo Slapped as treetrunk and found this in my phone at 19.
  • Tatted up

    I’m sure it’s been done before, but I just wanted a place to post cool tattoo ideas... I’m coming around to the idea that I probably won’t ever get one, but I think they’re awesome and I love to look at them. And you can post your own if you have a
  • Youtube shooter

    You know the first thing i said to myself when i saw her youtube video that 10:1 this ungraceful bish is aries lol !
  • Tarot reading... Has anyone ever had one done?

    I’ve been watching a crap load of tarot readings on YouTube & I’m intrigued to get one done but I’m terrified 😂... I hear my mom telling me “don’t let anyone read the tarot cards to you it’s evil” I say, “damn you mom I want a reading! Get the hell out of
  • Hollyhock

    You guys have known me on here for a few years. What is your take on me - astrologically? Despite my chart/sign, do you find me more air, earth, water, fire? Mutable, fixed, cardinal? Which sign do you think is more dominant in me - even if you know my si
  • .:Last Movie Watched:.

    'The Sixth Sense' by M. Night Shyamalan (stars Bruce Willis, Haley Joel Osment) Beautiful, spiritual, chilling, deep...
  • Leo Man & Aquarius Woman

    Thoughts on this match? I know it's our opposite sign..
  • Virgos - Which decan placement are you? 1st, 2nd or 3rd?

    I’m a 2nd decan which is ruled by my daddy Saturn (mean MotherFu(ker). So I’m a Virgo-Capricorn. I see why I’m so serious & mysterious to others in person 😬😶... I’m not unemotional! I’m just always in my head! 🤦‍♀️🤓
  • Wanted one moment, unwanted the next - what placement(s)?

    A person is contacting me personally and being really talkative and open sometimes, and then other times not and I intuitively feel like, I just need to stay the f away and I am imposing on this persons life. Any particular placements or combos for th
  • how do you resolve conflicts?

    and what do you think is the best way?
  • Money Making Motivational Music

    That's right...Mmmm. This is my favorite as it came true right on time. https://youtu.be/pwHrlGxVnrU "Had to bring the money hoooome" https://youtu.be/QK29dvhXroc https://youtu.be/uV4__5rUIcs