A season or a reason or a lesson

By sweetheartsJune 10, 2013 8:26am — 5 replies

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Dear Lady
its been a while since weve spoken parts of you reflect back at times its a constant reminder that you are part of
lithe crescent haiku
lip- lithe crescent- press betwixt lay furtive kingdoms touch reams petals bare
Letters to the Inside- an experiment in Self Love
trial- self love letter 1 dear wag ive seen you around and you seem like a really awesome person i have
How to delete a topic here ?
hello could someone tell me please how to delete a tipic here a topic posted by me thank you
Morning sun.
morning sun a nothingness i wrote this morning and have no one to share with in the morning i can feel my body a
i dont sleep anymore i cant remember why i do it in the first place theres emptiness inside i deposit books i
to my sweet hades
the look you gave me from the far side of your world your eyes are the deepest sky the saddest light they are the
Underrated Poets
who do you think are underrated poets no poets from our time from about the 60s backward you can also just mention o
come sunrise we melt into day
were happy and we dance along side by side in our own seperate worlds that have converged and aligned for a moment enou
its all a tumultuous view captured in a portrait of complexity frozen still if there is one thing i can count on is t