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By sweetheartsAugust 28, 2013 6:51am — 11 replies

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we are watching the moon
we are watching the moon in our sleep we try to see the world through a kaleisescope of colors and id lock you up in
whats on your mind give me a good story
Lessons of Neptune
this dream within me persists with the passion of the arrow haunting every thought the sweetest nightmare i can
if i were to write a poem for you it would be completely unusual it would not rhyme it would not be haunted with emot
Choosing a Debt Settlement Company
today almost everyone is facing a financial crisis with the ever changing economy some failed to immediately adapt w
i see death around the corner
you dont work you dont fuck you dont do no god dam thing psh bitch shutup i see death around tha cona gotta
just a dude not always at my best i never really know if i ll past the tests got to go forth with heart and min
Frustration. Teased Pleasures.
imagine another day at work with her hair done up discreet studs upon her delicate ears the lady wrapped b
Dont mind me venting
the wound is where light enters dont let the dark of your past consume the kindness that remains in your heart do wh
The One...for me
is it you are you her you see i have to ask this heart of mine is fragile with each break i must strengthen