Zodiac Cusps


    I really want to find out how my CUSP does in a relationship with a Scorpio/Libra ANYTHING HELPS THANKS!
  • What are Virgo/Libra cusp Men like

    Hey everyone just wanted to know what Virgo/Libra cusp guys are like and do they match well with Aries. By the way he’s a Aries Rising and I’m a Virgo Rising sign. Can’t remember the full chart but I’m Mars in Aquarius Venus in Pisces His ma
  • Sag/Cap cusp & Virgo... will it work?

    I think I’m falling for a sag/Cap cusp person. I get subtle hints they like me. They: Stare when I come in the room Ask me what I want to do with my life ? Or bored with my job? Compliment my clothing / shoes, hair , & accessories. Ask me to help th
  • Why do people believe in cusps?

    There ain't no cusps. Your sun is in either a sign or in the next one, no in between
  • Still trying to let go of my Feb 21 Aquisces...

    A very long story this is, but almost like it was fated. We met online on a dating app, just a few days before I wanted to delete the account. I fell in love with her by the third message. She was everything I hoped for. In healthcare, plays music, loves
  • How will you know if a Taurus-Gemini guy is really into you?

    I have met this Taurus-Gem guy on a dating site.He knows that I am still waiting for my residency documents to properly divorce my husband who is a substance abuser and into escorts.I have been dating him for almost 6months now.No " I love yous," just "I
  • Aries Pisces cusp

    I stumbled onto this site just looking up info on my cusp, march 24th. I guess I want to get to the point and make a th
  • Leo/Virgo Cusps- Cusp of Exposure!

    Hey lets talk about the Leo/Virgo cusp born August 19-25 Leo/Virgo August 19 to August 25 Leo is the fifth sig
  • Opinions on dating Sagicorns

    I'm Leo (8/14)...asc.: Cap, moon libra He's a Sagittarius (12/20/....His asc.: Libra moon libra
  • Gemini - Cancer Cusp

    Inspired by Mariah; Froggy informed me I am compatible (date) this "cusp" sign. I looked it up and this is what I got: https://astrologybay.com/personality-traits-of-gemini-cancer-cusp Famous Gemini-Cancer cusps Nicole Kidman: June 20 Meryl Stre
  • Pisces/Aries Cusp

    Im actually born on the last day of pisces, which is also the last zodiac - March 20th Ive always wondered if it meant something being the last zodiac on the last day? Being a pisces/Aries Ive noticed that I am either fully compassionate or reckless
  • Leo Virgo dating Aquarius Pisces

    I just reconnected with a high school sweetheart after 20+ years. We had a complicated but romantical relationship throughout high school and first part of college. Unfortunately our paths in life diverter and we were never able to meet again till recent
  • Is this okay if I tell to a Leo Man that I like him?

    m Leo-Virgo cusp woman. Idk Im a virgo or a leo coz some blog said 23 august is Leo and some a virgo. So I dated a Leo man. He's really romantic at first. he take me to watch his favorite movies, take me to dinners.Bring me some of food when Im sick. Call
  • Astrological Soulmate Wanted

    Looking for a Leo/Virgo cusp man, with a Scorp. Moon, and a fire Asc.! I've never met one and I've always wondered if we would get along as well as I think we would. Sagg. Asc. is preferable, and a Virgo lean on the Sun cusp would be twice as nice. Si
  • Pisces Aquarius Cusp

    Always considered myself a Pisces through and through but when I started to read more into the astrological traits usual
  • Is he done to me or do I need to wait?or just move on?

    Hi I'm Leo and I dated a libra for months we never argue or maybe just misunderstood but after that we never agrue until last week sadly he broke up me and I asked what the reason and he say it's me not you..that's only he say so said a lot words that I h
  • Libra-Scorp

    Would you ever date a cancer? Reasons why or why not. I know a Libra-Scorpio guy and I want to know if we could make it work or not. I know a few Libras and a few Scorpios but I click better with Scorpio over Libra so...thanks for the input!
  • Moon Signs Cusps?

    Do you think Moon signs cusps exist?
  • Gemini-Cancer Cusp (Cusp of Magic)

    I was born on June 21, under Gemini-Cancer cusp, also know as 'Cusp of Magic'. I don't know why majority of GeminCer people most known as very changeable, unstable, and moody? Is the changeable, unstable, and moody make GeminCer people called as 'Cusp o
  • Sag/Cap cusp with Aries/Taurus cusp??

    I'm a Capricorn and he's an Aries, but we're both born on cusps. I know there's stigma behind Cap's and Aries not really getting along, but I've never felt more of a connection with anyone but him & we get along extremely well. I'm Dec 22; he's April 1
  • Aquarius/Pisces Cusp

    AQUARIUS/PISCES: also called Aquisces or The Electric eel .. AQUARIUS/PISCES :In the ozone, pure and simple. Not o
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  • How my patience is changing an Aquarius

    *Another update* Finally my Aquarius completely broke up with his ex. And last night after teasing me a few times that i shud find a good guy for marriage etc... and taking my breath away with this change...then laughing suddenly..... He finally sai
  • What sign pops back up in a PISCES life the most?

    Just curious to hear some of your answers. I say Leo and libra...
  • Libra-Sag connection

    do you notice that a lot of couples who seem to do well compatibility-wise have that libra dominant to sag dominant connection in synastry? do you believe in the libra-sag connection?
  • Which House is your Moon in?

    My Moon is in the 1st House. Makes me realize how emotional I am. And why people don't get me. I'd be like "umgz, I don't feel comfortable in this place" and people would be like "why?..." and I'd just be like "because." Like I go off on my intuition, eve
  • Intuition League Season 4

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OTEJq1R5iE This is the actual game playing thread STANDINGS: TBD
  • Bullying in DXP

    Do you think it's stupid and pitiful?
  • Dear Diary: The pressure is on

    I ambushed my boyfriend with my feeling as Applebee's yesterday during happy hour. I know, I know, I appear to always have the worst timing, but I suppose liquid courage was involved because you Taurus/Taurus Signs are so intimidating and hard to talk to
  • What's your Breakup Recovery Time?

    What's your venus and do you relate to the corresponding description below? Is your venus reflective of your recovery time and it's description, or are you more like your sun or moon in this regard? Capricorn (December 22-January 19) Breakup recovery
  • Why the heck do I attract F Boys?

    Seriously? I feel like Im not the type that guys I like, like. I feel like I attract a bunch of guys that are F boy types and I dont like it. What is it my Aquarius rising? Because my eros conjuncts it??? What is it!!?? I want to attract the type of guys
  • Juptier in Scorpio

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCT2nXV2tSE Will be here next month... hooray.
  • Most heartbreaking lyrics

    Share with the rest of us the lyrics you find to be most heartbreaking. For me it's this one. No matter my mood, I'll choke up each time I listen to it. The lead singer wrote this song for a good friend of theirs, whose fiancee committed suicide. "Bria
  • Gems.... Who's your fav element?

    As in... which element of men or women do you find yourself attracted to the most? I have found that is water signs. It could be that my moon and mercury is in Cancer, but something about Scorpios and Pisces. Idk. I like Cancers as well, just usually
  • [pros / cons] smoking weed before sleeping

    no judgement zone, i jus wan to find a way to sleep lol
  • Another capricorn jerk...did I do the wrong thing?

    Hi ladies! I've read so many posts and saw so many wise advices. A cap guy has been fooling me around for a while, or su
  • Gems, what are you listening to?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vt1Pwfnh5pc Gem dominants can post too... xoxoxox
  • What is the best way to deal with a sick Ram ?

    Hello there again dear Rams, Recently, I may or may not have gotten the Ram sick. Obviously, he was not happy about it and became quite moody but he did not blame it on me. It may or may not affect his work. Though I cannot quite understand if he is mo
  • Progressed chart reading!

    If you need a 'future' reading... Pm me your birth details- date of birth, place of birth and time of birth. Or post them here. IDC. It's up to you. Please refrain from any conversation. Seriously no. Don't troll my astro thread. Since I wil