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I have a 47 yr male friend born Feb 19th. I don't know the particulars of his chart but through our interaction, I would say Pisces dominates. I do see Aquarius as well. (As if Pisces wasn't complicated enough.) lol :) Long story short, his ex pus
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I have a 47 yr male friend born Feb 19th. I don't know the particulars of his chart but through our interaction, I would say Pisces dominates. I do see Aquarius as well. (As if Pisces wasn't complicated enough.) lol

Long story short, his ex pushed him into a very nasty divorce after 15 yrs of marriage. Divorce was finalized almost 2 years ago. He was devastated and feels he failed his 2 teenage boys by not being able to keep the family together. We worked together on a project for a year and became very close platonic friends. He would confide / share his deepest thoughts with me (about everything) but it would always take me sitting / working with him for an hour or so before he would finally open up and tell me what was going on.

I am older than he is, divorced and remarried. I want to continue to support him but now that we aren't working together I'm finding it hard to stay in contact with him. It's always been obvious that in-person communication is where he's most comfortable. He has to be in the right frame of mind/mood for email and texting. I've told him my door is always open and we both stated recently that we do still care deeply for each other. He's so emotional (up/down) it's so hard to keep him engaged and frustrating due to the distance. And when I do get his attention, he disappears again just as quickly. Anyone have any suggestions on how I can continue to support him? All I know to do at this point is to just keep knocking on his door occasionally so he knows I still care.

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Probably just wants his own space but I'm just speaking for myself as an aqua that's pisces dominant.

There's nothing in the world you can do to make him feel better, that's something he has to do on his own. And sure we understand people are out there for us to lean on but we'd rather not. I don't know if it's a defense mechanism or not but when I'm troubled I prefer to be left well alone.
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Relating to this: My grandfather passed away recently, there's a lot of emotions still circling around in me. No one knows how I feel, not my parents, not my siblings, not my best friend or SO.

I know they do care but I just rather not talk about it.
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I think you got it with the physical distance. I have a bunch of best friends (Feb 18 bday) honestly is hard to keep up, though. Especially when they don't live in my city. That DEEP place he went with you was hard work. So instead of saying "the door is open" (because he knows that!), just open the door every now and again, like you said. He'll probably be down. The people who love me unconditionally know I'm kind of an up and down emotional person who needs his space. I like to think I'm still able to give fully of myself when called to action, though. He's constantly balancing the well-being of the people around him thinking about what they expect. Do you want him to participate more in your relationship? Then maybe communicate that...otherwise, he probably sees you as a close friend for life, but right now he's in the middle of something... possibly finding support from someone more in his immediate circle, making new friends and connections. Doesn't it make you happy to see the man you once saw so low going out and conquering the world? He's possibly in a new stage.

Also, know what you're asking for. I have a lot of thoughts and feelings I'd love to share, but often feel I am just a burden. He might not want to overuse you as a sounding board. Also ask yourself if you really want to take on that burden. As much work as it is for him, don't forget it is work for you too. I can be incredibly codependent when I forget any type of relationship. And sometimes it is a let down when all of a sudden I'm too much for someone. Safe distance isn't something I'm stranger to.

You sound like you are the perfect friend. He was probably very lonely and afraid at that time. You saw through the BS and were there for him, he'll never forget about that. Y'all will be friends for life, I bet.
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