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  • Posted by Toti
    A desperate woman will believe anything.
    He ghosted you. In 9 months he couldn't spare ten seconds to text you.
    Don't be a Pisces. Be smart.

    sorry not desperate . Not even for him . I guess my inner pisces is just taking over . Sad
  • I did go back few times lol with diffrent exes ... with Saggitarius i have Problems not going back...cuz i like how crazy sagg men are and i feel i can be myself with them...I can play computergames....talk butter..make jokes..talk about sex...i dunno i feel like i am like them I am Pisces on 17 March Big Grin hahha so i dunno if any of you are like this...but i was so crazy allways ..as i was in my 20 i had all the colours in my hair, i liked allways go out and have fun..........so I dunno what is wrong with me liking that saggs..also my beste mega best friends are sagg males....with who i also am free talking whatever.And they allways say u are half men half women hahaha
  • Also my cousin was Married to a Pisces Men and she is Aries and same story..he beat her and was very jelous ..she told me to they didn't sleep many times togheter so she doesn't get what is wrong with them...she had 2 Pisces...and sweared never again..
  • Hi i am a Pisces girl and i was with a Pisces men and have Pisces Men friends...and they are a bit fake with them Girlfriends........One of them talks to me about everything...how they sex are and stuff...i am open to but he is more then me..he also send me videos of him naked and butter it turns him on like this is how Pisces are hahaha crazy..i understand him and never judjed him..and his gf never knew about us being so good friends cuz he don't tell her...and he tell me about how he would treetrunk that girl and the other...or even me...so i allways laugh but i am honest and tell him nahh that is ugly or try get him on nerves..lol...they need this if u get me.....and my ex i was marryed with him and he was chatting with other girls who get naked and stuff i catch him....and i cant say he was good in bed i did feel like he was hiding something and couldn't open totaly...i was open....as my friend . Some Pisces like sex alot and they are ashamed to tell them Partners so they look in other places....Thats why me for example like Saggitarius men cuz they are very open and i feel confortable with them they like sex to so i know they won't judje me..also Aquarius like to . So it's hard with a Pisces men i would never be with one again..i know every move he makes and thinks and its first borring and second they very possesive Men...my Pisces beat me cuz he was jelous and did lock me in the house.So i need to Divorce .
  • Hey there is a guy I know who has an identical chart as me in terms of Mercury, Venus and Mars but with a different sun and Moon Sign. We didn’t hit it off well when we first met (irritated each other), then after a while of having to study in the same environment with the same friends we learned to cope with each other, but we never got close. He would act annoyed at me over the slightest things but there would be that rare occasion where we would actually get along well.

    I was always intrigued by how different he was from me but at the same time I felt like I related to him in some ways. We don’t talk anymore and on social media he would crop my face out of pictures of all of us (our class/friends). I always felt he didn’t like how I was always so aloof around him after getting to know him although I never knew why I acted like this - I do think it was because I didn’t want to get close to him in regards to what I was going through at the time. I also think he never got over the fact we didn’t hit it off well when we first met.

    He is a Pisces Sun with a Scorpio Moon
    I am an Aquarius with a Leo Moon

    Pretty much the rest of our signs are identical.

    I have never expererienced a relationship like this or have ever felt this way towards someone.

    why didn’t we get along?? Possibly the fact our differences in our sun and moon were so different and the rest of our signs are so similar?? Help me on this.

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