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  • Pisces guy confuses me

    Pisces guy... what am I supposed to do with this one? I'm cancer with virgo ascendant and moon in Aquarius. He's Pisces with Pisces ascendant and moon in Gemini. I know because I asked him. He replied by asking for my birth year. We're supposed to be

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  • Posted by TheWeirdOne
    Posted by rejuvenatedheart
    Posted by TheWeirdOne
    Posted by rejuvenatedheart
    Posted by TheWeirdOne
    Any planet conjunct Chiron will show deep wounds.
    Though Chiron gives us lessons for healing purposes, and you can also heal others once you embrace your inner strength.

    I have Chiron conjunct Sun & Jupiter in Crab. 12th house.

    I have Chiron square Moon, semisquare Venus, conjunct Mars, trine Jupiter, opposite Saturn, square Uranus, and square Neptune. I've never felt emotionally satisfied and I can't stand how that carries through to my relationships with others.

    Satisfaction if it is not found through an external source will have to come from within yourself. Pay attention to the people you let into your life and how you come across too.

    Conjunt Mars Chiron will show a lack of being able to assert yourself.
    A lot of what Chiron does stems from our upbringing and events surrounding our birth. Unlearning things that hold you back is a great start to self healing. smile

    I can very much relate to the lack of being able to assert myself which has diminished a lot since some recent personal events... Hasn't diminished when I want to pursue someone, though... Unfortunately. I'm very shy when I am romantically into someone, haha.

    You sound familiar... Are you a former user who has returned?

    Yes i was hoping you did not recognise me but i am Canbull.

    As a lesson for myself you were a part of my healing process believe it or not and how i stopped giving emotional input into just anyone because that can cause pain when you are unable to be around all the time.

    Plus huge depression at the time. I am in a far better place now. And i will not falter from my true path now i am on it.

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    I thought you were Canbull. No need to explain yourself; you don't owe an explanation to anyone. smile I am glad you are doing better now.

    But did you somehow find your correct birth time? I thought you were originally a Pisces Ascendant, but now you say you are a Leo Ascendant. Just curious.
  • Sagicorn
    I don't think anyone really sees me as Virgo. I feel this is more reversed actually for me at least. I feel more like Virgo at some points and people see me more as Pisces. I had to laugh once what I read about Pisces ascendant cause some the statements there are exact words how my friends describe me sometimes lol so I don't think they see me at all as my Virgo dsc...
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    Posted by LethalFantasia
    Stay away. You have a Scorpio Moon. He will really get under your skin down the line.

    That is interesting you say that, I did date an Aries man that drove me crazy with the craziness that came out of his mouth. He would say I was “OVERLY SENSITIVE” and I felt that he was always poking at me...we had the greatest connection intially but as time when on I could not stand him....what a freaking man child 😡.

    I did not know anything about my chart until a month ago when I found an online site. I learned why I was so sensitive Hmy Scorpio moon) and more about me in general. What an eye opener. Here is my chart:

    I have been told I would work well with Scorpios and Virgos...they are way too critical and intense for me.😟

    Zodiac : Tropical Placidus Orb : 0
    Sun Gemini 12°55' Ascendant Pisces 19°40'
    Moon Scorpio 8°27' II Taurus 3°47'
    Mercury Taurus 22°28' III Gemini 2°25'
    Venus Taurus 19°36' IV Gemini 24°31'
    Mars Virgo 0°29' V Cancer 15°44'
    Jupiter Aries 13°04' VI Leo 11°07'
    Saturn Aquarius 23°07' R VII Virgo 19°40'
    Uranus Virgo 1°27' VIII Scorpio 3°47'
    Neptune Scorpio 13°32' R IX Sagittarius 2°25'
    Pluto Virgo 9°36' Midheaven Sagittarius 24°31'
    Lilith Scorpio 4°58' XI Capricorn 15°44'
    Asc node Cancer 21°01' XII Aquarius 11°07'

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    Moon Scorpio, Mercury and Venus in Taurus, Mars in Virgo... Your Sun is Gem and your Ascendant is Pisces.

    You like to have fun but in a responsible way. You're not going to let fun get in the way of your responsibilities. You need someone like that. Someone who can have fun but still has his priorities in check, is super strong, faithful and knows exactly what he wants. Your Pisces Ascendant and Scorp Moon can be a bit much so you're gonna need a man who can handle that, know how to make you comfortable and can communicate with you well and reassure you when needed.

    Go for the strong, responsible types who are a little stubborn but still know how to have fun when the time is right. Dating an Aries sounds like a disaster for someone with your chart lol. You need stability!
  • OCJack
    Shwiggity shwag what's in da quantum electrodynamic bag?
    24 years old male from The Void, Damned To, Hell
    Sun: Scorpio
    Moon: Pisces
    Ascendant: Saggitarius
    Midheaven: Virgo
    Venus: Libra

    Altho these are also true even now, minus the Sag Asc, that's still in Scorpio at the moment.
  • CuddleBug88
    Yo, add me on twitter if ya wanna chit chat off-DXP, @ is CuddleBug1288
    female from USA
    Says I'm drawn to Taurus and Gemini.

    Says Aries sun, Aries or Sagittarius moon, and Pisces ascendant.

    May also go well with Libra.