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  • Your chart is very similar to Hugh Jackman, he is a libra sun with gemini moon

    His wife (for 20 years) is a Sagittarius

    Sag-libra team is always so strong, its also very hard to break them up, at least this is what I have seen.
  • Why? My boyfriend is Sagittarius and he is awesome 😎
  • LostinmyMind11
    😐 Sun -Virgo, Moon -Leo, Ascendant -Scorpio
    34 years old female
    Gemini North Node
    Release (Sagittarius south node):
    Ungrounded wanderlust, fixating on the future, righteous zealotry, being a jack of all trades, biting off more than you can chew, speaking without gathering the facts, being overly philosophical or getting lost in theory, arrogance, hedonism and greed, lasciviousness, overwhelming yourself with too many options, boorish and opinionated behavior

    Embrace (Gemini north node):
    Community activism, “being here now,” playful exploration, doing one thing at a time, dialogue and active listening skills, partnerships and dynamic duos, local activity and hobbies this makes sense but my NN is idk lol
  • cris0417
    aries sun libra moon libra rising aries mercury/venus taurus mars/jupiter/satur
    his ex is a gemini probably a better match than Aries but whatever.

    he's sagittarius sun, virgo moon, taurus rising, sagittarius mercury, Aquarius Venus, cancer mars
  • Posted by Ram416
    How about this.

    Take your own advice and just date a woman you're interested in without looking at her chart.

    Roll the dice and see what you get.

    For sure I won't be looking at any charts. I'm just summoning what DXP deems me worthy of.

    Then even if the next woman I meet is a Scorpio or a Taurus I will look at her as a Sagittarius.

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