Understand The Sagittarius Man Using Astrology

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  • lisabethur8
    Married, middleaged parttime housewife, Aqua-sun/Cap/Pisces/Taurus,married to,S
    Posted by saggurl88
    Posted by peachy06
    Posted by saggurl88
    Posted by peachy06
    Again !? 😦

    What happened, what did I miss ?

    Nothing. Just me panicking and being overdramatic again!Laughing

    He’s already back- at least for now! smile

    Oh, I see. Well I'm glad to heart that, because he's my fav aquarius here smile

    Yes. He has a lot of people that care about him here and like interacting with him. smile
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    he doesn't feel like he has sagittarius mars and sag moon lol

    but then again, there's that capricorn guy who sings my favourite songs, and he's sagittarius dominant. Lol..

    holy crap.

    but hope he does come back. he has some good insights.

    my husband has Sagittarius in his personal planets.
    and i found some good astro stuff from a Sagittarius man who said his girlfriend is an Aquarius...

    mentioned about the "detached' stuff. LOL

    "Dude, don’t listen to these philistines. You should however consult a sign compatibility chart for you and your lover. That’s far more accurate than some freakin years and the Year of the Dog and Pig. Although I don’t believe in the star signs as actual predetermination, there are some patterns that people have that are born at various times of the year, and I have been around many and they usually stick to a plan. My most frequently bad matches are Capricorns, because they are highly passive aggressive and not risk takers, but are honest and loyal, as long as they aren’t challenged. My girl is Aquarius, and she is just that, very loyal, erotic, but detached. She would forget a birthday if an event came up that clouded her train of thought, but she is still very intelligent and amorous. So consult that and see how it goes for you. Good luck. I’m a Sagittarius, btw."


    LOL i dont forget birthdays though...not my family's or important events..

    however i have problem with "time" but i'm good with time as long as i have a clock and alarm lol
  • lisabethur8
    Married, middleaged parttime housewife, Aqua-sun/Cap/Pisces/Taurus,married to,S
    Posted by HippeeGem
    I usually am the sender of songs. But this was sent to me recently, and I’ve always loved this song. It’s not my name. But it’s still beautiful. And sad. Which fits. 💔❤️

    awww..was that sent by a Sagittarius man? Tongue

    (thinking of brad and jen) LOL
  • Lioness118
    Leo sun. Leo moon. Scorpio rising
    Sagittarius man told me "I want to love you ".
    What does it mean?
  • lisabethur8
    Married, middleaged parttime housewife, Aqua-sun/Cap/Pisces/Taurus,married to,S
    Posted by Palerio
    Posted by lisabethur8
    Posted by Palerio
    Posted by lisabethur8
    Posted by Palerio
    Posted by lisabethur8
    Posted by stillstillwater
    Nope. Attract Scorpio Mars or Venus or Sag moon or venus. Don’t know why.

    the libra sun male i see u talking about? he is sag moon scorpio placements?

    u have alot of air, more than me.

    aqua venus lirbra moon, the aqua venus is really good with sag venus.

    i just haven't seen it though I only see aqua venus with leo venus and aries venus,

    or gemini venus & libra venus likes u guys..... i have even seen aqua venus and aqua venus. click to expand

    Nicolas Sarkozy
    Emmanuel Macron
    Joseph Stalin
    Winston Churchill
    Charles de Gaulle
    Margaret Thatcher

    I wonder why the Sag venus shows so frequently in the chart of present / past politicians

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    the jupiterian expansion...

    pisces is also ruled by jupiter traditionally...

    and u got both energies.... click to expand

    me and Vanessa Hessler. Something about that Sag / Aquarius / Pisces trio lol click to expand

    hahaha. she married a Leo man with Scorpio moon, Virgo stellium...

    does that mean u will be with a Leo/Scorpio??


    there...she goes.

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    Btw... I've seen her accidentally once strolling in Rome with her man and it was awkward. Not that I see anything wrong when there's a huge age gap among couples but he comes across as her father and that ain't cool...

    Don't know much about him but apparently he's a prominent figure within the film industry. Having colaborated / been the producer of Fincher, Stone, Rodriguez and Scorsese, among the many, money and status were likely the draw for her at the beginning
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    she likes powerful men. Tongue

    did you read about her last ex?? The sagittarius man with capricorn moon i think??

    omg. he was a national advisor of libya... she lost a big contract with an agency because she REFUSES to back down on her love/comments on her relationsihp with Gaddafi.

    I guess they did not like that she had a connection with him. i thought it should not matter who she loves.

  • SuninLibra
    Taurus moon Gemini Rising
    How would you describe a Sagittarius man in Love?