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  • Hey everyone. I was hoping to get advice aimed at some of you Taurus ladies. But happy to hear any SERIOUS advice anyone has to lend…. Please bear with me on this long post… So I am a Capricorn male. To the T. I rarely date and constantly adventure
  • She hugs me for long periods of time, she cuddles with me, we kiss each other on the cheek.. spend time together everyday. I maybe made a mistake in asking but I asked if she's ever going to kiss me again and she said no. Are my chances of getting her bac
  • Hey! I have been chatting with a taurus guy for a few months on and off, and recently we had a date. He initiated and set up the plans etc. A couple of weeks later, I asked him if he wanted to do something together and he replied that he was really in to
  • Lmao I have terrible luck! Not really, just a bit dramatic. This bull I've began seeing totally missed our date because he fell asleep. He works a lot, but it was his day off, I met him later in the day too. *eyeroll* The thing is, the first date
  • What can you tell me about this fella's personality? And how does it pair with my signs? Him: Sun in Taurus, Moon in Aquarius, Mars in Pisces and Venus in Aries Dominant signs are Aquarius, Capricorn, Aries (with Scorpio close behind) Domina
  • is that just something I should consider never happening? my love language is the acts of service. I'm not as affectionate as some people but I show my love by doing things, taking care of things, and thoughtful gestures like love notes and thoughtful -
  • Hey guys, I really appreciate all those kind advices you give so i thought maybe you can help me...(sorry for mistakes, I'm from Germany so english is not my native language). So actually I am in the most wonderful relationship with my taurus man for a
  • So my Taurus broke up with me about a month ago. I was out with my girlfriends (who I rarely ever see anymore) one night. My best friend is good friends with the club owner. My ex was near the club with his friends so I told them to swing by. He comes
  • She's talking to a new guy...
  • Hello beautiful People! ☺ I need some help figuring out if my Taurus lady is/has cheated . She's lied to me before in the beginning of the relationship. I been with her for 7 years. She's very slick when it comes to covering up Her mess. I ju
  • Guys, I am totally enamored by my Taurus ex. How does that happen? He comes and I am mush. Total mush but I am happy. He came over the other night after his trip with a gift for me, I made him dinner and we got to hang out. It was so nice, we've been i
  • So last night she had a blow up of frustration and was yelling. Just plain defeated it seemed like. I didn't say anything about it. Just kept my mouth shut and waited for her to come to bed.. I rubbed her legs and feet while we watched a new movie and she
  • When she loved me she took care of me when I was sick.. she doesn't do that. It's the exact opposite. Even though I got it from her cause I was taki ng care of her.. she just told me she doesn't want to get sick.. which I understand.. and I'm not mad abou
  • I'm a Pisces and I'm wondering what angle, my Taurus X is working, exactly. We dated for 2 months, and in the 3 months following the split, he avoided me, then we had sex, then he avoided me, and then he met some girl, but it didn't last past 2 1/2 weeks
  • If you're interested in a woman, are there top 3 reasons why you don't keep in regular contact, eg. not responding to texts, day/week gaps in communication? I'm just curious, I'm getting to the point of having verbal diahorrea..letting how I feel about hi
  • So my boyfriend is struggling to give me attention when I bitch about it he changes for a day then back to being a fuck boy I'm trying to hold on but I'm already checked out of this relationship I tried breaking up with him two weeks ago but he started ex
  • How long does it take for you to become in a relationship? My cousin is a Taurus she didn't want to date her gf now because she wasn't over her ex now they been together for 3 years. Im dealing with a Taurus man now he told me he doesn't want to do feeli
  • I have taurus moon, and just had been dating 2 taurus sun men so far. So, what do you guys think about taurus sun and taurus moon pairing?
  • My Taurus dad was an emotional mess for a very long time. Starting during his teenage years until I turned 16 a long time ago. Having enough of seeing him drink himself to sleep every night and being very violent, I gave an ultimatum to my Gemini moth
  • So things are getting better. She lets me cuddle her at night. But won't let me kiss her. Only the cheek. She says I'm more pleasant to be around and she smiles a lot with me and talks more about everyday things.. and says she can't remember that last tim
  • I've been in a series of terrible relationships for the past several years. My tolerance level has reached an all time low and I really don't think I have the capacity to love like I used to. In the past I've given so much and now see the sacrificial erro
  • Ive been working at my working job for twelve years now. There are some people I get along with great and some I tend to avoid. I always get along with Taurus. Those were always my best friends, almost sister like. My best buddy at work is a 60 year o
  • How do you see this couple? ? just wonder...?
  • Will a Taurus man return if you've told him you need to go radio silence for a while?.