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  • I just noticed this about myself; I'm too forgiving when it comes to men. Sure I can hold a grudge like nobody's business but when it comes to someone I want to be with, I get stupid and forgive easily. What the eff? Any of fellow taurean women feel this
  • Us seeing each other started out slow and in the last few weeks we've been together almost daily. Things were great!! I thought I had finally found my person. It all fell apart earlier this week and I am so confused and need help understanding so I can fi
  • I've got to say I've had some good relationships, but none have ever treated me or cared for me like this Taurus. He is
  • So I know him (taurus guy) for a year or so, we are kinda "friends" as we have never had sex nor kissed. I see signs he likes me, we text every day, he shares his life with me, asks for my opinion, helps me when needed, asks me out, pays for me, told his
  • I actually found this interesting. From all the things I've been reading about Taurus while trying to become a better version of myself, I found this perspective enriching my own opinions and thoughts about Taurus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvwXk
  • In the past, I've dated mainly Capricorns, so I am not too sure how a Taurus tends to operate. I met this guy on a dating app, and we exchanged a few messages. Then we stopped talking. Then, one day, I attended a show that he had apparently been a part of
  • i'm friends with this attractive boy (taurus sun libra moon) who i used to hang out with but not anymore because he never leaves his house. i was never close enough with him to invite him out but from the few times we saw each other, we got along perfectl
  • Good morning Dx, I'm back on here because I've tried someone who folks say is right up my cancer Ally! I tried a Taurus!! Now this was much an accident, we met on social media, and realized we lived in the same area and even work for the same corporatio
  • Hey guys, how do you love your taurus? What do they like/love? Any deal breakers/or pet peeves for a taurus? What i want to get out of this post is, how i can show more love to my taurus man, improve our relationship by knowing his wants/needs etc.
  • My Taurus friend is so hasty with his temper. He was taking with a girl recently, online then onto WhatsApp, he had a real spring in his step. And then, all of a sudden he blocks all contact to and from her, because when he got snappy with her, she gave a
  • Hello, I've been very upset the last three days, which is not normal for me (I'm a bit of a chilly Libra... I don't fall easily for men...) but now I'm even crying sometimes! I guess I wanted to get my experience out there and get anyone's opinion on i
  • (Part1) This will be a long story... but I really need help... I know this taurus man at work for 6 years now. We weren't close as we only knew each other through other collegues and friends. And everything started around 2 years ago... I went through a
  • My Taurus man got way mad at me and I know he needs time to blow off steam, but I also so know he has rejection issues, so it's tricky! Anyway, I called him last night and he picked up (first time since Wednesday!). I braced myself for anger, but he just
  • So... I met this Taurus guy in 2015. Our relationship didn't really start changing towards a more romantic one until January 2016. When we met, he had been separated for three years, but not yet divorced. I was in the process of dissolving my own marriage
  • I met this Taurus guy 5 weeks ago online and we hit it off right away and he showered me with compliments. And I told him at time to contact me if he wants to talk again. I was gone on vacation and after I got back, I thought of him one day and messaged h
  • I met this girl and she is great! Never dated a Taurus woman before, so I am embracing the new experience. The only issue I have is that we haven't been dating long and she is already starting to reveal some things and it brings me cause for concern. She
  • How slow are Tauruses exactly? Should I lay low? Is he still thinking about me or has he moved on? I've known my Taurus for a month. We've been on three dates, one at his house but no intimacy other than kissing. The dates were all great, we talked a l
  • Adrenalin junkies on here? Wonder which signs are more into it? My aries gf and I going for our April birthdays. Supapumped!
  • So as I lay in my Taurus's bed, after a long week of petty bickering and not seeing one another, and finally having a face to face convo while driving (not my ideal face to face but I'll take it) and I'm still confused. This woman went from fire and de