Luna en Virgo

Dem Virgo feels 🔥
It works great.
You'll feel a warm heat where you apply the oil.
It stings a bit.
But 10 mins later you will feel relaxed.
It smells A-mazing. 😊

Lets make 2018 a year of greater success.
Cheers to making a lot of mula.
Getting promotions.
Full throttle! 🔥
Scorpio or Pisces.
But leaning towards Scorpio
Posted by Jeany56
Gemini here dealing with aqua man.. what does this mean when an aqua man won’t discuss past issues with you and they prefer to ignored the whole thing rather to discuss it. Even when something bad happens he rather not talk about it ; he rather disappear & comes back around like nothing ever happen? & if I bring certain issue up he ignores the whole thing again?! If not he would say he don’t care.

As Gemini I can’t ignore certain issues since they tend to build up more n more. I rather discuss then n get pass them. But with this Aquarius is like he don’t care what happens even if it’s terrible he stays coming back like nothing ever happens. He comes back colder then ever trying to pickup we’re he left off?

Pls help

Ugh how annoying.
Ignore him.
Move on.
Ain't nobody got time for that.

So awesome.
Saw the cancer crush.
He told me I'm one out of two people that know about his spiritual/meditation practices.
He said its nice to know an enlightened person.
He said your way younger than me lol
He was going to give me one of his   Read more
Thank you Ravishing.
Its been overwhelming to say the least.

LM. Thanks.
Scorpio season was so intense for me.
I swear my heart can only take so much.
But through the pain and experience we learn.
I'm having a devastating overwhelming time since my fathers passing.
Its all too much.
Lets just say everyone'   Read more
Calling from different numbers and showing up at my job.
Taurus is too easy. They like being told what to do. I tell them jump. They ask how high?

Virgo man the connection is so natural.
I like them very much.

I have a small crush on a Capricorn man bday December 23. He is so wise, strong, and hardworking.
Posted by TheTinMan
It looks like I'm the only Gemini say Virgo. I like their humor. The men particularly. It's nothing but fun And laughter when we get together. And of course my favorite sign Taurus. Taurus folks is just so downright laid back and friendly. It's like we connect instantly. There is however a Taurus lady I try to avoid and turn the other way because all she want to do is hug me and sneak a kiss on the cheeks and always asking me all sorts of exotic questions like I'm available to her. I don't be feeling like that all the time. She aight but can be aggravating.

Lol this is exactly what Taurus men try to do to me too

Thank you.
Ugh its hard.
You have no clue
This September?
I hope it gets better.
Did you loose yours?

Bless my dad for showing me great music!
I'm having the most devastating hours.
My Aries father passed away 3 days ago.
I can't believe this.
I can't accept this reality.
Omg how I wish I could see that rn again.
He was the most beautiful looking man I have ever seen.
He was so nice and polite and that made him even more attractive.🔥
If I could just see him again 👀
Posted by Senorita_LL
Posted by questionoflustquestionoftrust
Posted by Senorita_LL

1. Are you over emotional? Do you often cry?
2. Do you use substance as a way to escape when you are feeling lonely?
3. Do you need someone or something to be the reason for your purpose to live?
4. Are you self destructive the moment you're feeling imperfect?

Tell me more, will you?


1. Nope not too emotional. But sensitive if that makes sense.

2. Never used substances. I did drink alcohol in my teen years often. Luckily I found meditation and prayer, now I don't drink at all.

3. Someone to be the reason? I don't understand really.

4. I'm not self destructive, but I am very disciplined with myself.

What's your sun sign?
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I'm May Gem ☺