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Luna en Virgo
  • Regardlass of who did what.
    Exes are exes for a reason.
  • Only if I don't feel its worth it in the long run.
  • So random.
    Scorpio aquintance gave me books and manderines that grow in her house.
    And one of the books was men are from Mars, woman from Venus.
  • What the he'll is going on?
    In actually thinking of going out with this Leo guy.
    Instead of Virgo.

  • "If you ain't running with it,
    Run from it mothertreetrunker, alright." πŸ˜€
  • Really though. I don't know if he's being serious..
    I feel like he's trying to flirt too hard.
  • Omg this Leo guy from work is crazy. Lol.
    He says he reads books based on body language and dating basically psychology.
    As he was leaving he told me that the people who wear the color red are passionate lovers.
    And that is why he wears red so he can s

  • My God! John Rzeznik is sooooo hot....
    What a dream boat❀
  • I'm Virgo moon and I adore scorpio moon. πŸ˜‰
  • What's his sign though?

    I can totally relate with the whole not being attracted to a guy but you don't want to be mean because your aware of your karmic energies type of thing. Yeah. Been there.
    Best thing is to be 100 honest with him.
  • She gives me Virgo/Libra vibes for some reason
  • Posted by HearttofTopaz

    Um ok...
  • Posted by Arkansassy

    You think?
    She's also very much into human rights/politics.
    Would you still say Taurus?
  • Virgo and sag
  • Can yall help since gems are usually considered psychic? lol.
    So my new elite possible boss wants to do a second interview this Friday.
    I just need to know her sun sign to understand her a bit better.

    Please help me guess her sign.
    She is super skinny.
    Short black hair and she kind of looks like that scientist lady from the incredibles lol
    With that attitude too.
  • Sorry but you wouldn't be on here asking.
    They will let you and everyone else know.
    Very jealous. Omg. And if you dare to talk to any guy.
    Ay Caramba.
  • Leo, Virgo, Pisces.
  • I kindly say no thank you I'm busy.
    Which is true.

    Him asking is weirding me out.
    Especially in front of her.

    Thing is they started dating maybe 5 months or so.
    Before she didn't call him babe.
    I knew he wasn't with anyone so I always had a good laugh with him.
    We bounced off each others positive energy.
    Like all our colleagues can see it.
    Since she's always coming around calling babe I'm like πŸ‘Œ girl. I respect that.
    So I haven't tried talking to him much since.
    He's noticed that.

    He said in front of her
    "Hey haven't chatted in a while.
    Have any plans later?"
    She looks me up and down but doesn't say anything.

    Ay caramba. 😢

    I'm just being polite for the sake of my job.
  • What the heck is Virgo colleague thinking? Inviting me out for drinks/sushi.
    He's with someone.

    He clearly has a girlfriend.
    She comes to his job brings him Starbucks/snacks during his break.
    "Hey babe....."

    It boggles my mind because she brought him sees candy yesterday and he offered me.
    I said in front of her " how sweet your girlfriend bought you sweets."
    He's like "uhh she's not my girlfriend."
    In front of her.

    Its not the first time.
    This is probably the 4th time.
    Why does he think its ok to ask?
  • There must be one.
    I want it to be over