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  • Allow me to rephrase the question.
    Are you Libra men fond of Gemini women?
    Yes?no? Maybe so?
  • Yo Libra people how do you feel about Gemini women?
  • Yes sexuality is part of it.
    But its thier intelligence that gets me.
    I feel such an easy connection with them.
  • Idk what it is.
    There's just something about Virgo men that intrigue me. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
  • Posted by solidsnake
    I think Gemini women go for men who are mentally less superior to them. It seems to give them some sense of security & control over the dynamics of their relationships.
    They act like they love a good challenge but in reality they want someone who thinks with their emotions so they can steer the relationship in whatever direction they see fit.
    I think this is why they have an affinity for the signs who tend to play dumb, & accept whatever curve balls they throw.
    Convince me otherwise chatterbox scatterbrains

    Can you give us an example of this solidsnake?
    Did a gem break your heart and or reject you?

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  • Win him back?
    In sorry but it looks like you never had him.
    I'm being honest with you.
    Why fight for someone who doesn't care about you?

    Move on and do you girl.
    God has a better man for you.
    Don't settle for less. โ˜บ
  • Posted by GemCurio
    I figured I had to post this because not only does it seem like an unlikely match, but so far, it's been the most amazing experience of my life!! Let me start by saying I don't know our sun, moon, star, or celestial signs in any way, shape or form. I just recognize these signs have the potential for abundant happiness if they both learn to openly communicate beyond their discomforts. Speaking as a Virgo man, my norm is not to say anything about myself, and let my mannerisms speak for themselves for the most part. I'm not open to discuss myself whole heartedly because it opens the doors for judgments and gossip. Both of which will happen regardless of whether I speak about myself or not. I face my issues alone and will probably continue to do so until I'm in matrimony. Gemini women are also very secretive and only gradually open up to see whether they will be subject to judgment or not. They worry about details and will 2nd guess themselves 100 times even if they enjoy every moment, person, and environment within an experience. Whenever my Gemini woman felt comfortable enough to share something with me, I naturally felt compelled to share a little about myself. We haven't known each other very but she's down for me. She's willing to pretend to be someone else in front of associates I don't trust fully without question. Also, I keep her secrets for her. We're like Bonnie and Clyde in secret. At the same time, we can openly discuss any topic on earth and at least can exchange ideas. At most, we can spend hours going from topic to topic ranging from politics to the best organic supplement to add to juices. Our manners are so in unison we serve most people twice whenever we are visiting either of our parents' homes. Then there's the flirting we both do seductively sparring with one another. She will tan in a string bikini on the pool deck and desire to have a conversation. So to respond to this appropriately, I will swim in spandex shorts and a Baywatch lifeguard tank top and comment to her, "She can't afford to see the rest." As, I continually get in and out of the pool with my Magic Mike body hidden under my wet clothes to get another Crystal Lite.. With this Gemini girl, I feel safe to trust with the secrets of yesterday, the ones that really hurt, and she manages to feel that way first. She is the only reason I am capable of opening up in such a way. Our relationship is so organic. It's so beautiful to be with a REAL person. Someone who feels deeply, has insecurities, enjoys being courted, values honesty regardless of what has to be said because of life, has the ability to learn and retain information, is genuinely kind, and has the audacity to be almost as intelligent as me. We even had a discussion on how throughout our lives we had to hide our intelligence just to get along with people in the past. What.. What!!! lol Proofreading this it sounds kind of arrogant, but it is what it is. This is the smoothest, sweetest, most comfortable experience I have ever had getting to know a person. It's like I met the female version of myself. And the best part is I am fully aware that this is just the beginning. I have 10,000 different nouns to experience with her and I can't wait to see her eyes light up as she experiences each. You know how you feel when you see a little boy and a little girl holding hands walking together or maybe sitting together looking at the ocean?? Well the relationship we have feels like those little children. When it was ok to be yourself. Before the world added their 2 cents about what a relationship should be. There are moments where she or I feel all those irrational Virgo/Gemini thoughts or emotions, but with finding the courage to share openly whatever either are thinking when able to, the Virgo Man/Gemini Woman relationship can grow into something so majestic. Had to share this because I just haven't seen anything positive about this relationship duo. I hadn't a clue what I was missing..

    How nice.
    Gem and Virgo have so much potential.
    If you don't mind me asking when are your birthdays?
  • Posted by GemCurio
    @questionoflustquestionoftrust I have no idea concerning the birth charts, sun signs, moon signs & all those details. People are people (for the most part) I've only known her one month. We met May 24th.

    Only one month. Wow.

    Use birth chart calculator.
    It will help.
  • Hello.
    What are your moon signs?

    How long have you known her?

    How long have you been together?

  • Thank you. Ladies.
    I'm glad I did it.
    When and if he's ready he will reach out
  • I have a friend whose father passed 2 weeks ago.
    He was my friend from school days.
    I messaged him saying he can talk to me when he wants since my dad passed away not too long ago.

    We didn't really stay in contact that much other than a few messages here and there.
    He was heavily flirty and I explaining to him the benefits of meditation. A few months ago.

    He hasn't responded. I don't expect him to because what he is going through is disheartening.
    I hope he's ok.

    What I want to know is, if me asking him, knowing were not that close was too much.

    Thanks in advance.
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  • โœจAnd there are voices
    That want to be heard
    So much to mention
    But you can't find the words
    The scent of magic
    The beauty that's been
    When love was wilder than the windโœจ
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  • Starting off with

  • Peaceful. โ˜บ
  • Posted by Squishy_Marshmallow
    Posted by questionoflustquestionoftrust
    Taurus in 8th.

    I am attracted to Taurus energy.

    Oddly lol

    Yes you are! I remember your posts about Taurus military guy?!

    How is it going? click to expand
    click to expand

    We haven't spoke in a while.
    He's over there doing his thing.
    I'm just letting it be.๐Ÿ˜€
    For now
  • Taurus in 8th.
    I am attracted to Taurus energy.
    Oddly lol