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  • First off, I'm an Aquarius male who dated a female Taurus two years ago, naturally throughout my life i had many trust issues with people and couldn't fully trust them. this is a big no-no and the reason why my girlfriend decided she didn't want to be tog
  • I had been dating a taurus guy for 7 months online, we would talk and chat on phone and call on skype. I went mad at him one day. I told him not to contact me ever. We were getting to know each other and see if we can be together in the future. BUT after
  • [img]http://i.imgur.com/I4RtlDs.gif[/img] MARRY ME. *Douses self in ice cold water* ...*shuddering and shaking* H-hello Taurus board. Pleasant day, isn't it? *Looks at the ground* The rocks on your board are so smooth and have such lively shades o
  • Guess who cancelled plans again? Had a hunch the pisces was at the park after cancelling and saying she was working and only showing up to grab tickets for her daughter and was going straight home. Decided to catch her in a lie. Showed up and waited by
  • Why are some ppl so mean on this board?? Lol I know u can't answer that but I feel sorry for ppl who look for advice or just try to engage with other users. So sad... Imo
  • So I travelled to spend a long weekend at my Bull's place for the first time. He was caring, gentleman, funny, charming, generous but.....a bit selfish in bed... it was all about him....Me, being a Pisces, was more than happy to please and I did get high
  • I've been realizing that my bull has been acting pretty selfish. He spends time with me on the weekends but ends up upset about our time together because he didn't get done the things he needed or wanted to do. He says he loves me and wants to marry me
  • My ex is a fucking dick head.. He's a Taurus I'm a Taurus maybe that's why we didn't work out.. He's a selfish pompous arrogant bitch.. Lol never again, anyone else feel that hatred towards an ex? If so, what was his/her sign and what made him/her such a
  • I mean in romantic relationships.. are we asking for too much? I just want to be treated decently and feel loved and cared for... my bf tells me I'm hard to please... eventhough I feel like I'm not really asking for much...?! I think he feels he's doin
  • Need some advice on my taurus man. We've been together for about a year and a half. Things started slowly and I was a patient Aqua(was a new experience for me lol). Once he fell for me it surprised me that this reserved guy asked me to be exclusive, tol
  • So is there like an event going on in the universe? I ask because most of my exes popped back in my life in the last month trying to plead with me that they were wrong and to give them another chance. It's annoying as hell. Is anyone else having visits
  • We both live in apartments but his dream home is a boat house…as for me I wouldn't be comfortable living on the water at all and always craved solid houses on the ground and with a big back garden full of soil and plants… He is wishing to be near wat
  • Taurus Taurus is the second sign on the Zodiac wheel. The first is Aries, the sign of the infant. The next is Taurus. The second house represents the stage of life where the child wants to acquire and manipulate material items from his environment. His m
  • Back story, we were friends for years and he made a move last July. We had a rocky start but he kept trying and now here we are again a year later. he still shows up when theres a chance of me being around. He hovers, occasionally giving me space. The