the gospel, dont thank me.

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Taurus Appreciation
my step sister being a cheerful kind person with both sun moon in taurus along mars in cancer finally going to see her again after so many years in september before leaving the country also have an online friend being sun taurus with moon in scorpio
Alright, so what's a date with a Taurus guy like?
now lets go to the romantic side of things i read taurus people are known to be great lovers generally obviously everything depends on everything in your chart especially venus sign when it comes to romance preferably the positive experiences pl
Do Taurus people like BDSM?
i more often than not read about how taurus people might be explorative with sex at first with a new partner but eventually get into a routine of the vanilla stuff or just carry on whatever worked well after the explorative stage and dont do any more e
Is my Taurus done with me?
capricorn woman here long story short i met this taurus man through work a year ago we are both in our early thirties we added each other to social media and snapchat seemed to be our go to for communication since my birthday we would send each other
hello everyone i have been involved with a taurus male for almost a year ive met alot of his family mom and children included we hangout but never really go anywhere he tells me that he isnt involved with anyone else as he is with me he says i cam
This one Taurus blocked then comes back.. wtf😅
with some lame excuse idk if i should give a verbal lashing and play games or ignore ill probably ignore but my gemini moon is a little bore wants to play games
I fucked up soooo
bad with this taurus guy i don t want to bore anyone with the details but pleaseeeee i m begging for some help i will give more details if there s any help out there
Never had sex with Taurus man
m here to ask about a taurus man he has mars amp mercury in taurus too venus in gemini i ve known this guy since 2014 and we were friends but last year he told me that he liked me and that he wants to date me after that his attitude changed we met coup
Help me understand this taurus
so i met this taurus through a dating app we met 1 5 month after we matched and had sex on the 2nd date after this when i asked this taurus what were his intentions his reply was i want to go with the flow but i dont want to be in a relationship ri
Why lead me on when you can just say no?
this is an update from my first post a few months ago i broke up with a taurus guy i had an amazing connection with because i felt like he was blatantly ignoring me were both busy and stressed and at first i thought he was distancing himself from me