Taurus Moon: Astrology Meaning

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  • pisceswoman123
    “The trick in life is learning how to deal with it”
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    pretty open....but definitely not this:

    User Submitted Image

    That looks gross for some reason. Those are my favorite, but that looks raw to me. I guess I cook mines longer probably

    Personally couldnt stomach it....apparently a lot of people like it though....

    Literally tastes like chicken soup. The sight and texture always throw people off. I made my white washed Spanish coworker try it once actually. He said it was good, but he couldn’t get over the fact lol

    Umm, no thank you 🙈

    But what if I make it just for you? It’s a special batch😇

    You would have to force feed me, lol, there’s not way I would put that willingly into my mouth

    ok fine I have other foods that I can cook that people like lol

    I love food. Probably anything else that you cook I would like 😄

    I’m cooking rn but I think next weekend I will make pho for my friends😁 I’m excited to see how it would come out
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    My Taurus Moon demands to know what are you cooking rn 😄
  • Sunsetvirgo
    Virgo sun/sag moon
    Posted by Librasetting777
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    Posted by 2Moon
    Libra? smile

    I love you Virgals. 😊

    Wish I could find one in my city to marry lol.

    😍 😳


    Aw yeah I like libra guys. My sag placements and Leo Venus wanna love y’all 😽
    lol I dated a virgo all through high school with a sag moon. Lol

    Do tell, how was it
    it was great I honestly thought I was going to marry her lol I was her first and we secretly did it everywhere 😁 I use to sneak out and throw rocks at her window,my first night I treetrunked up and threw rocks at her parents window we all had a good laugh about that one lol. We're still friends on Facebook she actually was one of the first person to reach out to me when my brother passed away back in January. I was shocked like shes been keeping tabs on me just in case lol.
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    Aw that’s actually really romantic. I’m guessing you guys had a lot of laughs though, I can always laugh with Libras bc I see them as great friends first. I like libra energy a lot tho, you do have a Taurus moon and an 💖Aries rising💖 so that’s good. Hmm maybe I’m just v attracted to the Aries/libra axis
    Wait why did y’all break up
  • Lioness888
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    Hmmm im interested in a cancer sun with a Taurus moon. Much older than you though. He seems reallllllly sweet but is he going to be over the top clingy and possessive and should i trust him or are they the sweet talker kind that say empty words?
  • La_Dolce_Vita_Scorpio
    Simply Complicated
    Posted by TheWeirdOne
    I'm a Cancer and have completely fell off the cliff with Scorpio, it makes me sick to my stomach, it's not just the bad taste from previous relationships but the men truly are kitties in real life then you come to a forum like this and see how people spice up & blow around how great they are. LOL

    I had an amazing connection with a Scorpio female and that was fine it is in the past, she died. Loved her to bits.
    Second Scorpio was a complete head case.

    Scorpio are very unstable people.

    I'm.so sorry to read about your partner, no one should go through that much pain, but life is very unfair some times.

    I'm a Scorpio sun and Taurus moon, but I think that I'm very intense when it comes to emotions, I'm.very complicated too, perhaps it's due to my interest in human behaviour and psychology.

    I have had some very intense relationships with Cancer sun men, I'm surrounded by them. But a Leo moon was the only guy who could actually put me in my place smile

  • Impulsv
    " http://youtu.be/25-JZp0CqsY"
    43 years old female
    Posted by La_Dolce_Vita_Scorpio
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    Posted by Arugula
    Nondescript. Along with Virgo moons. I can’t identify these energies

    i´ve never met a bland scorpio.
    hate at frst sight? check.
    love at first sight? check.
    when you meet one of them bad apples though ......you don´t know whats up, but you know something is up.

    There are some interesting characters online, but the ones irl have all been well-mannered, nice and a bit fake. I’ve never guessed someone to be a scorpio sun, the essence of scorpioness evades me. Maybe it’s me, maybe I’m just not receptive to their energy. I can definitely feel and recognize a scorpio moon though

    I like it how you picked up on you either like them or you don't

    What I like more is that your use of term Fake.

    This isn't the first time someone has used that word to describe them

    I think there is a slight misconception- in my opinion a Scorpio sun person when gets interested in someone they sort of come across as "fake" because perhaps they demonstrate their interest too quickly and heavy handedly, and that can most times be seen as being fake.

    I have been told this about me a few times, but I don't do anything if I don't want to so being a fake isn't my thing. Either i care or I don't give a treetrunk.

    Scorpio sun Taurus Moon smile
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    If fake is showning ur best foot forward
    I mean I’m interést n by my nature while in love I am me best self. It’s not a lie it’s me going at 110 plus because I’m into that person
    Same Scorpio sun Taurus moon