• So the last five months have been interesting for me. To preface this whole post I would like to give a little bit of context. I was dating a girl a year ago that cheated on me with my best friend of 22 years. I am an aries and very prideful so I cut these two people out of my life for a period of time. Fast forward a year and I met my ex-best friend's current girlfriend at our university. My best friend was attending the university, but went back home for the summer. His girlfriend and I became great friends and within the span of a month fell in love with each other and started a secret relationship. We talked about her plans to end things with her current boy friend to pursue a relationship with me. The issue was that she had already made several plans with his family over the 7 week break that we would have in between semesters. Her and I stayed in contact in this time and her love for me increased. After some pretty traumatizing events she has expressed that she "has started to feel numb" she would say that she could no longer feel love, only the pain that came from loving two people and not wanting to hurt either one of them. She was sure that her relationship with her current boy friend would end soon, but it seems that she is still "waiting for the time to be right." Her boyfriend is up at school with us again and has no clue what has been going on, but she has told me that sometimes she is 100% certain that things with him are going to end. She told me that consistently for several months, but just recently has told me that has been changing... Sometimes she is 100% sure other times she is 90% sure and other times 50% sure. It sounds to me like she doesn't know what she wants.

    I don't know what to do in this situation... I am head over heels for this girl and she used to be for me. She still says she knows that she loves me, but she can't promise that we will ever be together because she doesn't know what the future holds.

    For right now she has told me that we shouldn't show any physical affection because we aren't dating and that could make it hard in the future if we don't end up together.

    I told her that I needed space and that we shouldn't talk or see each other anymore until things with her boyfriend have ended permanently.

    I don't know if this is the best move with a Scorpio. Should I just wait it out and be there for her emotionally even though it hurts me to see her with someone else, or should I walk away until she has ended things with her boyfriend. People have told me that the feeling of losing me might help her to make a decision quicker.