• Is this synastry dangerous?
    I met this man in a crazy way and I still can not believe it. I saw this man at the bus for the first time in March and THE NEXT DAY(!!!) he started working at my job. None of us work there now and we still havent talked to eachother. He saw me in June again after not having seen each other since march at work. And he followed me and tried to see where I live. He didnt know I saw him. I looked up our synastry and here is our tightest aspects. Please tell me what you think about this.

    His Virgo moon in my 8th house
    His Leo Sun, Venus and Mars in my 7th house

    His Capricorn Eros, Juno and Blackmoon Lilith in my first house but not conjunct my asc.

    His Venus conjunct my Vertex,Juno and apollo 0°

    His Nessus conjunct my asc 0° (!!!)
    His Casanova conjunct my asc 4°

    His Pluto conjunct my moon 1°
    His chiron conjunct my moon 0°

    His mars square my Venus 3°
    His mars trine my Pluto 2°
    His mars opposite my Neptune 4°

    My Lilith conjunct his moon 2°