• crazysioux
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    45 years old male
    Seriously. You got that butter backwards. Big Grin

    Having a high school diploma or college degree don't make you educated. It makes your punk ass schooled. Schooled in the art of being a drab, predictable, cookie-cuttered, fractal-assed, basic monotony that'll just clap its fins with an obedient "Orp! Orp! Orp!" like any well trained seal at the treetrunking zoo. Barking and braying with the pack anytime and everytime you receive your marching orders.

    Sorry but yeah ... youaretheveekustlink, buhbye ... Tongue

    I'd rather have a broke and homely looking drop-out receptionist or waitress than somebody that clapped their fins and said, "I'll take "Going 6 Figures In Debt For A 5 Figure Job That I'll Be Paying Interest On For Most Of My Adult Life, Alex!" because those are the mothertreetrunkers that vote muff grabber and war criminal all day long and because they schooled themselves into trusting anyone exactly like them: somebody that justifies blowing 9 figures campaiging for a 6 figure White House job!