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    I'm a cancer woman and came across with a pisces man's facebook while reading over comments of a friend. It was a funny comment I wanted to know who wrote that. So I stalked a little. Went to his profile and gave me the impression of being a cool person, fun and friendly. The party, creative and energetic type of person that I usually feel attracted to. So I sent friend request and forgot about it. About 5 months after he accepted my friend request and when facebook notified me I had already lost interest on him because I was starting to see a Taurus guy. I sent the "send a wave to your new friend" and he replied " Hi, do we know each other or are you just stalking my facebook" I laughed and said yeah after a facebook friend recommendation... its been a long time I can't remember if we had any mutual friends" he said "facebook tells me we have sebastian in common" me: " Oh, yeah" to what he replied "are you in houston? ill be in town at the end of the month. we can do lunch or something and make our internet friendship official." So we met and oh boy his voice over the phone was wow. I thought it was fake but when I heard him talking in person... that voice is my favorite male voice ever. He was a little shy at the beginning but as I started to like him I think he noticed me getting shy as well. He moved to sit closer to me. I don't know what that was about but I really think he checked me out. He grabbed my hand, commented on my arms, legs, shirt, and finally told me I'm very short. He said he will be leaving tomorrow but would like to see me again before he leaves. Because I liked him I broke my routine rule of going home after a long day of work and school to see him Monday night. We went to the movies and his body behavior was nothing like the day before. Cold attitude, barely turned to look at me when talking. I got a little insecure.. I thought maybe I looked bad that day. I mean I was really tired. Inside the movie theatre a few popcorns fell over when I hanged him the popcorns he took the popcorns from his seat and threw it at me. So I grabbed more popcorn at threw it back at him, and we kept doing that until the popcorns fell on him. He then grabbed a fist of popcorn and tried throwing it inside my shirt. While he tried he hugged me, I turned to look at him and we kissed. At the end of the movie he made me walk around the building saying he knows where he parked the car. So we walked for about 30 min looking for the parking lot inside the mall. He hugged me again. Now I had been seeing a Taurus guy who is not as weird. I like the way he played around with me and I think I was just too slow to reassure his trying to get close. Taurus is direct, holds my hand, look at me in the eyes smiles holds my cheek and kisses me. He finally decided to stop playing around and walked me to my car. Kissed me one last time with out a hug no hands involved. I hugged him trying to get his arms around me but it did not happen. He left to Colorado and kept me waiting for text messages for a week or so. I thought many things as of maybe he is not really into me. Maybe he is just a player and does this type of things with any girl. One day he texted me, a meme to which I replied but then he didn't reply back. Two or three days after another 5 memes all at once. I replied to all of them but no response from him. I thought so this is what the game is about. He kept doing that every few days or weeks to a point where I started doing the same to him. Left his messages on read. Sent him one or two memes every now and then. By the way all the memes were sexists. two months after all his text messages where joke to me. He was playing around and I was just following the flow. I lost interest again but still smiled when I got his text messages even when I left them on read. It was a way of knowing he thinks of me. One day he texted me he will be coming back to houston. " Hey I will be in houston from 6-9 wanna do something?" to what I replied with a meme "oh I know what you mean" I said "Im on exam week but its okay we can do something" He didn't reply until next day I was studying and he asked if I was free. I said no, im studying for test tomorrow. At 11pm he texted me to come over to a bar. I didn't reply until 3am. Now? He said woman they closed at 2am. I didn't reply. He asked when will I be free. I told him either saturday night sunday night or monday night. He said he will be doing something saturday night so we can meet sunday night. Conversation stopped. Sunday 3 pm he texted me :" Whatcha wanna do today" me at 5:00pm "smile 9?" Him at 6:50pm "Kay, what part of town will you be in. Wanna.... see another movie" me: "bar?" him "did you want to go to a bar" me " yeah but i remembered you dont drink. We can think about it. We can just meet somewhere for now" him at 9:11 pm "where are you. I live in midtown but Im in cypress now." ( I live 20 min from cypress and 30 from midtown). me: "I'm home but there's nothing close to here we can meet at the movies." He calls me* I don't pick up. (twice). "Woman are you there" "yes sorry can't talk right now I can call you later" ( I really didn't want him to come pick me up and I was getting ready) We met at the movies. I got me a wine at the bar he didn't get anything. "what do you want to do?" me "are we gonna watch a movie?" him: "grabs his phone and looks for shows. "there's nothing good at this time (10:30 pm). I stay quiet. "So what are we doing?" him "we gotta think about it together" he pulls me closer and hugs me. I don't turn to look him. Instead take a sip of wine. " Why not your place?" We went to his apartment. He talks a lot and I feel pretty comfortable with him. Not as nervous and insecure Taurus makes me feel. I entered his bedroom sat on his bed. He apologized for the mess because he hasn't been there. He then sat next to me and laid back. "what do you want to do?" I turned around smiled as got closer, look at him in the eyes and kissed him" he then smiled. I turned the lights off and closed the door. We had sex and the next day he flew back to Colorado. He has not texted me since then. I am wondering. Is him a player. Did he lose interest on me. How can a pisces lose interest? I think I am a little insecure because of how Taurus made me feel. Checking me out with his check list. I am not perfect and the way Pisces made me feel so calm and comfortable made me chose him over Taurus. But my question now is. Does pisces also have his little check list for woman?