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    Trump gave butterlibs the illusion of a DNC that gave a damn and fought for them all the while rubber stamping everything Trump wanted and using ActBlue to fundraise off his Twitter feed, fundraise off RGB's dead corpse, fundraise off of Barrett, fundraise off the incrementalism bread crumbing us on M4A, bread crumbing us on GND, bread crumbing us on student debt forgiveness, on and on and on ...

    That dingbat of a donkey AOC gave Biden and Manchin everything they need to KILL the $ 1,400 survival checks. They can point to the $ 4 Million she and ActBlue raised for Texas -- off the charity of already suffering Americans -- and say, "Let's forget about it. It's not necessary." What's worse: her and her butterbag butterlibs successfully did to Ted Cruz exactly what no Progressive has ever ever ever ever done to the Democrats: shame their sorry loathsome wretched house-wigger asses onto a sparkle motioned mothertreetrunking plane over those $ 1,400 checks we were supposed to see "immediately" ...

    AOC?!?! Yeah ... a plane to Texas!
    Cori Bush?!? Nope.
    Ro Khanna?!? Nope.
    Primila Jayapal?!? Nope.
    Ihlan Omar?!? Nope.
    Jamaal Bowman?!? Nope.
    Rashida Tlaib?!? Nope.

    The Squad -- like Biden - has done Jack Squat except engage in performance theater that won't fool any Texan.

    They know grifters when they see 'em since a DNC Governor who created the ERCOT in the first place and it a DNC President -- President Clinton -- who gave those conveniently manufactured "butterty Republicans" the power to deregulate their power grid, and thereby letting all those marker pinko Cato Institute free-market fart-knockers burping up Von Mises dick to install all of those treetrunking energy fiefdoms ...

    Even that douche-canoe Matt Stoller is starting to wake up to it all ...