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    Virgo Sun, Libra Merc rx, Leo Moon, Venus rx & Mars, Scorp Rising
    Joined dxpnet on January 11, 2011.
    Virgos are weird asf man lol. So, I was possibly going to meet up with the virgo again last Sun...nothing set in stone. I didnt hear from him and I didnt reach out. I'm like he don't wanna make the effort well either do I and I'll go about my business. I did just that. I've been super busy with work and talking with this Cap, Scorp mooner...we really became close. He asks me non stop questions tho. We've been staying up all night like every night talking...I'm treetrunking exhausted. That's besides the point...virgo texts tonight and apologized for not getting back with me. I'm like it's all good cause it was. He's all like so, does that mean we can still get together. I'm said yeah of course. (I don't think it's gonna happen anyway so sure why not). He asks me my schedule...I tell him, he tells me his...we are basically free except both on Sat (hmmm). So we made plans again for Sun...time slotted and everything. Tbh...I just wanna make out with him (my pluto conjuncts his Venus...always treetrunking pluto man)...he's gonna be the one I compare kissing to 🥴. Too much go with the flow tho...like I had to pick everything cause hes like whatever works for you 🙄 super annoying.

    The leo also hit me up today (we talk probably at least once a week and check in...talking about he's been thinking about me. Okkkk. He's all like yeah Sat I'm gonna go to my spot and go hiking n butter...do you wanna come. Da faq?! He never asks me to do anything unless it going over to his place. (not like that guys). I swear if this boy tries to propose or some butter...I'm kicking him in the junk lol. So I guess I'm going hiking Sat...this shall be interesting.

    I swear idk wtf is going on...all these dudes just keep circle jerking back around and I'm still just trying to mind my own business. Example: I haven't heard one peep from the Cap...which has not been the norm for a while. It's like one disappears so another can reappear...its the oddest thing. Like are they tag teaming each other?! 1st world problems I know. Nobody cares...I know. Do I care...no. Still not talking to the only one I truly want. Ohhh and get this...the Virgo lives close to where me and the Sag met...well played universe, well played indeed. 🥴