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    So I was in the grocery store last night. There was this couple looking at meat same time I was. There was something about the guy...couldn't see his whole face obviously but his voice kinda sounded familiar. Anyway, shrugged it off. I'm heading down an aisle, they are coming towards me...the dude and I eyes lock for a brief moment and I felt this weird flutter in my stomach and I'm like whoa...wtf was that. So we are all leaving at the same time....he was headed to the city...same damn route as me. We get next to each other...the chick isn't in the vehicle but he's not wearing a mask...so I can see his face. He looked like my Gem puppy dog love from back n the day. I kept starring cause I'm like is it him...nah, it can't be. Wtf would he be in the city for. Long story short...I don't think it was him but I'm not sure....but that weird flutter thing was odd. No point to this really but I woke up still thinking about it so hopefully now that I've written about it ...I can go about my day lol