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    Neptune is am extremely.....extremely dangerous and tough planet to deal with. Ppl are watching you and you dont know it. Plotting on you and you cant see it. They try and disarm you with so many subtle tactics until you are completely unassuming. And that's when the descent happens. But you gotta go thru it to sharpen your intuition. Because neptune also gets these "hunches". Vibes where all you can say is something just doesn't feel right about this person. Follow that. Because your soul caught what your eyes didnt. I encourage anyone with any neptune aspect to follow your intuition because even when you are assertive ppl will say you tripping.

    I have a mars square Neptune and I miss so many cues that I catch now. Its a feeling that preceeds actions. Following it made my Mars so much sharper. The tensions is there because relationships chanhe drastically but I will not allow any form.of disrespect to me or mine. These boundaries aint coming down