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    Virgo Sun, Libra Merc rx, Leo Moon, Venus rx & Mars, Scorp Rising
    Joined dxpnet on January 11, 2011.
    I've been really observing all the people I've been around for months now...latest batch has been Scorp women....I hang around 5 of them. They are loud, try to be over the top, very open about everything to where it's like shhhh you tell too much about your damn self lol...now I'm probably seeing their rising signs still but all 5 act the exact same. A couple are very preceptive and I notice stay away from certain people cause they can tell and a couple have no perceptions...like at all. All of them gossip, all of them love telling everyone they are a Scorp and anytime we talk about astrology...I never include my rising sign...I don't want them to know and actually that's with anyone I talk astrology with...I purposely leave it out 🤦🏼‍♀️. Anyway...unfortunately I don't trust any of them as far as I can throw em...maybe one but it's iffy. I do adore them but trust...naw. They get surface level LIMM. I've always had a hit or miss... usually miss with Scorp suns...gimme the moons 😍