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    In a nutshell, it’s all in her planetary patterns; not everyone has even 1 patterns albeit positive or negative patterns. Lisa has *twelve* positive patterns; talk about incredible. 2 grand trines, 1 star of David, 2 castles, 2 rectangles, 2 yodes and 3 cradles. (See link below; scroll down to Patterns"):


    I personally have three patterns (1 grand trine, 2 rectangles) and have felt a spiritual advantage over most many others. I could only imagine how she feels. I believe that these patterns (as well as other planetary relationships) are the reasons she can keep such a concentrated focus on her personal development, which comes across so rich through pictures and television.

    Lisa also embodies the mature aspects of most of her personal planets based off the degrees per planet. She’s spiritual and in-tune to emotional vibration (Scorpio sun) emotionally rich and humbly on display through reactions (moon exhalted in taurus) but can drop the gauntlet and strike out when necessary (Mars exhalted in Capricorn) but is a hopeless romantic who balances relationships (Venus in Libra). She’s harsh when she speaks (immature degree of Mercury in Scorpio) but prefers to communicate through silence anyhow (sun in Scorpio, Mercury in Scorpio) ascendant in Cancer (appears approachable, sensitive and nurturing) With Pluto reinforcing most of these good qualities abundantly.