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    Ugh I hate this Cap. I've been in my feels all weekend (thanks cancer moon and nothing to do with him) and haven't really been talkative...didn't even go out etc. Cap tried to talk to me a little...I responded but wasnt my normal self. So, he decides to do the same thing...not ignoring but not talking either. I know he is doing it on purpose trying to suck me in....and how I know this is .. I texted him this morning and immediately he responds 😑. He knew holding out ...I'd come to him. Am I projecting...maybe but I don't think I am... especially with my gut feelings. I'm trying to hold back my overwhelming feelings here and get a grip (I can feel the possessiveness and crap coming up more and more) because I have no idea how he feels about me...like yeah I know he likes me but what extent...idk, Caps are hard to fucking read and his shenans make it worse.

    I just told him 2 weeks is wayyyy to long and he's like hmm has it been 2 weeks...boy if you don't 😑. I really don't like how into him I am...I really truly don't. I went from indifferent to obsessed not full blown but still. It's gonna make me angry at myself lol.