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    Welp...my curse lives on. I just ended things with the Cap and not out of being scared or self sabotage (at least I don't think so 😬) but because it really wasn't working for me. He is way too busy and has so much going on and I'm just at a different point in my life. I've done the workaholic gig and I'm over it. Ive wasted enough of my life on people and places and I just don't wanna waste anymore on something that I'll never be a priority in. I usually let things just fizzle out so for me to actually be like naw this isn't working for me is a big thing. He hasn't read my msg yet and not sure how he's gonna take it but idk I think he'll be fine with it tbh. I do feel a little sick to my stomach and that's just cause idk his reaction yet and we do have a weird ass bond.