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    Met up with the Cap on Monday. Whew lawd...I'm insanely attracted to him. We had fun tho...both tried something new together 😏. We are so similar but so opposite. Obviously I'm more expressive 😆🤦🏼‍♀️...he is not. And it's funny to watch him navigate me lol...he does a fairly good job but he definitely wants to know why I'm feeling a certain way even if I tell him why. Example: I'm so frustrated I could scream and so and so is pissing me off with the way they are acting. Cap...why you gonna scream, why are they pissing you off. Boy I just told you 🤦🏼‍♀️. Then he thinks I mean literally screaming...I'm like no...haven't you ever heard the expression lol.

    I had another moment of me being me but instead of doing what I normally do...being a sarcastic cunt. I just talked to him about it like normal and he tried to navigate it all. I told him he did nothing wrong and it's a me problem ...which it is. I just can't help it...so days I don't give two fucks but then all the sudden...my insides are burning and I become like hyper focus on it...I can feel my face getting red and my body gets hot and it's just boiling. Anyway...he's like are you getting too close. I'm like what do you mean. He says like super possessive. I tell him no...just at the moment this is how Im feeling. I'm like why did you ask that...he says just a curious question. I ask him if he thinks I'm getting too close and being super possessive...he says no...it's fine. I'm like I know I'm too much. He says you're not that much. I say...what does that mean ...not that much. He tells me I have my moments but it's not overbearing. Ok then lol. I know he likes it to an extent....he likes how obsessed I can get but idk what he was trying to gauge there...what if I would have said yes. I never get in his business, I don't ask what he's doing, where he's going or who he is with...I don't try and stop him from doing things ....so even tho I'm possessive...it's more when I see patterns of people that I feel overstepping my territory (I know that sounds fucked up but idk how to describe it any other way). If I don't feel a weird vibe or certain intentions from others...I really don't give a fuck. So I'll never be that super possessive person ...so that was weird of him to ask. Like you do you boo boo cause I don't think he realizes I like to do my own thing too. Oh well I guess.

    Leo unfriended me 🙄. I know he was waiting for me to get all up in arms over it. I asked what the deal was and then I just said fuck it...idc. I wish you the best and I blocked him (and no I'm not doing that to be dramatic...it's just time). I'm just done with his bs tbh...I don't wanna deal with the dramatics anymore....so I'm just done with the friendship. Funny to go from being super into him to not caring one way or the other.