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    How do you handle women throwing themselves at your man or someone you like? I notice the cap gets all kinds of women throwing themselves at him ..I can't deal with it. Has nothing to do with jealousy...I just know how shady women can be and I don't want the drama nor the headache. My Pisces friend is dealing with the same thing...some chick he talked to before her...found out they are together...she's been msging him about going on a cruise and they should do something for his bday...full knowing he's with someone. Pisces was pissed and throwing a fit because he doesn't tell this chick to back off because he's too nice. I guess he finally did but still. Now I'm dealing with kinda the same thing...I don't compete and cap seems to encourage it. I've told him it triggers my paranoia and I've tried to talk to him about it...I know its a me thing to deal with but I just won't compete with other chicks...I'll walk away before I engage in that crap. He doesn't get it and now he's mad at me. He's like you're willing to throw all this away. No, but I know what's gonna happen ...I'm not gonna be able to handle it and I'm gonna push him away because of it. I know he's taking it like I don't trust him...well, I really don't, he hasn't earned that yet tbh. Plus he knows how I am...and for him to be mad at me for expressing myself about a problem that's gonna happen really pissed me off. Ugh. Whatever...if he can't hear me and thinks it's me just trying to tell him what to do...then I guess it's not a good match.