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    Since me and the Cap cant seem to get together as of late...I haven't been able to give him his card. We had a little talk...things got a little snippy but he actually said I was right and agreed with me 😳 lol. Anyway...I took pics of the card and just sent them. I said I know it's cheesy etc. His response "nothing wrong with cheesy" 😭😆 y'all I can't...idk what to do with him lol. Not that I was expecting this whole like grand display but damn...not even a thank you lol 🤦🏼‍♀️. This is so hard for this Leo moon/Venus. He did tho in our little spat...showed some jealousy...I was shocked. He's says "there's plenty of guys that seemed to constantly shoot their shot at you...you can take your pick" then said later about "there's all these guys that seem to want to dominate you ...maybe they can give you want you want". So dramatic 🙄 but he definitely doesn't seem like a fan of it... finally something. I told him yeah ok...I don't want anyone else but you and I've made that pretty clear. Anyway...our spat wasn't over that aspect but about getting together. I said my peace...he said his which was defensive...I replied said I'm not mad or upset...im just trying to talk to you about what's in my head rn and he seemed to have actually heard me and told me I was right. I said don't just say that if thats not what you mean and I told him I'd dropped it (he knows...so no need to keep on about it). He tells me there's no need to drop it...I'm right. He's definitely pouting tho but we still talked a little later on...so idk. Dude drives me crazy lol