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    I usually don't vibe moons at all. Like I can never pinpoint them in a person without looking at their chart cause all other Cardinal placements (Asc, Venus, Mars) can give off similar impressions.

    Like a person is the sum of all the chart, nothing can be isolated but it can be highlighted.

    Like I said last time about your Coffee/Barista comment and I pointed out Aquarius and Pisces cause those two energies mixed together gave me a similar vibe even tho they're not in the same placements.

    Also there's lots of similarities between all the feminine signs and all the masculine signs. But you get contradictions like a Sag that doesn't like to travel or an Aries that is quiet/reserved. Most of the time the answer is in the suns house. Not the moon.

    I would even say Midheaven is on par if not a greater indicator of personality than the moon.

    So for a general picture I look at Sun 1st, Its house 2nd, and Midheaven

    Then moon, Asc, Mars,Venus etc